Why a Kindle publisher gave away 2,500 FREE copies of his book during it’s launch and why you should too – with Chris Guthrie

Episode 12

On today’s episode of The Mike From Maine Show I speak with successful Internet Marketer and Website Creator Chris Guthrie about the release of his new eBook on Amazon How to Make Money as an Amazon Associate. We discuss the following:

1. Why publish a Kindle book if you already have a popular platform (his blog) to publish on?

2. Why did you give away over 2,500 copies for free?

3. How did you get your book published?

4. Are you seeing a lot of traffic from the links in the eBook?

Watch the show below: Duration: 35:35

[leadplayer_vid id=”506ED2080E53E”]Stuff mentioned in the show

Have you published any books on Amazon? If you have let us know in the comments below.


  • October 5, 2012
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