Episode 116: How to make a CPA ads sales funnel that CONVERTS – with Eric James


If you’ve ever wondered how you can take a lead and convert them into a customer then you will love today’s episode. Eric James is on to talk about the full process of buying traffic, collecting a lead, making money on the front end offer, and then following up with an auto responder with his Golden Ticket CPA course.

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Golden Ticket CPA 2 (CLOSED)- Eric’s full course on making money with CPA ads and a funnel


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Episode 116: How to Make a CPA Ads Sales Funnel That Converts
– with Eric James
Mike: Hi there everyone! Welcome to Episode 116 of The Mike from Maine Show, the place where we do daily interviews with
successful online entrepreneurs. This is your host, Mike Thomas. And today on the show, I have Eric James on and specifically we’re
gonna talk about CPA but we also get really into the topic of how internet marketers have a bad reputation and different ethics
when it comes to doing things. Some of the tactics that people were using these days aren’t necessarily the most — I don’t know, feel
good kind of things, twisting the truth around a little bit or hyping things up and it’s the reason why marketers, and especially I guess
internet marketers because we have a direct and a huge reach with people through advertising that’s in your face all the time. Yeah,
just how I guess a way that we can do this and not be sleazy at the same time. It’s a really complicated issue and I could really have
talked with Eric about this for a while. But we definitely touched on it and I think even if you’re not interested in CPA, you’ll be
interested in that. But yeah, we will be talking about his CPA product where he takes you through the whole process of buying traffic
and sending it to a CPA offer. If you’re watching the video right now, you’ll see that he bought 80,000 impressions for 40 bucks and
he was able to get a thousand clicks and get 452 opt-ins for an email list and right on the front-end get $537 in — I guess, the $500
would be the initial profit. So, that’s definitely really interesting for me because it goes along lines of you’re able to make a profit
right on the front-end and also build an email list at the same time, which is as well all know, if you’ve been watching the show for a
while, something I’m very interested in and you should be too, is in building your list so that you can Google proof your business, so
that if there ever is any kind of algorithm change, you’ll always be able to send an email to your list. Anyways, let’s get right into it
with Eric James.
Mike: We are here today with Eric James. Eric, welcome to the show.
Eric: Thanks for having me, good to be here.
Mike: Let’s start off as we always do. Tell us about yourself and your internet marketing journey.
Eric: Alrightie. Well, I am a 27-year old guy from New York. The original plan in life was to go to law school. I went to NYU, was an
English Major, basically woke up one day and I felt that I took the SAT, come application time and the fall of senior year, I woke up
one day and said, I just don’t wanna do it. My father loved that answer. And so, basically what ended up happening was I graduate
with an English degree and I don’t wanna teach and diamond does an English degree, so you better find that something to do to pay
the bills. And students once piled up and you know, you need to do something fast. So, at that time I had a roommate who was in
intern school, he’s a business guy. And he had about I’d say 70 already of those little mini adsense sites , it was in big fashion back in
the day when nobody cared. So, I basically picked his brain. I start with what he is doing. I tried to replicate that, that I just couldn’t
get it going. I was not someone who wanted to have a thousand web properties up and running and doing something like that. So,
what I end up doing for about a year, year and a half with flipping websites, just taking basic templates and turning them into
turnkey solutions and selling them. That made some good money, nothing that was gonna in any way break the bank and let me live
on a beach or anything like that but definitely enough money to you know, kinda get by and live comfortably.
Mike: How much were you making from that?
Eric: I’d say I was selling 6 sites a week, so anywhere between, the average sales, anywhere between 150 to 300. So, I mean on the
th to 900 dollar a week range. I mean, nothing spectacular. But at the same time, for someone — I have no real technical skills in
terms of html and stuff like that. So, to be able to take a WordPress template and turn it into a turnkey thing, I thought like a genius
at that time. And you know, I felt like a wizard, that I was able to put these things together and just sell them and go from there.
Mike: I totally understand you because I was also an English Major and Literature Major and I also, when I graduated I didn’t know
what I was gonna do. I’m like I don’t really wanna teach. I like books but what am I gonna do with that? You know.
Eric: Exactly. You know.
Mike: I understand.
Eric: The dream for me is to be a writer but there is really no market for that. I’m not gonna trick myself into believing I’m the next
Hemingway or anything like that. So, I went from site flipping to affiliate marketing which I’ve been involved in ever since. It got
started with you know, those really, really thin review sites, words ‘I love this product. It’s amazing, buy it now. The only complaints I
have is it took me 10 days instead of 2 minutes to make the million dollars’. You know, those sort of thin review sites that peoplehave, you know, are really offering no substance. It’s clear that they just got the highest commissions, so we’ll put it up front and
give it five stars, that kind of stuff. You know, but I round up after that wanting to move into something more substantial. I took
principles from what I felt were common sense you know, business processes or practices, which would basically be you know, give
some value, treat people like human beings and you know, give first and then take later in terms of sale. So you know, with those
info products and things like that, it’s clearly obvious that the people involved you know, they have a real problem that they wanna
be solving. You know, they wouldn’t be buying info-based stuff unless they have a real problem. So, my goal was to pick one or two
niches and really just dive into them and understand them completely. So, I wanted to know their problems, their concerns, their
