Digital Product Machine review – $200,000 per MONTH

Digital Product Machine review – $200,000 per MONTH


Check out my Digital Product Machine review below

Digital Product Machine is a video course that teaches the exact method that Alex Jeffreys uses to make over $200,000 per month online.

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  • July 1, 2014
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Andy - July 2, 2014

Hi Mike, was a great review and very insightful interview.

It claims to use “free traffic”, but I am curious about other expenses. Do I need a large capital outlay to get my digital product made? What is an average CRR?


    Mike From Maine - July 2, 2014

    Thanks, Andy.

    The “free traffic” comes from affiliates when they promote your products. You don’t need very much money at all to get started…I’d say $200 will give you a nice start.

Andy - July 2, 2014

Thanks for the reply Mike. Yeah I figured as much with the traffic source, he even mentions he has 5,000 affiliates. That’s great. So $200 could get me a finished and ready to market product? And then there is a blueprint on how to obtain and utilize an affiliate base?

    Mike From Maine - July 2, 2014


    $200 will get you started. You can do a lot of it on your own. When you start making money you can outsource it.

    Yes, when you’ve got a highly converting product the affiliates will come.


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