Answers To Some Link Building Questions

I got an email from Daniel Neubauer with some link building questions about Article Marketing Robot, SocialAdr, EzArticleLink, and Unique Article Wizard. I’ve answered them in the following post and I hope these answers can help you too.


1. When do you start backlinking on your new domains/sites? And with what do you start SocialAdr or EZArticleLink?

Some people wait a week before starting to add backlinks to their sites. Other people wait a month. I don’t wait. I immediately start. Why? Because most of my links take time anyway. My EZarticle links go out a few links every day. My Unique Article Wizard links go at 30 per day. The only one I fire out is the Article Marketing Robot links. They go all at once.

2. When do you start with EZArticleLink backlinking?

I submit my original article to them to have it spun. Once it is spun then I immediately start the links coming in.

3. How many articles do you submit for approval for each project/site? How do you drip feed them and how do you schedule them?

I think you are talking about EZArticleLink. I submit one article for each website. They have their own drip feed schedule. For UAW I drip them out at a rate of 30 links per day.

3. EzArticleLink seems to be very very strict when it comes to approved articles. So my question is how do you include the keywords 1-3 in your article that the article text still flows?

I simply find a place where the keyword sounds right and place it in there. I’ve never had any problems with this. They only really have a problem if the keywords are just thrown in there in the middle of two paragraphs.

4. Do you just use one keyword (the main keyword) in each EzArticleLink article or do you diversify your anchor text? If yes, do you submit more articles each using one of the diversified anchors or do you place three different anchor texts in one article (keyword1, keyword 2, keyword 3)?

For the 3 keywords one of them is the main keyword and the other two are secondary keywords. This is good as it looks odd if all the anchor text links coming to your site are the same.

5. When do you start with AMR and UAW blasts? Are these blast directly to the money site or do you build web 2.0 buffer sites in order to not get penalized or slapped by Google?

I do an Article Marketing Robot blast immediately. I let the Unique Article Wizard links go out at a rate of 30 per day.

I don’t use buffer sites.

6. When do you add Google AdSense on the sites?

I add Adsense to the sites as soon as I have content on them.

7. How do you track your visitors? Do you still use webmaster tools or Google Analytics?

I use Google Analytics to track my visitors. I also use webmaster tools to make sure I don’t have any big errors on my sites.



I hope this helps you all out a bit. I love answering questions about how I make money on the Internet, so if you have any more questions please ask in the comments below or email me at mike at mike from maine dot com

  • April 24, 2012
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