fears, what their ultimate end goals were. You know, the language they use and basically become one of them. I created a persona
where I could mirror their issues but at the same time also serve as a success story coz people like to associate themselves with
people that you know, were going through it but also you know, forged ahead. So, that’s where I started to do. The first thing I got
involved with in that world was men over 40 who want to not necessarily gain bulk or lose weight to look good but more for health
reasons, coz I was finding through my studies you know that cholesterol became an issue. You know, heart disease, stuff like that.
And one of the biggest fears they had is they don’t wanna leave their spouse behind, they don’t wanna leave the family behind, they
wanna be healthy. So, I went in and develop a character like that and you know, just started to drive traffic. The first way I drove
traffic was from Google Alerts where I basically just find forums were people were posting. I post on the forum, tell them I was in a
similar situation and link them to my website. And the website was really non-threatening. It was just you know, a short article,
basically if you look at it like a reverse squeeze page, where I introduce my character, click in and have a little link that says ‘click
next to read more’. They’d read more and they’d be giving some information. And then, I give them a barrier of venture where if you
wanna really join this and go further, join the email list in there. Then, I got them on to my list and provide them with another report
that link to a product to sell. And then on the back-end, I created an email sequence and it was basically a road block solution type
thing. I mapped it out with people who need to fix and wanna fix from point a to point z and you know, provided a whole lot of
information. And then every 5th day or so, recommend a product that would help from there. So, that’s what I’ve been doing for the
most part in addition to CPA marketing.
Mike: So, when you became that persona and you had them sign up on your blog, did you — through out the emails, did you
continue to be that person? Is that — today they think you were that 40, over 40-year old guy that had gone bulk in a healthy way?
Eric: Yes. Yes.
Mike: Interesting.
Eric: That was — it was an impediment character that I went through entirely. I didn’t wanna come off as a marketer. I wants to come
off more as you know, a buddy that pat you in the back and says you know, keep going. So.
Mike: Do you feel at all deceiving by doing that because I can just see people watching going okay, he’s lying to them. He’s
developed this person. You’re almost using you English degree to become a fiction writer. And you are — you become Hemingway.
And you are creating this characters and you’re getting into their psychology and that’s interesting at all. But I can see people saying
okay, that’s wrong. He’s lying. What would you say to them?
Eric: I can see where people would have you know, some qualms about that and think maybe this is a deceptive tactic. And it can be
if you wanna go ahead and abuse it and you wanna give crap information and your end goal is just to you know, churn burn your list
for as much commission as you want. But if you’re gonna really spend the time and spend you know, the weeks actually diving in and
understanding these people and learn that they really have a problem and you know, giving actual information, I think it’s better to
convey it through persona that they’d listen to, coz they’re not gonna listen to a 27-year old guy giving a 40-year old man health
advice because you know, from their perspective what the hell does he know. So, I feel it’s easier for them to intake the information.
My end goal yeah is to make money but I want them to actually get value at this. Once —
Mike: Okay, so. Go ahead.
Eric: Once you shift that perspective from I wanna make the sale and then I’ll help them, to help them, then sales come naturally.
And once you do that and I find that there’s less resistance when you’re able to meet them on equal human level. And the easiest
way to do that is to you know, mirror what they’re dealing with.
Mike: Okay. So, from what I’m hearing, to recap, if your end goals are altruistic and you truly want to help them, then perhaps
becoming this character is a necessary evil in doing that or it can be perhaps excusable in the fact that okay, you’re going to help
them with their problem, you’re going to try to find them — of course, you’re gonna make money from them. But you’re — in the
end, you are genuinely trying to solve their pain. Eric: Yeah. As one, is there’s a genuine interest in fixing this and this is not you know, a shady cash grant, that I feel it is an ethical
way of doing business coz there’s no way I can approach a 40-year old market and say, ‘Hey, I’m 27. I have and English degree. Let
me help you with your health problems’. You know what I mean, it’s just — and at the same time, I’m not offering doctor’s advice, I’m
not offering medical advice. You know, I always — there’s always a disclaimer. Anytime I deal with something about weight loss,
health or anything like that, you always have to hammer down, you’re not a doctor. Always see a doctor, always consult with a
doctor. I’m just someone that has been there and this is what I found to have.
Mike: Yeah, I would just be worried about things that come to mind are those what they call Flogs, like fake blogs, that you’ll get a
link to something and it will look like it’s from a new site, it will try to be taking you authority of a news broadcast and there’ll be a
link or something to a video from PNN.com or you know what I mean, like it will look like this show and say, our new weight loss
drug is out. And this person did this or this person made money online and this person’s done this blah blah blah. And I would just be
really careful about crossing that line coz I knew you can get into trouble with FTC and all that.
Eric: The flog types definitely advertorial type stuff, you know, those showing their face in a lot of those weight loss supplement,
bulk supplement types stuff. You know, the one that I see a lot now is for one of those coffee bean extracts that has an embedded
video of Dr. Oz’s show, trying to somehow you know merge the two together and think Dr. Oz is actually promoting that. That’s just
way past the line. I don’t do anything like that. If I ever do create an advertorial for like a skin care type thing, if I’m running a CPA
