Turn $5 Into $100-$1000…over and over

Episode 452

arbitrage underdog reloadedWouldn’t it be great if you could put a $5 bill into a machine and it would spit back out $100s? Well, with the software we’ll be talking about today you’ll be able to match up buyers with service providers and make the profit in between. It’s called arbitrage and it’s a fantastic way of making money without actually having to do the work.

Today Tom E. is on the show to tell us all about how this system works along with his Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded software.

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Watch the show below:

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  1. Hi Mike
    Looked at arbitrage product and it looks awesome.

    if we can do all of Craigslist all 50 states ….
    aren’t we competing against ourselves

    Thank you … Your LOYAL Customer

    1. Yeah, this is one of my favorite products of all time.

      Craigslist is HUGE. I wouldn’t worry about competition.

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for all the wonderful interviews. I was wondering does the OTO have multi license which I think is the more powerful version of the software? Can I install this on more than one computer because I have a partner.

    If not, do you know how much an additional license cost?


    1. Vicky,

      It’s for one computer. You’ll need to buy additional licenses for your partner.

      I’m not sure about the price, but if I were you I’d just send their support a ticket after you purchase your version and they’ll help you out.

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