Daniel Madeira Solo Ad Review

Here are the results* from a 500-click solo ad I bought from Daniel Madeira. You can find more reviews in my solo ad directory.

Clicks bought: 500
Clicks received: 552
Optins: 248
Optin percentage: 45%
% Tier 1: 69%
Sales: 3
Cost Per Optin: $.48

*These are the results from my squeeze page and sales funnel. Your results may vary from mine.

  1. Actually, i mixed between single and double optin. I have been testing and using different funnels to build my list and some of that funnel are set for double optin, and some others for single optin.

  2. I’m trying to work out the numbers and they don’t seem to add up.

    $150-(3*$29.91) = $60.27 (Net cost, factoring sales)

    $60.27/248 optins = $0.24 per optin.

    Did I miss something?

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