campaign towards skin care, I’m always, always very, very clear. You know, they suggest 12-point font center that says “advertorial”,
I’ll do 16-point bold. I don’t — I’m not trying to you know, pull the wool over anybody’s eyes or anything like that. You know, it’s — for
me, it’s just providing solid information and I find it to be more receptive when it’s through someone that they can relate to.
Mike: I was just gonna say interesting, like the — I’m not having you here to have the ethical conversation today, but it’s something
that I think is super important for anyone involved in the internet marketing niche because there’s so much crap out there and
there’s so many people ripping people off in doing shady, shady things. Because there’s — I think there’s so much desperation out
there. People are trying to find a way, any way that they can, to be successful, to find that push button way. And there’s so many
people out there saying like, oh it’s easy. Anyone can do it. I did it. I work an hour a day and I make 5 figures a month and all that bull
shit. You know, and it’s just — I think we’re — we need to make sure as marketers, as — I mean, I’m an internet marketer. And that
dirty work that I sometimes avoid saying, like even on the top of my site. I don’t say interviews with internet marketers, I say online
marketers because online marketers just has a nicer sound to it than internet marketers. Do you agree with me?
Eric: Internet marketing, that word is definitely become demonized and dirty coz you know, I don’t even like telling people I do
internet marketing. If someone asks me what I do, I kind of deny and say I provide information to people who have specific problems
because I don’t want to come across as one of those cash-grab guys because you know, internet marketing world has really been
tainted with people that you know, write these crazy headlines about how they made 2 million dollars in 6 months, working 3 hours
a day and doing pushups. You know, that’s just — it’s silly at this point. And people do want to find an answer and you know, what it
boils down to at some point, yeah you can scale where you’re working maybe 2 hours a week but what goes into it is months and
months and months of 12-hour work days, 15-hour work days, understanding the dynamics of things that work, getting a campaign
up and running and stuff like that. So, you know, yet eventually you can live that lifestyle but you really need to put in work just like
anything else. And if anything, you know, this is a really competitive field, there’s a lot of people in it. You got to really be able to
take your own angle, stop copying what everybody is doing and you know, add your own value, add your own personality into the
mix and go from there because you know, just copying and pasting some you know, web banner from successful campaign you
found you know, you might want some profit for the short term. But once that banner dies, you have no idea how it works. So,
you’re back to square one. So, if you wanna be successful in internet marketing, you really need to learn a skill set first. You really
need to develop those foundation ideas and get past that idea ofI want to grab a template and just run with it.
Mike: So most of your income — is that what you’re doing now? Like, we kinda stopped — I’m not sure if that’s where you — where
your journey finished, is that where you’re at now, is doing these kinds of affiliate sites and list building and marketing to these
Eric: Yeah, my main income comes from a mixture of the email — everything’s based through email. You know, I get them, my point
of contact with them is a website where I’m just giving out some information. But everything runs through email, so the majority of
my money comes through affiliate sales, through email. And also, CPA campaigns where I tried a version of this and that WSO that
we’re gonna be talking about where you’re gonna capture the emails and move forward with that idea. So, it’s an expansion on that.
What it all boils down and focuses on is the idea of finding people with the specific problem, like really targeting an audience and
you know, bring them into your circle and helping them and making money on the back-end. So, that’s where the majority of it
comes from.
Mike: Okay. Let’s move into the WSO which is called Golden Ticket CPA No. 2. The sequel.Eric: The sequel.
Mike: Let’s get into it.
Eric: Well, basically it is a video course, I’d say. The front-end is like about three hours worth of content and my goal and my aim
when creating this was to basically show people that you can build value within a CPA campaign. Instead of just seeing it as arbi —
like, straight traffic arbitrash where you’re just moving clicks from here to there and hoping someone you know, purchases or fills
out you know, a dating offer, come to them from an angle that resonates with them emotionally. Put them on your list, provide
value and also get a you know, a sale on the front-end with the CPA offer but capitalize on the back-end. So, it’s all about you know,
finding an angle, picking a niche, how you get an audience, how to create banner ads that you know, resonate with those people
emotionally, where to find the traffic, all that stuff and how to follow up in an email sequence that is value-driven and not just you
know, buy-buy-buy-buy-buy.
Mike: From looking at the sales page, I mean, CPA offers and CPA marketing is pretty huge, like there’s so much going on here. We’re
talking, and you just mentioned, creating banner and buying traffic and then, bringing them into a like, collecting their email, putting
them through a funnel, choosing an offer. That’s huge. Are you explaining all of that in this course?
Eric: Oh, yeah. Everything is explained step-by-step. I start off with picking an audience, then I go into setting up the funnel based
upon — coz I’m all about creating angles. And I think the way I taught this — there are two ways I teach the angles. They way I think I
taught this in this WSO was the seven deadly sins where you basically you know, feared gluttony, sloth, those sort of things —
Mike: I was waiting for you to name them all. Like I was, could he at the top of his head, name the seven deadly sins. Like, I don’t
think I could do. I could get to maybe 5 or 6 of them, maybe.
Eric: So, I planned all of those and what you wanna do is you know, since you know your target market, you know their wants, their
fears and stuff like that, create an advertorial person through those sort of things and whichever one you feel would resonate the
