Welcome to Week Three of Coaching

Week 3

  • Setup a Get Response Account
  • Setting up a BASIC optin form
  • Get an optin box on your sidebar
  • Tools mentioned in the training:

  • Get Response- You want to sign up for this through JVZoo as I explained in the video
  • Lead Pages - This is a tool I use EVERY DAY for list building. It's highly recommended, but not 100% necessary
  • Thrive Landing Pages - I use this for creating sales pages. It can also be used for creating squeeze pages, but I simply use it for sales pages
  • Mandatory Homework

    This week your home work is the following:

    1. Sign up for Get Response

    2. Create your first optin box and add it to your website

    3. Create a squeeze page​

    4. (OPTIONAL ADVANCED HOMEWORK) Go through my Advanced List Building training. I don't expect you to take action on what I teach in this training, but at least go through it so you can understand how beneficial creating a product will be to you in the future. Again, this is ADVANCED training and I expect it to be confusing for your at first...the point is that you simply ABSORB the content, NOT actually take action on it.​

    I repeat, don't let this advanced training scare you :-) Look at it as a glimpse into what you'll be able to do in the future.​

    When you've finished your home work PLEASE POST IT IN YOUR FACEBOOK THREAD.