Episode 117: How Joseph Rodrigues made $1,776 in two days with his PROVEN METHOD


Joseph Rodrigues is on the show today to talk about how he was able to make $1,776 PROFIT in a two day period. This is NOT one of those push-button solutions (that never work) but is a business plan that Joseph uses over and over again.

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$1,776 in 2 days method (CLOSED)- Joseph’s complete business plan and case study of how he made $1,776 in two days.

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Episode 117: How Joseph Rodrigues Made $1776 in Two Days with His PROVEN METHOD

Mike: Hi there everyone! Welcome to Episode 117 of The Mike from Maine Show, the place where we do daily interviews with successful online entrepreneurs. This is your host, Mike Thomas. And today on the show, I have Joseph Rodrigues on to talk about specifically his case study of how he made $1,776 in two days, the easy way. Now, don’t worry. This isn’t some hype-y internet marketing product where it’s a push button system blah blah blah. I would never send you guys to anything like that. But it’s really refreshing because I think that Joseph has a way, he wrote that this — it’s worked. And it’s — it’s definitely not something easy but the way that he explained it all in his course, in his method, it’s really clear. And I was actually chatting with him after the interview about how he — he also does other courses for other things. And it’s obvious in the way that he explains things that he teaches stuff. So, I think you’re really gonna like it. You’re gonna enjoy the interview with Joseph. And yeah, let’s get right into it.

Mike: We are here today with Joseph Rodrigues. Joseph, welcome to the show.
Joseph: Thanks, Mike. Thanks for having me on.
Mike: Let’s start off like we always do. And why don’t you tell us a little bit about your marketing business journey?

Joseph: My business journey — I got interested and started back when I was 17 years old at the late 90’s, when I dabbled on a little money-making method, which is kind of a little black cat method. I was dealing MP3s, back then. You know, working with adult sites and generating traffic, people-paid traffic and made – I was also underage. I’m gonna let it all out, Mike.

Mike: Go for it. Go for it.

Joseph: I was getting checks in the mail and I was — it was my first little dabble but I didn’t have good support around me. I didn’t have anybody telling me hey you’re on to something here. So that just kind of tapered off and then I went on to the route of going to school, going to work, worked ten years in corporate. And you know, I always did that as a hobby, because I knew I could make it on entrepreneurship as well. It was always exciting to remember those days when I did that. But I wanted to do something that you know, is valuable, worth it and you know, get out there and do something. So —

Mike: True.

Joseph: So in 2009, I created and started like a couple of businesses in the IT realm. And also start building websites, studied the internet marketing and so I’ve done all my internet marketing stuff and niches outside of make money online or internet marketing. So, that’s kinda how I got here.

Mike: Cool. And how are you currently making money? Is it all — are you all online? Are you making it just from the method that we’re gonna talk about today? What are your income sources?

Joseph: So, as of the last few months, it’s about 70% online. And the I would say, about 25% to 30% and rising passive. And also outside of the internet marketing niches. I can tell you what the niches are if you’re interested.

Mike: Go for it, yeah.

Joseph: So, I come from an IT background. So, servers, networks, desktops, support and a lot of stuff which I did on corporate for ten years. So, I partnered up with companies in Toronto, we have IT Solutions. And I worked affiliate deals with them. So, I literally just closed the deals, just like in offline. And sometimes, I do the work but I prefer not to do the work and just set up passive recurring revenue. So, some clients, they close the deals, it’s pretty big deal. And then, they’ll mail me a monthly revenue for the course of contract and I’ll just cost them to create this conference, that’s the ITPs. Revenue websites, I get asked to build customed websites and my girlfriend actually also joined the business. She’s full time in it now for the last few months. Yeah, she’s taking all my WordPress clients. We got a lot of WordPress, you know —

Mike: That’s pretty cool, you know. The fact that you’re able to work together. And you’re essentially — I don’t know if she’d like to hear this, but you’re essentially giving her a job. She’s your — you’re the boss.

Joseph: You know what, I don’t like to look at it that way because — here’s what I said, this is how it happened. I met her last year. We just kinda met randomly. I just walked up to her and started talking her and she’s from Austria. She’s in Toronto and she’s

Austrian and we got along really well on Skype, like how we’re getting along really well right now, like an interview. Just not in that way. So, she ended up coming down from Toronto and she wanted to build a business also and she was just kinda fascinated with how I was doing stuff and was hassling really hard. She wanted to go and get a job. And do that whole thing and I am kind of against it a little because it’s so much fun to do, don’t you think? Not that there’s anything wrong with have a job like —

Mike: but you get a lot more freedom and it’s a different kind of reward– entrepreneurship in itself is — it’s a pretty fulfilling way of living, I think. Creating something,

Joseph: Yeah, like right now I’m in Mexico, I wouldn’t be able to do this if you know, I just go around and do stuff. So, she came down and she wanted to learn the business stuff. So, I had a need in my business to do the pass on the WordPress stuff. And I had a hard time finding a reliable individual to outsource to. Well, I just want to learn the entrepreneurship skills and the I helped her throughout with that. And she started taking on my clients, but then she ended up her own clients. And she’s built a business around it. Fulltime business.