best, that’s where you start to build your creatives. And then, your landing page is – that follow around that. So, basically what I
teach is find that angle, make a banner that speaks to that, set it up to an opt-in page that continues the story, put them into a
landing page that furthers the story and then, the offer. I like to think of it as one-one narrative. The banner ad is like the intro, it’s
what’s gonna wet your appetite, it’s going to you know, cliff hang you at a certain sense. The opt-in page makes a big claim and also
serves more as a cliffhanger, so that you can enter your email address and see what’s on the other side. The landing page is basically
the meat of the story. It tells you exactly why the software is applicable to you and why it would help you. And then, the actual offer
page is the pay off and the conclusion. So, I find it easier to look at it as some sort — as that type of linear story structure.
Mike: Question for you.
Eric: Yes.
Mike: When you set up one of these, these whole funnel system, you come up — I mean, you gotta come up with okay, I got this
idea. Let’s say you want to tackle acne and you want to create a persona of a maybe an 18-year old girl whose in high school, she’s
got acne problems and you want to give kind of think okay, what are her problems. She wants to look — she doesn’t want to be
embarrassed in class, she doesn’t wanna look bad in front of the boys, like all these little — you try to get into this psychology. But
you do all that and that takes a little bit of time.
Eric: Yes.
Mike: And then you create the banner and you start driving the traffic and you start hitting the clicks. How many times — I mean, you
can’t always work, like you gotta fail a percentage of the time. There’s gotta be times when you’re just not converting like you
thought you would. It’s not happening. How often does that happen?
Eric: I’d say a complete failure where I’m losing money from my ad I spent where I make no money, where it’s just complete failure,
I’d say that happens about 30% of the time and that – probably the reason why that happens is, there’s a disconnect somewhere
between the demographics and the ad I show, coz that’s the point of entry. If your ad is not going to get clicked, you’re dead in the
water. I tried, I was– where was I, I was on a site that I was under the impression was made up of — I knew they had kids, but I was
also under the impression that these were newer moms. So, my whole angle that I was taking was this was something that was
gonna help you lose the baby weight. And it fell hardly, I think I sent maybe 40,000 impressions to that banner ad, it got clicked
twice. Mike: How much did you pay for those 40,000 impressions?
Eric: I paid $30 from buysellads.com. So, I switched up the creative a few times but it just was not resonating. So, what I’m guessing
is the mothers on that site have kids that are a bit older. And it just didn’t work. Another failed campaign was I thought that – there
was a beauty site, and I thought that the demographic was like 20-25, I thought they’d be interested in a rich man dating offer. I
mean —
Mike: Most women are, most women are interested in rich men.
Eric: I honestly thought it would take. It didn’t. I think maybe because the creatives spoke more towards — it might have presented
them as saying like, if you wanted to click this, you’re a gold digger type of person. I think I missed the mark there. What I found best
to work with rich man dating sites, those sort of sites, is either divorced women or single women and you play it more as you know,
security for the family, allowing yourself to pursue your dreams coz I’ve been reading single mother forums and stuff like that. And
this is the way I spend my Fridays. So, pull up the single woman forums.
Mike: Yeah.
Eric: And you know, a lot of women you know, in that age range, the mid 30’s or the early 40’s, you can start to see that kind of them
sells resigning to the fact that perhaps, they’re not going to achieve what they thought they’re gonna achieve. They have some
educated women that are in jobs that they don’t wanna be in coz they have kids and they have to support them or you know, they
got pregnant in college and weren’t able to you know, finish and they wanted to do this and they’re resigning themselves to the fact
that this is probably it. So, I find — you know that, it’s a little messed up to play on those emotions sometimes. And I don’t like to go
too hard. But if you insinuate that the rich man dating site will help provide comfort and security and you know, maybe revitalize
your life and allow you to follow your dreams, I find that converted much, much better than you know, to the younger market.
Mike: Let’s not just focus on the negative. Give me an example of something that worked out and I mean, give us away in as much as
niches you can without feeling like someone’s gonna attack it, but something that worked out on the front-end and then continue to
maybe perhaps work out in the sequential follow up autoresponders.
Eric: Okay, the craziest one and that’s the one that I shared in this WSO was I had a, it was a dating offer for date.com I think —
date.com or matchmaker.com, I don’t remember. I found a site, it was Notre dame Football College Basketball, it was just a college
sports fan site and the ad placement was right at the top, a nice 300 x 250 in the middle, alright. And I’m figuring, these are sports
guys, they were younger — they’d love women, you know. They’ll probably respond really well to a dating site. So, what I did was I
made a creative — I searched the internet for about two hours to find a picture of a woman wearing Notre dame stuff. I found a
picture with three women wearing Notre dame stuff. So, it was a group shot. I didn’t know if — coz when I like to make ads, I like to
have it a single person so you could — the user could imagine that that’s the actual person. But then, you know what. I found the
three people, I’m like, I’ll test it out and see what works. But you know, guys are greedy, an if they like to see three ladies, why not.
Mike: Yeah, why not.
Eric: So, it was very hard to find an image. I was searching through Bing and Flickr. Quick note, with Bing, always, always have the
safe search on because they put up some really dirty pictures for the weirdest search terms and you know, I was just scrolling
through like, I can’t use this, I can’t use this.
Mike: No.
Eric: There’s so many women in football jerseys spreading their legs.
Mike: And they’re just wearing — you type in women in football jersey and it’s just the football jersey.
