3 Steps to building your own PROFITABLE email list


Episode 425

SoftwareBox2You’ve heard it a million times that you should be building an email list. But, when it comes to actually doing it there’s always some road block that gets in the way…and you give up. But it’s really not that complicated, and if you do it the right way you can make your traffic 137 times more likely to buy from you!

Today Glen Kirkham is on the show to tell us all about his Easy List Machine course that will teach you how to build a profitable email list.

Watch the show below:

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  1. Great interview Mike. I was really impressed on how Glen stressed building a relationship with his list and not spamming them all of the time. I really think that’s a key thing that a lot of affiliates forget.

    1. Yeah, he has a formula for providing value to build trust and then selling to them.

      Sure, it’s calculated, but if you’re ACTUALLY helping them then I’m fine with it.

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