How to find PROFITABLE niches on Kindle with this GREAT new tool

Episode 305

ak booster proI don’t get excited easily…I mean after doing over three hundred interviews I’ve seen A LOT of products. But this one got my attention. AK Booster Pro is a piece of software that allows you to do niche research so that you can find out if a book is going to be profitable BEFORE you write it (or have it written for you). This is going to save Kindle marketers a lot of time AND money.

ben murrayBen Murray is it’s creator, and he’s on the show today to talk about how he does Kindle niche research, and of course, to give us a demo of AK Booster Pro.

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Watch the show below: [leadplayer_vid id=”52DEF835B9D5E”]

  1. It is 9:34 AM EST Wednesday Jan 22. When I refresh this page about 9:45 AM, will it update with your offer? Arm I supposed to go to a different page to see the offer?

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