Eric: So, I found a picture and I basically — the creative was you know, saying you know, find the woman who’s a Fighting Irish fan, to
something to that extent. Then, I took them to a landing page that was the complete color scheme of the Notre dame football. Told
them to find their Notre dame girl there, they opted in, brought them to a landing page, that again was in that color scheme and if it
was date.com, so I called it a new service by date.com. And really camerad home the point of you’re gonna find a girl who is
interested in your team, you already have something to talk about, you already have something to connect with. And it converted
like crazy. Then, when I got them on the back-end, I sent them a few emails. The first thing I did was send them a few emails
following up about the offer, sending them to the landing page again. So, then I have this big list. I didn’t wanna send a sequence out, trying to promote dating product to the entire list. So, what I did is I asked them to raise their hands. So, basically I sent out an
email and said, you guys signed up to a dating site, you know I’ve got some great ways to you know, help improve this and help your
women game, your attraction game or what have you. If you’re interested you know, just click this link and you know, we’ll talk
about it. So, click the link, I brought them to a page that was you know, just gave some basic information that pre-sell the opt-ins. So,
they opted in and they were segmented to new list. And then, I started a 9 or 10 days sequence promoting the Tower of Badass and
that converted like nuts. And that was probably the weirdest campaign I’ve ever done coz it was a complete dating switch. You
know, there’s no Notre dame Dating Site and there’s no — there’s nothing like that that exists. It was very interesting that I was able
to manage their expectations in the landing page well enough, that they could go over to the dating site. The dating site says nothing
about Notre dame. There’s no even sports, there’s nothing to lead you to believe that you’re gonna find a Notre dame girl.
Mike: Did anyone got piss at you?
Eric: No.
Mike: You didn’t get any emails, what’s going on, you said it was gonna be Notre dame blah blah blah?
Eric: Nope.
Mike: Interesting. Again, coz I can hear the people watching and listening now and they’re going, it’s not — it’s dishonest. And —
Eric: I mean, if you want — there’s always gonna be that gray line in affiliate marketing where they have their expectations and
wants. You want to get the sale. You have to manage it in some way coz take a look at Plenty of Fish, their advertising platform. All
of it promises all these great things, the landing page has promised all these great things but they all re-direct to the same 4 or 5
dating sites. You know, people just want to believe that they’re gonna find somebody. And if you manage their expectations and let
them know that there are things on there, like that — you know, even that will close a sale.
Mike: If we were gonna put an honest, like dating advertisement out there, it would be like perhaps find a woman that you might
settle for and who won’t be that bad, well maybe not drive you crazy. I mean, who’s not gonna click that?
Eric: if you’re gonna be honest and if you’re not gonna flare it up, if you’re not gonna personalize it, it’s basically like that. Join our
site, most of our women won’t respond to you but you know, you might find somebody. You know, it’s not — there’s always gonna
be a give and take when you’re trying to you know, hype and sell things but at the end of the day, as long as you’re not gonna screw
people over, it’s okay to go with those things. It’s okay to play with those expectations and stuff like that. The second you start
delving into just trying to you know run and drive for everything they’ve got you know, then you slip into the dark side. But if you
wanna be a good marketer and you wanna be someone that’s able to make you know, really good affiliate sales, you’re gonna have
to understand your target audience. And you’re gonna have to be able to manage those emotions and expectations and play on
them for your benefit. I mean, that’s what you have to do at the end of the day. But if it’s followed up with solid information and real
information and your intentions are honest, then I think it’s okay. If you’re one of those guys that are looking for black cat
techniques and just wanna you know get them into shady rebilled offers and stuff like that, don’t buy anything I do and please just
stay away from me coz that’s not what I’m trying to teach at all.
Mike: I’ll just talk about like evil internet marketers reminds me — I don’t know if you know who he is, he’s an American comedian
named Bill Hicks and he died — I don’t know when, year he’s passed, but if you google ‘Bill Hicks’s Kill Yourself’. He’s got this gig
where he talks about marketers and he’s just like, if you’re all involved in marketing, kill yourself. And he’s like, he’s repeating it over
and over again and he’s probably thinking — you’re probably thinking I’m joking right now. But really, kill yourself. And he’s like, oh
the marketers, oh right now they’re going, oh he’s trying to take the kill you – hate your marketers approach, yeah we should go
after that market, blah blah blah. Like, it definitely reminds me of that. And anyone who’s probably watching this whose involved in
marketing will feel a little uncomfortable I think when watching that. But okay, one thing I want to look at here where we’ve gone a
little long here, but we can wrap it up in a few minutes but the offer that you tested, that you have on the sales page, it is – that
we’re just talking about, it was the dating one. 80,000 impressions, 1104 clicks, got a click-through rate of 1.38 and of that 80,000
impressions and 1000 clicks you got, you had — how many people opted in, 452 people opted in and you made 537.60 on the frontend there. So, you spent $40 it says on the ad and you ended up making approximately 500 back instantly. That was —
Eric: Yes. That was through the course of the month, because —
Mike: Okay, because you’re sending it to them again and –Eric: Well, no, no, no. The impressions, the 80,000 impressions aren’t delivered you know, instantaneously. The 80,000 impressions
are delivered through out 30 days.
Mike: Sure.
Eric: So, that was — that 500 was made just straight from CPA. The rest of the money was made through the back-end, through the
email sequence.
Mike: Okay. So, if I’m getting this right the – that 500, that was made initially through the first initial contact or that was also money

