REVEALED… 5 ESSENTIAL Powerful Traffic Sources and List Building Strategy

Episode 768

How much time and money will you spend before finding the traffic sources that actually work without breaking the bank? Wouldn’t it be great if someone handed you their own proven and effective traffic sources and show you how they built their lists? Here you go!

Today Steven Meiracker is on the show to talk about Affiliate Traffic Masterclass and how he and his launch partners have built huge income streams using the same 5 traffic sources and list building strategy revealed in this training program.

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  1. Hi Mike, nice interview with Steven about the product.

    As someone who needs traffic and who is working on building a list right now, I am interested in this. However, Steven said he was working part time only at the moment and was not yet consistently making $100 a day, which is very honest. However, the sales page states an easy $100 p/day with less than 30 mins work per day. If his part time is more than 30 mins per day then I have to ask why he’s not yet up to $100 p/day? I understand that his partners are beyond this already, but he is not and I’m where he is right now, if not behind him, so now I’m not sure whether to invest or not…
    He talks about spreadsheets and strategies and earning a full time income and yet he still says he’s making less than $100 p/day – the information seems somewhat conflicting to me. Can you offer any clarity…?

    1. Hi Jane,

      There are a number of reasons why I am below $100 per day on average. The average mentioned in the video is for the last 6 month period, during which time I have also been working on another long term project outside my day job. As I mentioned in the video I am working towards evening out my income, I get high commission days, and then go for a period earning lower commissions.

      For a period of time I was making more that the $100 per day in commissions, but got complacent and stopped building my list.

      I am using these traffic sources to continue to build my business and my list, and my partners on the launch use these methods and are earning a full time income.

      Even if you don’t get the course I do recommend you keep working at building your list, try different traffic strategies and keep moving forward.

      I hope I have cleared things up a little.

      All the best,


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