[CASE STUDY] From #54 to #8 in 8 Days with NO Backlinks! How?


Episode 543

Most people think that in order to rank a website or Youtube video in Google that you need a ton of backlinks...but it's just not true. There's a SMARTER way of ranking your videos that is SAFER and is proven to get you results. What is it?

It's called crowd search optimization.​

Today Dan and Matt Anton are on the show to show us how to use their Crowd Search Me software to get amazing results with a few clicks of a button.

Watch the show below:

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  • Amazingly perceptive and sharp Mike! What you discovered towards end of the video really shows how on the ball you are with all products/interviews. Thank you very much for scheduling this with myself and Dan. Awesome back story too; anyone that can transplant themselves into another country, have a beautiful woman fall in love with them, AND make a full time living online is on the ball. Thank you to your viewers as well; they are what makes the show. Like I said I was delirious and tired after a 3 day launch binge, so don’t judge me! ha

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