Eric: Yes.
Mike: Okay. First initial front-end offer that was the 500 profit. And then, was there further profit — and then, you had further profit
from segmenting that list into that other offer you talked about, the dating offer —
Eric: Yes. Tower of Badass.
Mike: Tower of Badass product.
Erick: That’s what it’s called.
Mike: How much do you think it brought in from all of that in total, if you are to guess?
Eric: About 16,000.
Mike: Wow. That’s pretty good for a 40-dollar ad spent.
Eric: That was — that’s a dream scenario. I mean, that’s not something I think I’ll be able to replicate, that’s not something that you
know, happens all the time. The back-end email sequences, that sort of stuff, with the conversion and stuff, that I can replicate, day
in and day out. I’ve gone my email stuff down. The fact that that click-through rate was so good and the conversion rate was so
good, that is something that you know, I’m not gonna say it’s an anomaly, but it’s not something that you should expect right off the
back. That was just, I took a really, really solid targeted approach to a very solid targeted group of people. And that just paid off.
Mike: When was that?
Eric: That was about, when was that, a month and half ago?
Mike: And are you still running the same ad on the same website?
Eric: No. That ad has not been running anymore, coz the spot was sold. I didn’t click. When you do buysellads, you can press the
button to buy the ad space again. It’s booked right now, so —
Mike: Would you buy it again?
Eric: Yeah. I probably will.
Mike: And there’s so many questions for you on this, there’s — you do all you traffic from buysellads?
Eric: No. I do — I ran Plenty of Fish stuff but that’s probably just straight arbitrary. I don’t really capture emails with that. I use Zedo, I
use —
Mike: Zedo?
Eric: Z-E-D-O?
Mike: I’ve never even looked at Zedo. Is it just like a Bing or like a — what’s that?Eric: It’s a — they have a text ads and stuff like that. They deliver across their networks. I also you know, do some PPV stuff through —
Mike: Traffic Ads or —
Eric: No. No, no, no. What the hell is it called?
Mike: CPA Leader, no it isn’t called that.
Eric: It’s called Leading Path?
Mike: Leading Path sounds familiar. Anyways, you do another PPV.
Eric: I do PPV stuff where basically I’m targeting if it’s — whatever the niches, I like to go to authority type sites and put a pop under,
offering further information and getting them to opt-in. So, that’s where a lot of my lead sources come from. BuySellAds is a really,
really good — you know, the best spots are usually taken so, you gotta be on top of it and you know, willing to you know, basically
stalk them and camp out and buy them.
Mike: Are you going through all like how to find the correct advertising and everything?
Eric: Yup.
Mike: And talk about what’s a good click-through rate and I mean, there’s so — you really tackled a huge topic, like I said before,
there’s so much going on there and there’s so much — a huge learning curve. I can just see someone that’s — I mean, even for myself
who knows a lot of this stuff and who has done a lot of this stuff, there’s still a lot of it, like little things that are — can be confusing.
Are you there for people that buy this, are you gonna be there if they have questions?
Eric: Oh yeah. I’m on Skype all the time. They have my Skype address, I already been messaged by 15-20 people. We’ve talked, I’ve
ran them through you know, their stuff, any sort of questions and I told them, once you get a campaign set up, if you don’t wanna
press the buy button yet on your ad space, show it to me. I’ll look at it and I’ll tell you whether you know, I think it will work or not. If
you get a campaign running and you want me to look at your click-through rate and you want me to look at all of those things, I’ve
got no problem you know, going in and tweaking stuff and you know, working with people. So, I’m always on Skype, I’m always
helping and you know, I’m value first. I honestly am value first, because you know, I don’t want to be lumped in with those people
that when you release a WSO, they’re like oh no, another one from this guy. He’s just gonna screw you over. So, you know, I take
good chunk of my day to just provide support. And I’ve got no problem doing that. I’m very approachable, easily available. So, if you
have questions, come talk to me and I’ll you know, help you out.
Mike: What’s the OTO? What’s the one-time offer?
Eric: It is a — what is it about, an hour long video where I go through some more case studies. It is three landing page templates and
a tutorial for the landing page templates. I did something a bit different with the landing page templates because I know a lot of
people aren’t that great with html. I know a lot of people you know, aren’t that great with setting up a technical stuff with it. So, the
easiest way to do it is just make it a PSD file that you can augment to your liking and then just put it as an image, the whole image
will be clickable and paste it on to — you can either open it you know save it as index html file and it’ll just be that landing page
image with the white background or if you have a WordPress site, like I use InstaBuilder, and you can get some nice background and
it blends well with your color scheme and you just paste it in, it looks very natural. It looks very nice and that’s the easiest way to get
people going with landing pages. You know, there’s so many things you could do with like dynamic targeting, geo targeting and stuff
like that, if you’re gonna you know, mess around with HTML. But I didn’t want people to get caught up in the idea of the landing
page. I want to give them you know, a very, very simple solution that is plug-and-play as possible, so that there’s no excuses. So, get
