Build My Rank Update – One Month Later – New Experiment

Last month I decided to do a little test to see how effective Build My Rank could be on some websites that were already sitting on the first page of Google. I wrote about it HERE.

Each site is an exact match domain and about 6 months old. I only did backlinking to the root domain and with the exact keyword as the URL. Each website already had links from Unique Article Wizard, Article Marketing Robot, EZ Article Link, and Social Adr.

So here are the results:

30 days ago                               Today

Site # 1:             Page 1, position 5                   Page 1, position 1

Site # 2:            Page 1, position 2                   Page 1, position 1

Site # 3:            Page 1, position 3                   Page 1, position 1

Site # 4:            Page 1, position 5                   Page 1, position 1

Site # 5:             Page 1, position 3                  Page 1, position 5


Four out of five websites went to position one. One website lost two positions. I had a net change of +9.

All in all it was a great result and I’m seeing it in my Adsense earnings. I’m going to continue this experiment into the next month by working on 20 sites. I think this will give me a better picture of how effective this link building can be.

Link Experiment For March Canceled

I had to cancel this experiment because Build My Rank rejected most of my websites. Why? Most of my sites are one-page sites. They want the sites submitted to be as follows:

“Sites need a minimum of 3 pages of unique content, more if they are “made for adsense” sites. We look for at least 4-6 pages of quality content for adsense sites.

So now I’m going to add a few pages to the sites that I want to put in BMR. I guess the experiment will have to wait a bit.





  1. Hi Mike,

    How old are these sites and roughly what is the competition like? Did it take a lot of posts to get to top spot?

    I recall from your other post that I think you had 150 in total, so I’m wondering if that’s just distributed 30/keyword. Currently I have no methodology other than “throw more links at it” until it sticks to rank 1.


    1. Andre,

      Each got 150 per keyword.They actually moved up in rank about halfway through the month. The important thing will be to see if they stay there.

  2. Thanks Mike. I’ve been trickling in posts, just wondering when to cap off. I couldn’t get into BMR though so I’m using LinkAuthority.

    Probably if your competition isn’t tough you could do monthly posts as “maintenance upkeep” while you build up the other keywords. This is my plan and hopefully that will work out. I noticed from studying Pat Flynn’s security guard site as he is ranked for a whackload of other keywords at #1.

    Going back to the competition, if they aren’t doing anything then you’re pretty much good. Only thing that I can see is that once the posts fall off the homepage there will be an eventual drop in link juice, so a good follow-up to keep your site propped there should be okay.

  3. Those are pretty good results! I did a similar test on Link Authority and it also had pretty good results.

    1. Thanks, Joe. Link Authority is quite similar to BMR in the fact that you’re posting content on multiple blogs with different ip addresses. I’m gonna have to check it out.

  4. BMR Rocks a lot! though I’ve not used it before but I’m pretty sure of its work. I heard BMR aint taking new customers now. Can you confirm that?


    1. Sheyi,

      Thanks for dropping by. Yes, as far as I know BMR is not taking new customers right now. They are apparently building out their network so they can provide better service to their customers. You can’t sign up right now, but you can get on a list to be notified once it opens up again.

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