How Kristie Chiles made $579.05 With Silly Little Videos


Episode 312

When you find out the niche that Kristie’s been making money in today I think you’ll give a little chuckle…I did. It always amazes me at the infinite ways that people are making money online, and sometimes it’s in places that you’d never expect.

Kristie Chiles is on the show today to tell us all about how she’s making money from a “silly niche” and how you can too with her Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm course.

Watch the show below: [leadplayer_vid id=”52EC3B908DAD0″]

  1. Hi Mike,
    Loved the interview with Kristie, looking forward to reviewing her product!

  2. I have enjoyed some of your video interviews but unsubscribed because my email inbox was getting cluttered with your emails, many of which I began to ignore. I have a suggestion. Your videos are good, but you should consider transcribing every video interview and provide those transcripts as an option to viewing the video. Some folks just don’t have the time watch 30+ minutes of video a day, but having PDF supplements of transcripts, references, resources, etc. would be a nice touch. I would probably resubscribed under those circumstances. But don’t get me wrong, the content is good.

    1. Duane,

      Are you offering to transcribe? 😉

      Would love to be able to offer that, but it’s just not cost effective. Sorry to lose you…but good luck!

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