your landing page up and do that. If they don’t grab deal to you, there’s a video that goes into exactly how I create these PSD landing
pages. And basically, you know the best performing landing pages are derivatives of the main offer page. So, I show you how to do
that, how to mold those things to your liking and you know, go from there coz you know, landing pages are essential but it’s also
thing people get hooked, like hung up on the most. So, I want to stream line that as much as possible.
Mike: It’s true, it’s true. Like, from what I’ve experienced and what people always say is the more that you could have it be kind of,
like a transition from like, when you go to a landing page to the offer and if that landing page is completely different looking than the
offer page that you’re trying to get to convert, the person’s gonna — it’s like they’re coming from one place to another place and
they have to get used to the navigation, they have to just adjust to where they are. There’s no trust in the fact that okay, they
trusted you enough on your landing page, to click your link and now they’re being sent to this other place that they’ve never been before and they don’t know — okay, this person is recommending it. I don’t really know them that well but maybe – if they freak out
at all, they’re just gonna get out of there.
Eric: Yeah. It is –
Mike: The more congruency you have in between and fluidity you can have between those pages, I think the better the conversions
are. One more thing about that, if you notice on the Warrior Forum, when a lot of people would do is they’ll have links at the top
that will link directly to a Warrior Forum offer or on Facebook, they said the best converting offers on Facebook are not the ones
that come out of Facebook, it’s when you have an advertisement on Facebook that goes from Facebook into a landing page that
might be squeeze page but it’s embedded into Facebook.
Eric: Yes. Keep it on the same platform, so that the authority stays and the trust stays and stuff like that. The second you get people
asking questions, second you get them asking you know, is this trustworthy, second you break that you know, fluidity that you’ve
established, you’ve lost the game. So, definitely want to keep it as consistent as possible and you know, that’s the best way to do it
coz you know, in affiliate marketers especially CPA, when you have a landing page, you’re basically playing cupid where you got the
offers, at the offers angle, you got your target audience as pawns, so you play matchmaker. You have to bring them together and the
best way to bring them together is with a landing page that is as you know, fluid of a transition to the landing page as possible.
That’s what I teach, that’s what I go over and like you said with the Facebook, I do too some Facebook advertising, it’s always the
pages. Any time you go outside, it’s just a lost cause. So, keep it in the social setting.
Mike: Well Erick, really, we’ve gone over a lot of stuff today and I’m sure there are gonna be people that are interested in or at least
taking a peak on what you’re offering here. Like I said, a lot of stuff you’re going over, so I think even people that think they know
everything are gonna learn something from this. Is there anything that we didn’t touch on today, and of course we’ll have a link to it
in the show notes on mikefrommaine.com. Is there anything that we didn’t touch on that you wanted to mention before we wrap it
Eric: No. We’re good. I think we’ve covered everything —
Mike: The websites?
Eric: I have two websites. wsobonusgifts.com. I will warn you that it’s a squeeze page that will give you free WordPress themes,
you’re not going to get any follow up emails from me from that. That’s just something I give away. I don’t have any more free list
where I you know, continue with contact right now. Mostly, it’s just straight through people that have bought stuff so that I can
understand —
Mike: Market to them again?
Eric: No, no, no. I have sequences set up and I wanna know where you’re coming from so if you bought a CPA product, I know you’re
interested in CPA, so I can direct the conversation just about CPA. If I had — you know, with squeeze pages, no — for internet
marketing, you know you always get those squeeze pages, make a thousand dollars in 20 minutes. I have no idea what your
expectations and interests are. So now, I just have a massive list of people that are you know, everywhere. And then, I’m gonna have
to segment you and you know, go through whole bunch of stuff just so that I can give you emails that you want, coz the last thing I
wanna do is I wanna send an email to my entire list about something that they’re not interested in. So, I’m very big on just breaking
things down and you know, so we can have relevant conversations together and that’s it. So, if you’re interested in offline stuffs,
you’re never gonna hear from me about CPA coz I don’t wanna be a distraction. You get too many emails as ease so, you know, I just
try keep it to the minimum. And when you join my list, you are actually not going to be promoted any products for good, 14, or so
days. The sequence plays out of just straight education. So, there you go. That’s breaking the mold. I’m not money grabbing
Mike: You are just, yeah, You are just a rabble when it comes to that.
Eric: You know what, I’m the rabble with value. That’s what I wanna go with. The value marketer.
Mike: Cool, Eric. Really appreciate you coming on the show today.
Eric: Great to be here. Thank you very much.Mike: I hope you enjoyed the interview today with Eric. If you’re interested in checking out his Golden Ticket CPA Offer, there’s a link
to it on mikefrommaine.com in the show notes or you can got to mikefrommaine.com/goldenticket. That’s
mikefrommaine.com/goldenticket. Thank you so much for watching, listening, reading, however you consume. I’ll see you all

