A Few Minutes’ Work Turns Into Multiple $197+ Payments

Episode 771

The ability to generate fast cash can be a real life saver at times. Knowing how to scale this into a full-time income can be life-changing. Here’s how Mark and Paul do it.

Today Mark Barrett is on the show to talk about 5 Day Profits and how you can make sales of $197 to $497 with no list, no website, and this free traffic method.

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Watch the show below

Special Bonuses for the Mike From Maine Audience: You’re going to get all the bonuses listed below the sales page preview, but I got Mark to give you guys a SPECIAL bonus as well. If you purchase through my link you’ll also get THREE of his courses with their OTOs that are currently selling for $181.85 total. You can check out the sales page for each one of them HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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Sales Page Preview

5 Day Profits Bonuses

Buy through my link above and you’ll get the following special bonuses. Just email your receipt to [email protected]

Bonus #1– 20 Ways To Make An Online Income ($27 value)

20 Ways To Make An Online Income

Bonus #2– Fiverr Income Audio Tracks ($47 value)

Fiverr Income Audio Tracks

Bonus #3– Instant CPA Profits ($47 value)

A system for generating CPA profits on demand!

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  1. Hi! This sounds GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And, I have some questions I’d really appreciate your answering before I buy this:

    1. Will I need to be on social media, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. and if so, which ones?

    2. Will there be ongoing customer support for when I have questions?

    3. Will I need any of the following: keyword research, landing page, or squeeze page?

    4. Will I need Skype and/or be on the phone talking with people?

    Thank you very much for your time and your answers to my questions. I appreciate it!



    1. Marty,

      1. You’ll need a Youtube account.

      2. Yes, they have customer support, but if you want more hand-holding then pick up the coaching OTO.

      3. Nah, you don’t need those.

      4. No, you don’t need to talk with people.

  2. Hi! Thank you for your kind answers to my questions. And, I have some more:

    1.Regarding the coaching OTO:

    a) How much does it cost?

    b) Can it be purchased later, or do I need to buy it when I buy the main product?

    2. Are there any other OTO’s?

    3. If so, how much do they cost, and can they be purchased later, or do I need to buy them when I buy the main product?

    4. Regarding the video training:

    a) How many videos are there?

    b) What is their average length?

    5. If I have difficulty understanding the videos because of the person’s accent or for any other reason, will the PDF cheat sheet help me understand what is being said and the meaning of what is being said, as I am ignorant about YouTube?

    6. I own a desktop computer. I do not own a video recorder, printer, digital camera, scanner, smart phone, or any other electronic equipment. What, if any, additional equipment will I need?

    Thank you very much for your time and your answers to my questions. I appreciate it!



    1. Marty,

      1. I believe the coaching OTO is $197

      2. Yes, there are a couple of other OTOs, but they are optional.

      3. The prices are around $20 to $40, but the prices are going up throughout the launch, so if you buy later you’ll pay more.

      4. The videos vary in length. You shouldn’t be concerned with the length, but the value inside. They are full of value.

      5. Mark’s partner Paul does the videos, so you should be able to understand them.

      6. You don’t need special equipment.

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