Google Exact Match Domain Update interview with The Adsense Flippers

The Exact Match Domain Update…3 Weeks Later – with The Adsense Flippers

Episode 21

On today’sĀ Mike From Maine ShowĀ I sit down the Joe Magnotti and Justin Cooke from the Adsense Flippers. They were the main influence for me to build hundreds of niche sites, monetize them with Adsense, and then sell them in my own marketplace and on Flippa.

What’s in the interview?

1. Have exact match domains lost value?

2. What are they planning to do with their websites affected by the updates?

3. What is their strategy for the future? Will they keep building sites?

Watch the show below: Duration: 42:32
Stuff mentioned in the show – Justin and Joe’s website where they talk about Adsense site flipping and general business concepts.

  • October 18, 2012
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Daniel - October 18, 2012

Nice video Mike. Great info and insights here.

The disavow tool is Google’s way to create a crowdsourced directory of spammy links and if uninformed people submit links they think are spammy, but in the end are not, and they just have been penalized with another penalty (thin content, thin site, anchor text variety and so on) this could be a huge risk and definitely makes negative SEO even a bigger thing now.

You could basically just scrape your competitors links and submit these links to the disavow tool with a couple of webmaster accounts and boom Google will eventually devalue these links and penalize your competitors site.

Can you image what’s going on if that is actually working.

    Mike From Maine - October 18, 2012

    Thanks, Daniel.

    I’m sure we’re going to see a whole mess of problems and schemes arise from this disavow tool. It should be fun to watch šŸ™‚

Steve wyman - October 18, 2012

Hi Guys

Ive said it from day 3, Im with justin on the EMD. Its a filter type thing.

IF emd THEN reduce boost AND apply strict Panda/penquin update UNLESS a real brand.

So Yer EMD’s get hit harder than non BUT a lot of folks with out emd got hit 28th by the panda update.

The Disavow tool is also going to bring you site to an audit teams attention. Is that a good idea ? I think there’s danger there.

We do have the rules! What we dont have is an way to rank simple sites with out using loop holes.

Also we don’t yet have a way to really know what it takes to rank your great content and that’s a problem for sure. Write for people is just not enough info.

I’m happy with the idea that they should more clearly define whats ok and SLAM folks that break the rules

It would be really great if you shared the data analysis on which factor where most important – justin and joe – a blog post would be ideal.

    Mike From Maine - October 18, 2012


    If only all it took was producing great content…

    Is content king or is SEO king?

      Steve wyman - October 19, 2012

      Content is NOW king šŸ™

      Old style SEO is dead for sure. the new king is probably content, structure, stickiness and engagement.

      Damn shame the old wild west was so much easier to play in šŸ™‚

        Mike From Maine - October 19, 2012


        I’m really hoping that this is true. I’d love a playing ground where good content ranks highest.

MIchal - October 18, 2012

Mike – Another useful video. I’d like to thank you for working hard to organize IM space in a new way. These videos are fun but they must take time to put together and everything. This is incredible pace and I hope it pays you not just in more traffic, opt-ins, etc. but also in some new avenues you can take your business into.

    Mike From Maine - October 19, 2012


    I’m hoping that you all get as much out of them as I do. I’m just trying to create a more open way of sharing info in the IM niche.

Jon @ Authority Site Income - October 18, 2012

Great interview!

Just as people doing doing grey/black hat SEO(as defined by Google) are the only ones that build lots of links the only people likely using the disavow tool are the same people concerned they have built spammy links.

Maybe I am wrong or maybe the disavow tool is a brilliant way for Google to have people who have built spammy links to their websites self identify themselves (Google conspiracy theory anyone?)

    Mike From Maine - October 19, 2012


    I was thinking the same thing. If you use the tool then Google is going to take a good hard look at your site…and perhaps your other sites too. Use with caution.

Steve wyman - October 19, 2012


Hey Justin, missed you mentioning me! a friend point it out !

What i do is use bulk checker

Set to Use historical index and then if the domain has lots of links (10+) i pass on it.

Im also thinking of not buying .org domains I just feel they are inherently less commercial in intent (being originally for charities.


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