Welcome to Week Four of Coaching

Week 4 Become an affiliate

  • Different ways to be an affiliate
    • Plain old email marketing
      • This involves writing entertaining emails to your audience. Kristie Chiles does a great job of writing "personal" emails and also promoting products. Her primary way of promoting is email marketing.
      • This is the traditional way of affiliate marketing.
      • This method relies on traffic from sending emails to a list of subscribers.
    • Website marketing
      • This method involves creating Wordpress websites or posts in order to rank them in Google and get free traffic for people searching for terms like "PRODUCT NAME" or "PRODUCT NAME review" or "buy PRODUCT NAME" or "PRODUCT NAME bonus"
      • It also allows for sharing the content through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Instead of going out in an email and then "dying" the content lives on forever.
      • This method relies completely on traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
    • Youtube marketing
      • This involves creating videos and getting them to rank in Google. They can be anything from simple previews of a product, intense reviews, interviews, or demos. The goal is to get someone who is already interested in the product to click your link in the description and buy the product through your link.
      • This is a SUPER popular method used by countless affiliates to make sales.
      • This method relies on getting ranked in Youtube and getting traffic from Google as well.
    • A mix of all three
      • I personally do a mix of all of this and it's a BIG reason why I'm successful. I create content for Youtube, I create a blog post, AND I send that content to an email list.
  • Promotion frequency
    • 1 offer every day
      • Advantages
        • Meet more people
        • See more products
        • Create more content
      • Disadvantages
        • Your unsubscribes will increase
        • You have to do it every day
        • You don't get the chance to fully explore each offer
    • A few offers a week
      • Advantages
        • You can spend a bit more time on each promotion
        • You can test out each product a bit more
        • Your audience will take your promo a bit more seriously
        • Your chances of winning affiliate contests increases
      • Disadvantages
        • You'll meet less product creators
        • If you pick the wrong offers you'll make less money
    • 1 offer a week
      • Advantages
        • You just need to work on ONE promotion
        • You can go DEEP into the product and perhaps actually use it
        • Your audience will take the promo more seriously if you mail the same offer multiple times
        • You have a MUCH greater chance of winning affiliate competition money
      • Disadvantages
        • You meet A LOT less product creators
        • If you pick a poorly converting product then you're screwed
        • Your list can get tired of you mailing about the same offer over and over
    • Don't confuse "Promotion frequency" with "Mailing frequency". Whether you promote one product a week or five, you should still be mailing every day.
    • What do I suggest doing?
      • When I got started I promoted FIVE products a week. It kept me busy and focused on being an affiliate marketer. I met a ton of people, got free access to tons of products, and made my name in the industry. I suggest you do AT LEAST 3 per week.
      • Only now am I sometimes promoting 3-4 products per week. If I think I can win an affiliate contest by going "deep" in a promotion I will, but I personally have found that promoting 3-5 products a week works best.
  • How to choose an offer to promote when you're starting
    • Figuring out which affiliate offers are going to sell well can be a bit difficult to figure out at first.
    • I suggest subscribing to receive the WSO of the Day and JVZoo Product of the Day updates every day so you can follow WHICH products do the best. These products are usually chosen not necessarily because they are the best, but because their sales pages convert well and will make Warrior + and JVZoo money when they mail. You can find them daily here https://www.warriorplus.com/wso-of-the-day/ and http://www.jvzoo.com/products/featured
    • All the upcoming product launches are listed at MunchEye.com . I look at this website at least a couple times per day for new products being announced.
    • I try my best to figure out which product is going to be the BEST for a specific day. I try to choose a product that I'm interested in, I think will help my subscribers, and will make me money.
    • I try to pick the products that I'll promote a WEEK before they launch. That gives me time to prepare everything I need for launch day.
    • If choosing the best products is hard for your at first, then you can simply start reviewing products that are ALREADY WSO of the Day or JVZoo Product of the Day. That way you'll be reviewing the best products.
    • Niches that usually sell well are products about making money, Facebook, and video. I suggest that you review products that you're ACTUALLY interested in.
    • The first thing I look at when I'm considering promoting a product is the JV page. If it looks like crap, is unorganized, or missing a lot of information then that usually tells me that the product creator isn't taking their business seriously. The JV page is the first impression.
    • Then I look at the sales page preview. I want to see what the product creator is claiming on their sales page. Is it too hypey? Does it sound interesting? Would I like to ACTUALLY go through the product? These are questions I ask myself. Sometimes you can't find the sales page preview on the JV page. You can message the product creator over Skype, Facebook, or email to ask them if they have a rough version of their sales page ready. It's a good way of getting in contact with them and is better than asking for a review copy right off.
    • If the sales page looks good then I think about possibly promoting. I want to make sure that the commissions look attractive as well. If the product is below $10 then the front end commission should be 100%. Then usually the one time offers are 50%. That's pretty normal. If the product is $17 or over then 50-75% commissions are fairly standard.
    • Now you need to see if you can get a review copy. I suggest sending an email like this:
      Hi, my name is John Doe and I have a review website at http://johndoe.com . I'm interested in doing a review of PRODUCT NAME and sharing it with my NUMBER of subscribers. Could I get a review copy so I can record a review video? I'm also happy to record or write a testimonial for you as well. Thanks! Sincerely, John Doe
    • You don't have to add your subscriber numbers in there if you don't have any yet, but once you start building your list I'd suggest mentioning that you've got subscribers. If you get talking with them on a Facebook or Skype chat and they're asking questions about you, you can mention you're in my coaching program, but I wouldn't make it be the first thing that you say. Try to create the relationship with them on your own merits.
    • Once you've got the review copy your can move to the next step. If you can't get a review copy and you still really want to promote the product, you can still do it, but of course it's best if you can actually get a copy so you can record the members area.
  • How to Promote
    • For now you'll be doing JUST review videos as it's the fastest way to start earning some cash.
    • Once you've got an email list of 500-1,000 I'll teach you some advanced strategies, but for now they won't help you.
  • How to do a Review Video
    • Tell about the product
    • Tell about any early bird discounts
    • Talk about bonuses you're offering (You can get them from Resell Rights Weekly) Show the sales page
    • Show download page or membership area
    • Talk about any one time offers
    • Talk about negatives and positives
    • Remind about the early bird discount and bonus
    • Remind to send Paypal receipt to get bonuses
    • Tell them to sign up for your list
    • Tell them to come back tomorrow for more reviews
    • Let's do an actual review
    • Example review template for adding to your website
  • How to Add a Review Video to your website
  • Example of review video template you can copy and use http://mikesmarketingsite.com/review-template/
  • How to Email your list
    • Email subject line: PRODUCT NAME is live! Get it now along with my special bonuses!
      It's live!
      You can grab PRODUCT NAME now from the links below:
      Click here to get it now—> Click here
      Click here to check out my review and bonuses

Tools mentioned in the training:

  • Resell Rights Weekly
  • Mandatory Homework

    Your homework for this week is to start creating review videos. You should be making 3-5 per week. Please post your first review in your Facebook thread.

    When you've finished your home work PLEASE POST IT IN YOUR FACEBOOK THREAD.