How to create AMAZING membership sites using Wishlist Member – with Stu McLaren

Episode 258

stu mclarenEveryone is always telling you how profitable memberships sites are…and they’re right…BUT…if you don’t have the RIGHT plugin to set it up then it can be a pain in the butt.

Stu McLaren is on the show today to talk about his SUPER POPULAR plugin called Wishlist Member that gives you a tried and tested way of installing membership sites on WordPress.

Watch the show below: Duration: 18:25
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Stuff mentioned in the show

Wishlist Member (affiliate)- Stu’s membership creating WordPress plugin

  1. I’ve been using Wishlist member and it’s a great plugin, I really like all the integration options and amount of control you can setup with your membership sites.

    1. If anyone’s looking for someone to do a Wishlist setup you should contact John…he’s been fine tuning his skills 🙂

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