    1. Siegfried,

      “Paid traffic” can come from SO many different sources. Paid traffic can be Facebook ads, pay-per-click ads, popup ads, solo ads…there are tons of different places you can buy traffic from.

      The reason why people complain about it is because they don’t know how to convert it. If you’re spending $100 and making $20 back then it’s not working, unless perhaps you’re building a list and eventually that $100 will be earned back. It can be very complicated, but I don’t think we can say that paid traffic is “bad”…it’s a bit too general.

      Thanks for watching!

  1. Great product, enjoyed it and Eric way over delivers, couldn’t believe this was just $9! All WSO’s should be this good, this is the best I have ever bought. For me it sets the bar- over 2 hours of video walking you through his process.

    I have noticed that in many interviews that the interviewees have to be coy because there is so little in the product that they can’t say much about it because that will give it away. That is how thin their content is. But in this interview Eric talks a lot about what is in the product and that still leaves plenty of meat on the bone once you get into it. Can’t say enough great things about it.

    Hopefully I am done with WSO’s because between this and Dave McGimpsey’s product I have plenty to do. Don’t want to be another guy chasing the next shiny thing, time to execute.

    1. Darryl,

      I always tell them that they more they reveal the more likely my audience will respond by purchasing their product. I’m also a big proponent of transparency so I’m right with you there.

      Yes, take what you’ve purchased and apply it…then when you’ve had some success you’ll be in the interviewee seat 🙂

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