Don Wilson has CRACKED the Facebook code…plus a special FB Ads Cracked Bonus!


Episode 219

Facebook scares me. No really, it scares me. Why?

Because I used to have NO IDEA how to drive traffic with it.


And I’ve wasted a few hundred dollars testing out different ways of using it: sending traffic to squeeze pages, sales pages, and even my Facebook page.

But I failed every time.

Thankfully Don Wilson has come out with an AMAZING course on tackling Facebook ads called Facebook Ads Cracked.

We’ll be talking about it on the show today, plus I’ll be publishing a review of it tomorrow…it’s AWESOME.

It’s sooo good that I’m giving away a SPECIAL BONUS to anyone who buys through my link.

What is it? A 45-minute Skype coaching call (valued at $197) and a copy of my very own product called Product Launch Confessions with a REAL VALUE of $17 (Just email me your receipt..and if you’ve already bought it I’ll refund you).

That’s a $214 bonus!

But before you buy through MY LINK check out the interview below.

Watch the show below: Duration: 26:15
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Stuff mentioned in the show

FB Ads Cracked (CLOSED)- Don’s course on making money with Facebook  (see my bonus above)

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    1. It really is a great system…if you’re looking to get your head around Facebook ads then this is the course for you.

  1. Hey Mike,

    Is FB Ads Cracked site down? I can’t seem to find an active link to the course to purchase… Can you forward me your affiliate link so I can purchase it?



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