[NEW] High Quality BUYER traffic from Twitter on 100% auto

Episode 1,094


Twitter has the biggest concentration of buyers of all social networks. The reason is, it’s exclusively use by professionals, deep-pocketed, well-paying customers who use Twitter to stay informed and make purchase decisions. Now YOU can take advantage of that.

Today Cyril Gupta is on the show to talk about TweetPush and how you can get more leads and sales without ad spend with high quality traffic on autopilot.

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TweetPush Bonuses

Special Bonuses for the Mike From Maine Audience: You're going to get all the bonuses listed below the sales page preview, but I got Cyril to give you guys a SPECIAL bonus as well. If you purchase through my link you'll also get RESELLER RIGHTS  to the following:

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Buy through my link above and you’ll get the following special bonuses. Just email your receipt to [email protected]

Bonus #1– Twitter The Beginners Guide ($27 value)

Ever Considered Using Social Networking Platforms To Share Information About Your Products? How About Finding Out Your Popularity Quotient From Your Target Market? Leverage on social media marketing tactics!

Bonus #2– Unlimited Customers Goldmine ($47 value)

Find your source of unlimited customers ready and willing to buy!

Bonus #3– Blogging Basics For Beginners ($47 value)

Get up to date! Now you can catch up on the Blogosphere!

Bonus #4 – Viking Twitter Marketing ($47 value)

Twitter is, without question, one of the most active, popular social platforms on the web. The platform has about 310 million monthly active users and an additional 550 million monthly viewers who don’t login to their own accounts but merely consume other people’s Tweets. About one-third of all US social media users are on Twitter and 80% of active users access the site via mobile!

Bonus #5 – Lead Magnet Profit Builders ($27 value)

Learn eight different methods to maximize your lead magnet's effect!

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