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Buzz Ignition is a simple FB software that boosts engagement and traffic to any page or group post by creating contests automatically. Use the same method the biggest companies are using to dramatically increase your sales and subscribers.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    I am sorry but I have to say something here…
    I know it is hard to go against the stream when a lot of people say the same thing… But you should have seen that the whole pitch of this software is highly misleading…

    and you kind of copied it… when you say in your video that you normally have no engagement on facebook…

    But the truth is that the software has absolutely nothing to do with the engagement with your post. The software did not do anything at this point. The only reason for the engagement is the contest.

    So how exactly does this software help with anything???

    This should be the pitch for this software: Are you sick and tired of using to decide the winner of your fb contest? Then this 3-click-software is your solution!

    That is really all it does… At least if you do not buy the OTO…

    1. Good to have you here, Dani 🙂

      The software itself allows you to run a fair contest on Facebook and choose a winner based upon Likes and Comments. Sure, you could just do it manually, but this does it for you easily. There are other softwares that do the same thing that charge yearly fees, where this one is a one-time price.

      There are upgrades as well, including a way to put contests on your websites and a white label version, but not everyone needs those capabilities.

      I’m sorry you didn’t like the marketing, but I also showed all the upgrades in my review video…so it’s not like I hid anything 🙂

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