4 Step Formula For Creating Money Getting Videos In 30 Minutes or Less! – with Johnnie Yost


Episode 230

This isn’t rocket science. Create a blog, add a content-filled video, and then send your visitors to a sales page. Sound familiar? 🙂

Ex-boxer/Science teacher Johnnie Yost is on today to talk about EXACTLY how he’s doing this with his Fast Cash Video Profits course.

Watch the show below: Duration: 31:17
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Stuff mentioned in the show

Fast Cash Video Profits (affiliate)- Johnnie’s course that teaches the fundamentals of affiliate video marketing

  1. hey Mike

    I like your shows, maybe there’s a tiny suggestion I can make for you

    *** add more content, drill deeper, grill your guests until they;re blue in the face 🙂

    This way, your clips will add more value to your portfolio and viewers will appreciate the brand you’re building even more

    I noticed your YT channel features all your videos… great job!

    What you could do though is add the right keyword and description in there, to benefit from more views. Add product title, and product owner name, as well.

    1. John,

      If you like drilling you’ll like this episode.

      Product title is already there 🙂

      Thanks for the advice.

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