Find out how Mehdi made $51,354.08 in his FIRST month of eCom


Episode 703

Everyone is buying online - but there’s no need to suffer through the hassles of eBay or tiny Amazon commissions to fight to make a buck. Now you can set up your own eCom store with no experience and see 4 figure days inside of a week.

Today Mehdi Tihani is on the show to explain how easily eCom Empire can put daily profits in your pocket by just following a proven system. Leverage online buyers to drive endless traffic and profits for a consistent, passive monthly income.

Watch the show below

Sales Page Preview

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  1. This is intriguing….but here’s where I have doubts:

    1. Do customers care that it might take 3+ weeks to arrive? These items are being sent from China, so do the customers understand the long delay?

    2. It’s great that Mehdi made that much in one month (grossed $13,000)…I’m only seeing other screen shots of MUCH lower profits which would be MUCH lower net. Is it worth it for the small sales? Thoughts???

    1. Jamie,

      1. You can communicate with your customers that it will take some time to arrive. In the course they talk about having outsourcers do this.

      2. $13,000 in profits is amazing whether it’s from small sales or big ones.

  2. Interesting model, but when people order off a shopify page, is the ordering and shipping done automatically with the dropshipper?

    If you are getting 100s of small sales per day that have to be processed manually, that is going to take a bunch of time or a bunch of VA fees.

    1. Hey Barry,

      You fulfill the orders. Mehdi has a VA do it for him.

      Sure there are some VA fees, but it’s worth it to not have to do it manually.

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