How to EASILY get reviews for your Kindle books – with Rick Macaulay


Episode 247

If you’ve ever published a book on Kindle then you KNOW that getting reviews can be a pain in the butt…however it doesn’t have to be.

Rick Macaulay is on the show today to talk about his Kindle Book Reviewers Skype club that will help you get reviews for your Kindle books on demand.

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Kindle Book Reviewers Skype club (CLOSED)- Rick’s Skype group that reviews each other’s Kindle books

  1. Hi, I’d just like to know how Rick is planning to keep his members safe from Amazon figuring out the pattern (that his authors are reviewing each others’ work). Also, I’d be interested to know how the accountability works in the group. If one person pays to be in and accepts reviews but does not reciprocate, will they be asked to leave?

  2. I wanted to address a point Mike and I talked in the interview about the money I make from my books. My monthly income, although I now have 27 books on Amazon, is coming mostly from 2 of them. The others sell anywhere from 1 to 50 copies a month. However I have only promoted my 2 best sellers so those numbers should rise once I get more traffic to the other books.

    I’ll also be giving tips to the group that help with sales and how to be seen better by search engines. I found one (legitimate) technique that caused my book to raise in rank overnight by over 16,000!

    Lori has a great question.

    First with increasing membership (it’s growing everyday) it will be diverse enough to not make a footprint to Amazon suggesting anything outside of their Terms of Service is being done. Also doing reviews from KDP releases is totally within the guidelines. It is very important to me that I make sure peoples accounts are safeguarded from any suggestion of impropriety.

    Finally, the tough question. If a person refuses to do reviews and doesn’t want to do any, will they be asked to leave.

    When someone joins I ask them to do a review to at least one book that is available. I haven’t had anyone say they did not want to do one, but that may happen. It’s a consideration then as to whether that person could stay on. One point though, is if someone joins, gets reviews, and asks for a refund, the reviews are removed if any are done for them. After the second month the reviews are permanent. But it’s a point I have thought about but so far everyone is working as a community so it is not a bridge I have to cross at this point.

    Thanks a lot!

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