Mike: So, she’s actually kind of — you kind of maybe taught her a little bit and kind of worked together and she’s just gone on and gone running with a job herself now.

Joseph: Yes. And she rarely comes up to me, asking me for advice now. She just took her notes and she implemented everything I said and she’s even compounded and built it upon herself.

Mike: I really like that. I interviewed a guy, his name is Jeff Rose and with his website, he had a website and we talked about finance. He’s a — he does a financial blog and his girl friend wanted to also get into it as well. She started a whole kind of different niche blog where she was talking about, I think it was about crafts or something, something completely different. But anyways, so she was kind of in the beginning learning from him and he was kinda, he was helping her out. But now, her blog is bringing in a hefty income and they actually are working on a partnership blog together. So, they have — he has his blog, she has hers and I think they have a partnership one together. I’ll put links to that in the show notes below, so you all can check it out. But it’s — what I’m trying to say is that it’s definitely amazing when you can share these kinds of things with the people around you. Even if it’s your family, I know that David Garland from The Rise To The Top, he recently hired his dad to work on his blog and show with him. So, he has his web show and his dad helps out with different aspects of it. But yeah, it’s pretty cool when you can spread the wealth to your family.

Joseph: Yes, very cool. And also, you know, I pretty much roll out of bed in the morning and start working and roll back into bed. So, my girlfriend rolls out of bed with me in the morning and we work on projects, sell them together, sell them for our own. And it kind of holds the relationship together. I don’t know how we’re able to do it, the relationship that didn’t have that.

Mike: That’s cool. That’s cool. Nice story. So, right now you’re in Mexico. And you wouldn’t be able to that if it wasn’t for your business. I’m actually in Istanbul, Turkey. So, it was the same thing here. Like, if I wasn’t able to work anywhere in the world, if I wasn’t able to do this, I wouldn’t be able to be here and be able to live life that I wanna have. So, we definitely have a similarity when it comes to that. Let’s move on to talking about your method, because this is how you’re able to live this life, by doing what you’re talking about in your WSO. So, tell us about the case study, “How I made $1,776 in two days, the easy way.”

Joseph: Okay. So, I’d say the easy way because I narrowed it down into a formula. So, pretty much all the work that I’ve been putting in for the last 3 1/2 years since 2009 and the research, the testing and you know, even my experience back in corporate and prior, back in the days when I was dabbling in internet marketing, I compiled it into a formula, which I’ve actually shared with clients prior to releasing it as a WSO and made money with it. And then I’ve said you know, it’d be a good idea to release it somewhere as a method because I get asked a lot of how I do this. I’m sure you do also because you’re travelling and have your laptop out, people are asking about how do you do it. And I was always trying to figure out a way to kind of get them started. So, you know like, my girl friend is a case study.

Mike: Ah, nice.
Joseph: I was joking with her, like I got to put you on video and release you as a case study. Mike: Yeah.

Joseph: So, it came about as taking one of the methods that I use to, you know, coz I’ve got multiple streams of income and what is the most applicable for the Warriors and creating a method based on that. And then, testing it in the market place, getting a good payday, like $1776, that earnings in two days. And then, putting in a formula and then throwing it out there as a WSO. That’s how it came out to be. And that launched last week.

Mike: It’s also — I mean, I’m sorry to interject here. If — I mean, you sure have this and anyone listening that makes most of their money online. I mean, people are gonna ask you what you do, like you meet someone and one of the normal questions you’re asked is what do you do? What’s your job? And people ask me that now and I’m like, “I have a web show online”. And people don’t really know, like how to understand that. How do — they wonder how do I make money from it. Well, I have people on and there’s people who are buying their products and we talk about getting an affiliate commission. Like — normal people don’t understand all of that stuff. They don’t understand the whole affiliate commission thing, like they might okay, so you get a cut of it but they have no idea how that kinda stuff works. So, I’m sure that you have the same problem when people ask you what do you do. Okay, I go out and I reach out to businesses, I do this and that. I mean, that would be impossible.

Joseph: Yeah, it was — coz it is pretty complex. You know, there’s — there’s so many combinations and pre-imitations and all kinds of things you gotta do to get a good final set up to making money and it’s hard to explain that to someone like in just quick conversation. I mean, I don’t do a — I don’t wake up and do the scanner things. So, I thought okay, if I create a formula, I can just say here’s a good place to start out. And you know, if they’re serious, they’ll just pick that up and then, go through the program and if they have any question, they can ask me and then we can take it from there, because the reality is it’s — I’ll be honest, it’s like you — if you’re thinking you’re gonna buy this 7-dollar WSO, I think right now it’s going up in prices. I got a dime sell going, so that is pretty good. And I think that you’re gonna automatically make that kind of money right away without doing anything, it’s not gonna happen. From my experience, I don’t know if there’s any system out there that does that, so I actually had to — I had a number of buyers contact me and you know said, some of the questions were like, you know, can I get this going – I’ll take your system and implement it. Can I make $800 a day, starting next week? And I was like, you know that there’s only variables to that. This is a good formula that’s gonna help fast track you. So — but it’s not a push button. So, I actually end up going back to the page and words the sales copy because you know I don’t wanna — I don’t wanna it coming off like that. But it is a foundation of formula and something that I’ve used over and over again. And I built upon it.

