The Secret to Making $424,954 in 2 weeks


Episode 475

You might remember a little product called Backup Beast that came out a few weeks back. It was a great deal that cost less than $10, but would you believe that the launch made over $424,954! Another little secret behind it is that it's launcher, Ankur Shukla, didn't even make the product himself.

Today Ankur Shukla is on the show to talk about how he was able to have such a successful launch and how you can copy his results with his Backup Beast Secret Files course.

Watch the show below:

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  1. Of course BackupBeast would go crazy! All cloud storage sites that I know off charge outrageous MONTHLY fees, and this was cheap, and a ONE TIME fee, offering 500 GB for a single fee of $8 and unlimited storage FOR LIFE for a single fee of $47? You would have to be a fool not to buy this!!! This is the kind of deals one has to be creative enough to promote.
    What would be interesting, is to hear from Ankur, how he convinced Livedrive to partner with him on this madness, given the fact that Livedrive fees, though not bad, continue to be much more expensive, MONTHLY, etc. Will Livedrive stick to these non cash bringing customers, for life? I hope this was a solid agreement between Ankur and Livedrive.

    Why dont you ask Ankur about this?

    Francisco Urosa

    1. Francisco,

      I asked Ankur to comment, but he informed me that there was a non-disclosure agreement that doesn’t allow him to talk about those details.

      Great questions, though 😉

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