CPA List Loophole review – HIDDEN Clicks To CASH IN With CPA & List Building

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CPA List Loophole is a complete list building solution that uses CPA and a secret loophole so people can profit while building a list. With proof and case studies, the course further shows anyone how to create passive long term profits.

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Click here to get CPA List Loophole along with my special bonuses

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  1. Hi Mike,

    I have studied IM for about one year and am ready to give it a go. But here is my first question.

    I really respect you and I know you have developed a great name for yourself. So how should I handle using my name, which is also Michael Thomas.

    I was on a webinar last week and they even gave you a shout out. (Richard says hello.) I really don’t know how to handle this. I feel it’s important that you are comfortable with how I address myself and I would never want to be perceived as riding on the back of someone that has worked very hard to crate a brand. I certainly don’t want to do, “Hi, I’m Mike..Not the guy from Maine.. Thomas.”

    So what are your thoughts. Any suggestions would be helpful..

    Thank you for your time Michael Thomas.

    Michael Thomas???

    1. Great name 😉

      It’s a tough question. I’ve marketed myself more as “Mike From Maine” since the name “Mike Thomas” is actually quite common.

      You can either go with “Michael Thomas” or use some other sort of branding to differentiate yourself.

      Which Richard gave me the shout out in the webinar?

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