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Episode 596

Seems like 2015 is the year of CPA. And while some methods work today but are bust by tomorrow, it’s refreshing to find one that works forever using a traffic source that can never be saturated. Evergreen list building and profit? The time is now.

Today Jon Smith  is on the show to explain why CPA Niche Jacker is different from all the other CPA courses and how it can build you massive lists as you profit in any niche you like.

Watch the show below

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  1. Great work Mike! Was a pleasure to be on the show a second time. I am extremely stoked about your own success!

    Look forward to seeing your viewers in the premium forums. Talk to you all there!

  2. Hi Mike
    Always a fan your interviews, however theses guys never want to reveal what they are selling to make this kind of income, now I understand they don’t want to create competition for themselves, but come on… if they so confident in their product just tells us what their selling or what campaigns their doing.

    1. Hi Damon,

      I understand it can be frustrating, but with CPA it’s easy to steal someone’s campaigns and essentially their money. That being said, the are sharing these things for paid customers.

      Thanks for watching!

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