“Steal” From The Thieves For An INSTANT TRAFFIC Boost


Episode 623

Each year, over 200 million online visitors are lost to blackhat sites. It’s just too easy for people to steal YOUR content and videos. Imagine turning the tables on them, and instead of losing traffic taking THEIR visitors back to your offers and pages.

Today Ian Ralphs is on the show to demonstrate his revolutionary Vid Protect software. In one click it protects YOUR content from hackers. Plus it allows you to instantly boost your own traffic by redirecting visitors to stolen content right back to your offers.

Watch the show below

Sales Page Preview

Vid Protection Bonuses

Buy through my link above and you’ll get the following special bonuses. Just email your receipt to [email protected]

Bonus #1 – Protect Your Websites and Beat the Hackers ($17 value)

Protect Your Websites and Beat the Hackers!

Bonus #2– Download Protector ($37 value)

Create Secure Download Pages and Stop Digital Thieves!

Bonus #3– Protector Buzz ($27 value)

Let This Download Protector Software Protect Your Products And Minimize Your Losses Incurred From Product Theft!

Bonus #4 – Video Marketing Master Class ($37 value)

Easily create and upload online videos!

Bonus #5 – Video Marketing Gold ($27 value)

Take Advantage of Video Marketing In Your Business!

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