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Episode 583

We all know that the ultimate source of targeted social media traffic comes from Facebook, but how to get started? Dozens of courses teach one thing or another, but now there’s one that uncovers everything you need to create profitable campaigns, effortlessly. Includes advanced software to give you an unfair advantage over the competition.

Today Chris Record is on the show to demonstrate how his training and software can make anyone a master at profitable FB campaigns, in a variety of niches.

Watch the show below

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  1. Great interview Mike, it’s obvious Chris loves to teach and equally great that you continue to showcase the very best training and offers. The 3 big takeaways I learned were:

    1. Paid ads are a great biz model because once you figure out what offers are profitable, you just increase to make your profits scalable.
    2. Chris uses a 5 to 1 ratio of sharing/emailing/advertising…5 shares of value to 1 pitch. For example Mon-Friday provide only free value training, then on Saturday pitch something. If you do this people will not hesitate to buy since you gave so much value up front.
    3. While it’s true that the money is in the list, in 2015 and moving forward the money is in the PIXEL (image that you create with facebook) which allows a “one time ad” to be seen hundreds of times since “retargeting” your image makes it a stalker to your visitors.
    4. Post something viral with your blog (using celebrity, trending topic) and then advertise that celebrity picture (as long as it’s not implying a celebrity endorsement) which will in return help your blog post pages rise for SEO.
    5. Facebook will change like all platforms, Chris will keep us up to date on these inevitable changes with the “state of the ads” training each month.
    6. This course is chalk full of value, and Chris is a great teacher, if you can afford it and have the time to learn it, you’d be a fool to not pick it up!

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