Why Steve Scott is transitioning from blogging to Kindle publishing…and why you should too

Episode 17

On today’s Mike From Maine Show I have Authority site Master, Steve Scott. We talk about how Steve started making money on the Internet by selling evil eye jewelry on eBay until a competitor undercut him and drove him out of business. He’s got a great story to tell and we even come up with a few great ideas during out discussion.

What’s in the interview?

1. What direction is Steve taking his business in?

2. How can you use a WSO to help launch a Kindle book?

3.  How much is Steve making from publishing on Kindle?

Watch the show below: Duration: 42:36

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How To Discover Best Selling Kindle Amazon Book Ideas (affiliate link) – Steve’s new book out on Kindle.

Steve’s website

  1. Hey guys!

    It was cool to hear you both organically come up with the idea to do the WSO – Squeeze page – Amazon/Kindle book purchase idea…that’s awesome!

    I don’t think we’re planning on going down the Kindle route as a stand-alone, but I do think we might end up incorporating some of the strategies as an add-on to our new process. I like the fact that it’s not Google-focused traffic and can help to diversify your traffic sources…that seems key.

    Best to both of you!

    1. Justin,

      It was cool coming up with the idea, too 🙂 It goes to show you how important it is to connect with other people in your niche.

      I hope to see you on my show soon!

      1. Thanks Justin! Yeah, I think if you take the logic behind the WSO and apply it to a Kindle market; it can be a profitable model.

        The trick of course is to have a willingness to bust your butt and write multiple titles. It totally makes sense why some people wouldn’t pursue it as a long-term income strategy. It definitely requires a ton of effort – And I don’t think it can be outsourced.

        1. Steve,

          After interviewing you about this I’m really considering writing my own Kindle book. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Interesting stuff Mike, been following Steve for a while too so great to hear the two of you in one place.

    I like the new direction you are taking with these interviews, you’ve had some really great people come on your show. Also, it seems like a new show is coming out every day! You must have spent AGES putting all this together. Good effort!

    1. Daryl,

      Thanks for watching. Yes, they’ll be a new show every Monday-Friday…that’s five days a week! Stay tuned for a lot of great guests.

    2. I agree with Daryl. This is an awesome direction you’re going in! Get a bunch of experts to reveal their secrets and then build up readership through networking. I *think* that’s how IncomeDiary.com got popular.

  3. Great interview Mike! I’ve been following Steve’s blog for some time now and have just recently gotten very intrigued by Kindle publishing. Glad Steve was featured in one of your interviews because it led me here. Going to check out some more interviews you got on here. Thanks for the info!


    1. You’re welcome, Dan. Just to let you know your comments are being put into the spam folder by Akismet. You might want to have them remove you from their spam list.

  4. Awesome episode Mike! I’m doing some Kindle publishing myself and it has a ton of potential. The WSO idea is really cool too – maybe even if your books are in other niches than internet marketing, other industry forums will have similar concepts as well to use…


    1. Hey Thomas,

      When I publish my first Kindle book I’m definitely going to put it up as a WSO. I hope to see others doing this too.

  5. Hey Mike and Steve, the WSO/Squeeze Page/Kindle idea is worth checking out. If either of you do it, please consider a follow-up to let us know how it turned out.


  6. Hi Mike, I’ve been following Steve since 2010 and I’ve always found him one of the best internet marketer/bloggers out there. I’m moving on to Kindle now. Getting the first one out is difficult but it always is. And then it gets easier – I’m hoping!

    1. Hi Rob,

      I totally agree with you. Steve’s work ethic and determination make him one of the beset out there.

      Have you published any Kindle books yet?

      1. I haven’t yet, Mike, I’m at this terrible analysis paralysis stage as I have the text ready for two or three but I can’t decide which one to go for first and about the titles.

        1. Just pick something and go for it. Don’t still be pondering one month from now.

            1. Update: I managed to publish two Kindles last year. One in October; one in December. So I didn’t quite manage one in August but I got there in the end. And I’m glad I did and I have plans to publish more. Thanks for the inspiring interview, Mike and Steve. 🙂

              1. Rob,

                I LOVE hearing that you’ve taken action…congrats!

                What kind of results did you get? Have you made any sales yet?

                1. Yes, I’m selling one book every day of one title and three books every day of the other. I really had no expectations so I’m super stoked with these sales. But you also get an increased audience, greater perceived authority and an improved personal brand. There are intangible benefits of writing Kindles.

                  I would never have done this if it wasn’t for Steve and this interview was another kick up the …

                  Thanks 🙂

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