I’ve had the privilege to interview and work with many AMAZING online entrepreneurs. These are a few of them who have submitted some kind words about working with me:

Walt Bayliss

“Mike is a very intelligent interviewer who is incredibly connected having interviewed super affiliates in our space like John Chow, Shoemoney, Brad Gosse, Anthony Aires, Walt Bayliss, Russ Ruffino.

Having done over 160 interviews he has an incredible insight into our industry, and he’s extremely interested in YOU and helping you get coverag for YOUR products”

Chris Munch, http://munchweb.com/

“Mike’s honest approach to online business and his incredibly sharp “hustle” mindset are the key differentiators that set him apart from the pack. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike several times now and always found the experience incredibly valuable. Highly recommended.”

Justin W. Cooke
Twitter: @EmpireFlippers

“I have been following Mike since he began his online journey and consider him not only collegue but a friend.  His interviews have been insightful and his ability to produce daily content still amazes me.  I’m always looking for his next interview!”

Joe Magnotti EmpireFlippers.com

Kevin Docherty


“I’ve worked with Mike on two of my projects and benefited enormously from his vast experience. His interviewing hundreds of the world’s experts in Internet marketing has made him a great resource for learning how to create and market your products online. It is an absolute pleasure doing business with Mike.”

Barak Hullman themakemoneyonlineshow.com

“I have been interviewed by Mike and he is one smart dude. Totally driven and he prob knows more about IM than most IM’ers after doing over 100 interviews with the top guys!”

Rob Stafford

“Mike’s ability to get his interviewees to spill the beans on their strategies and then put the pieces back together into a step-by-step blueprint is incredible. This is the real deal in terms of ethical and fast cash generating information that you can put to work right away. Don’t hurt yourself by be on the fence with this, grab it while you can!”

Rob Cornish

“I had the pleasure of experiencing Mike’s interview skills in action during our session together. He’s knows how to ask the questions that get the answers the listener wants. What really impressed me the most though is his work ethic. Anyone who can produce a DAILY interview is not going to do anything half-assed. You are going to get value from him.”

Yaro Starak

“Mike did a great interview with me and we talked a lot about one of my lesser known products. He was very good at pin-pointing the right kind of questions that I think most people would want to hear the answers to, but wouldn’t think of asking about.”

Shane Melaugh

“MIke’s one of those rare guys that just ‘gets it.’ It’s always a pleasure talking with him because he makes me think about aspects of my business that I’m ignoring and shines a light into some dark places I should be working on. After all the conversations and interviews he’s had, the man’s a walking encyclopedia of what online success looks like.

Keep an eye on this guy…he’s going places, FAST!”

Bill Guthrie

“Mike Thomas is among a rare breed of marketers.
I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mike on one of my product launches, and quickly discovered that he uses truth in marketing as a core business model.
From that point forward, I became in instant fan and always pay close attention when he has something to say.”

Cliff Carrigan

“Really enjoyed my interview with Mike Thomas. A smart guy with a real knack for asking all the right questions.”

Jim Kukral

“Mike Thomas is a true giver who completely understands the law of reciprocity.  His approach to business and adding value other people’s businesses before thinking about himself is refreshing in an increasingly selfish world of “gurus”.

Mike’s desire to continue to learn and get better has always inspired me to constantly look at how I’m doing business.  His interviews are fresh, raw content, not pitch fests, and always feature marketers who are in the trenches, making it happen, not just the next “guru wannabe.”  I guarantee anything he puts his hand to will be successful because his heart and attitude are awesome!”

Mark Santiago, MBA, CEO of VREProperties.com

“Mike did a great job with our interview, he asks some interesting questions that aren’t the same old PR things. That makes his interviews very informative.”

Pat Flanagan

“Mike is a professional in every sense of the word – I have enjoyed watching his journey unfold as I have always witnessed quality as being one of his core values that guides all of his work.”

Lina Trivedi

“I’ve been following Mikes interviews for some time now, indeed I’ve even been interviewed by Mike.  The one thing that always strikes me is that it’s clear when watching him conduct an interview that he knows his stuff and he knows how to extract the pure liquid gold out of the experts he talks to.  I also love how Mike is totally open about his results on his site.  I would have no hesitation in recommending any product Mike offered – he is one of the really good guys in the IM world.”

Andy Brocklehurst

“Mike interviewed me recently for mikefrommaine.com and I have to say that I was pretty impressed by the huge array of interviews with well-known marketers he has on the site. He has a real talent for extracting valuable information from his interviewees and as such has produced some amazing content. Good job, Mike! :)”

Sally Lazarus

“Being on Mike’s show was a painless process that gave insight and entertainment for his audience. If you have the opportunity to connect with him, it would be a valuable way to extend your reach and grow your audience.”

