How to protect yourself from getting SUED…with a simple plugin!

Episode 397

Did you know that you can get SUED online? That’s right, you can have your business taken right out from under you if you’re not using the right kind of compliance pages on your affiliate, Adsense, Amazon, and other marketing websites. Luckily, there’s a quick solution that will cover your butt from most kinds of trouble.

Anton Nadilo is on the show today to talk about how using his Compliance Bar Plugin can save you from a world of headaches.


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Watch the show below:

Compliance Bar Demo

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  1. Just a heads up here …earlier this week I bought this product through Dan Lew (have no idea how I got on his list). His own website has no real “Contact” capability, so I cannot contact him.

    But the issue is this Compliance Bar product. After I purchased through Paypal, I was directed to a page where I “registered” then received an email with my login info. The login info DOES NOT WORK and I am rejected at that point. The “Lost password” route just lads to an error message stating that my “username” (email address – the very same one to which I was just emailed my login info) does not exist in the system.

    My “Help Desk” case remains unattended to and emails to their own Contact email address are unanswered.


    1. Hi Austin,

      What’s your Paypal transaction id? I’ll ask Anton personally and get you access.


      1. Hi, Mike From Maine,

        I’m Austin from Austin (TX).

        My Paypal Transaction ID was 6WX92962BU293914N.

        Can’t imagine why they wouldn’t acknowledge a Help Desk filing or their “[email protected]” email account. New Zealand isn’t THAT far away … 😉

        1. It’s almost 2am right now in New Zealand. I’ve sent him a message, but I don’t expect to hear back from him for another 6-8 hours. But don’t worry, I’ll get you sorted out.

          1. Mike,

            Thanks …I hadn’t meant for you to have sort this out, but was hoping to find SOME contact for either of the two folks on the sales page! I don’t recognize either of them and was just figuring I’d have to go back to Paypal – that’s rare!

            Original order was last Tuesday 9pm US, which should be around 2pm NZ, so help desk should have been logged around 2:30pm NZ.

            Really do appreciate your query to one of the authors!

  2. Hi Mike & Austin,

    Thanks for your message.

    Yes, it is 2AM here is New Zealand but I lept out of bed knowing that one of Mike’s customer was having trouble with Compliance Bar.

    Austin I would be happy to personally remedy the problem right now!

    Please send me your JV Zoo Transaction # and I will get access arranged for you immediately.

    Also please do connect with me on skype: mymoneymentor as it may expedite the communication process.

    Finallu, I do apologise that you have expereinced an issue with our customer but can guarantee you you will be delighted that Mike has recommend Compliance Bar to you.

    Talk soon

    Anton Nadilo
    Creator – Compliance Bar

    1. Anton,

      Thanks for the note. Access has been granted and I sure don’t know why the initial sign-up procedure didn’t transfer my info to the login software, but that’s computers for ya – can’t live with them, can’t live without ’em. Wait, wasn’t that said about something else, already?

      This sure looks like a mighty useful plugin, though.

      Best regards,

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