Travis Ketchum

“Mike does an excellent job of interviewing his guests. You know that when he puts out a product that it’s gonna be good”.

Prateek Dwivedi

“I’ve been following Mike for quite some time and this guy really knows his stuff! He’s well connected in the IM space having interviewed some of the TOP marketers including myself. The insights I get from watching his interview are invaluable… when he told me he’s launching a KILLER product, I knew it would be chock-full of very informative training and actionable content!”

Dontrell Lyons

“I met Mike a few weeks back when he interviewed me for his website. I was nervous as hell but with his professional and friendly manner he put me at ease in minutes and before I knew it I was rambling away just as if I was talking to an old friend. Mike is the consummate professional and takes his business seriously and works damn hard… two qualities I always look for in a potential business partner. I would have absolutely no problem recommending Mike or his products to anybody… he’s one of the good guys!”

Steve Fleming

“Many people have tried to do the interview model, but only few are successful
at it.

I find Mike to be one of those people.

It takes passion and dedication to constantly schedule and find content
to share with listeners to help them in aspects of business and life.  I
believe Mike has shown that passion and dedication and is a great asset
to our community.

He doesn’t go the typical route of an article, but spends time extracting
the value out of the guests on his show and presenting it in a nice and
enjoyable manner.

It was a pleasure to work with him.”

James Carter

“Mike has been a constant feature in many of our launches as a loyal affiliate and is always ready to do an Interview and share our knowledge with all his fans. Awesome guy, very genuine and is not afraid to ask the real questions. Always love to deliver the goods… ” –

Sean Donahoe, Marketing Icon, Author and Industry Leading Speaker

“I first discovered The Mike From Maine interviews when a buddy & mentor of mine was in the hot seat. Since then I always drop in to watch..Mike’s easy, relaxed interview style allows us to peek “behind the curtain” of successful marketers businesses and we get insights that we never see on JV pages and sales threads. Now, I indulge myself every Sunday morning catching up on the interviews from the week and picking up ideas, tips and inspiration for the week ahead.”

Barry Rodgers

“I worked with Mike eight months ago after I won ‘WSO of the day’ .
Mike asked me for an interview to talk about my product to his audience.
You can imagine if you’ve not done this sort of thing before you can get abit nervous but Mike’s preparation before the interview really got me relaxed and I was able to demonstrate to his audience how they can benefit from my product.
Mike’s preparation before the interview was crucial to the interview’s success and later I made more sales as a direct result of the interview.
He has the ability to get the best of you during a normal business transaction.
His very approachable and personable style means he can always get the best of people.”

Jonathan Oshevire

“I was first met Mike back in February 2013.

Mike interviewed me about the WSO I was running at the time.

I have to say I was extremely nervous about being interviewed, but Mike is a total professional and led me step-by-step through the entire process.

Due to Mike’s reputation, when he published my interview the traffic coming to my WSO slammed into overdrive immediately.

I owe a lot to Mike, who was one of a select group who really kickstarted the awareness of my WSO.

If you have the chance to work with Mike at any time in the future, jump at the chance.”

Dave McGimpsey

“I’ve been interviewed by Mike on several occasions and he’s always been professional and determined to put me at ease before (and during) the

He knows what his audience wants and knows how to get the best from his interviewees – not always an easy task with people who’ve never met face to
face. He also handles all the behind the scenes glitches that inevitably happen when humans and computers try to work together!

I’ve used his pre-interview tips to make sure I’ve been well prepared for other interviews I’ve undertaken and they’ve helped remind me of all sorts
of details that I’d otherwise have ignored or forgotten.”

Trevor Dumbleton

“In addition to being one of few honest internet marketers out there, Mike’s interviewing skills are second to none.  His ability to relate to his audience and ask the right questions at the right times is outstanding.”

Thomas Strock

Mike I have to say bud, your expertise in marketing is simply incredible. Your ability to profit online and teach others how to do the same is remarkable! I am just stunned by how much value you give in all of your FREE content on your website. I’m pumped to get my hands on your product, and knowing it’s something that came from you . . . I’ll be the first in line to purchase it! If you don’t know Mike – it doesn’t matter – all you need to know is that this gentleman OVER-DELIVERS with everything that he does, and this product is sure to be a #1 Smash hit! Keep up the success Mike!

Michael Baptiste