Mike: Yeah, I mean I’m looking at it now and I left you a review on there coz I went through in and I like it. And I was — I felt comfortable endorsing you. But it’s — from what I’ve read it doesn’t seem like it’s hype-y and sketchy. Like, I try my best not to have people on the show that are like that because I know that — I don’t wanna put something out there to my viewers that they’re gonna end up feeling ripped off or — coz in the end, it’s gonna directly reflect upon me and why would I ever come back and watch Mike’s show again if he’s gonna send me to crap, you know what I mean. So it’s —

Joseph: Yeah.

Mike: It doesn’t seem that. It looks pretty clear to me.

Joseph: And one of the things I put out there in the copy and I made really apparent is that I’m gonna support everyone. So, I’ve had a number of buyers who have added me on Skype and have gone through the videos and asked me okay, I wanna put this into action, can you support me? So, I said prepare a list of questions and I’m going on Skype with them to help them with this. So, this is — I look at this as a long-term deal because you know, one of the things I’m sure you know about this whole business is it’s all about relationship. If I can meet a few people that takes this system and implement it and make some money with it or at least show massive initiative, you know that’s great for me because there’s always room for drawing ventures and things like that, like it’s exciting stuff. So —

Mike: It’s pretty cool that I mean, they buy a product for about $7 and then, they’re getting personal training from you. Most people, most WSOs out there and I mean, in the future you might wanna actually consider this because you’re gonna get bombarded by people that are — that are gonna need help from you, which is like you said, a good thing to make those contacts but it may become overwhelming. You could be charging a hundred dollars an hour for this kind of services and you’re giving it away with the product. I mean, that’s huge value coming with this.

Joseph: Yeah. And my clients that have hired me, that I’ve showed this formula to before releasing this, they pay a lot more for this. And I’m kinda doing this as a test also because I love testing. So, this is my first ever WSO. I said, let me throw it out there and make an offer like this and I know that this was something I was gonna eventually pull off because I was gonna get good attraction on it which I have. And I was actually thinking about it last night, like when is the time I’m gonna pull the plug on this and then just kind of close the offer and then consider maybe doing a coaching program or a heavy in-depth module-based course. You know, like a 5- week course, so something like that. So, I thought about that and yeah, that’s very realistic so I mean, that’s very, that’s very true so — at a certain point, I am going to get overwhelmed with the amount of clients that are going to be asking me for help. And I’m going to have to pull the plug and pretty much whoever took action fast gets a pretty sweet deal.

Mike: You know what’s gonna happen too is from this, it’s like you said, it’s really like a test because you’re gonna start getting questions about things over and over again. And you’re gonna actually be able to create more products from this, for teaching specific things. People are gonna have questions about how to contact the businesses or about different things. Or even about that mind map that you set up, like during your explanation of video on your — when you bought the product, it’s actually a pretty cool method. I think you said you did a course on how to do that or a company? Am I right with that?

Joseph: Yes, so –

Mike: Definitely very interesting.

Joseph: I’m following your trail of thought there. All the real money makers from me have come from going out there and doing something and finding something what the customers were asking for and then creating a specific solution and going deep with that. And that’s what made the most money. That’s —

Mike: Like you said, you’re not convincing — I think you said it on your sales video, you’re not convincing people to buy things. You’re selling them something that they already need.

Joseph: Yes. Exactly, it’s the easiest way to make money. So, that’s what I mean by “easy”, the easy way. That’s actually a giveaway right there. The easy way.

Mike: Tell us a little but more about this whole thing works, so you put it up on initially and some people were like okay, it’s not that easy, it’s not a push button system and good riddance to them, actually, because if they think they’re gonna find a push button system, they’re gonna be looking for a long time and never had any success, coz they really — they don’t exist. If they did exist, I would be at home pushing buttons and making money, doing that as well. So, tell us a little more of that.

Joseph: So yeah, I’ve gone through that. I kinda know where they’re coming from, because when I started out, I was looking for push button. I wanted to buy the Lamborghini and I want to know how I can make a hundred gran in a month. And I actually — I really believed I could at that time, I was like you know, I was just doing specific things, they tell me to do in a 7-dollar WSO and I’ll just scale it and just repeat it like 50 times. I was just putting like 20 hours a day and that didn’t happen. So, I kinda understand where they’re coming from. At the same time, I reach out to them. So, I have one lady, she asked me for refund, she didn’t think it was easy as it was. So, I give her refund right away. And you know, I didn’t ask her like what didn’t she like, whatever. I genuinely want to help her so I said, where are you at your business? Maybe I can throw out a couple of pointers while you’re waiting so you can make money faster coz you like to make money faster. And you know, she just went to a whole email dialogue and then she agreed to buy the course, the program, again for me to help her. Because she realized that you know, if she’s gonna get – if she’s gonna do this, then this program is gonna help fast track her. And I’m actually willing to help her with this. So, I went a little trailed off there. Does that answer the question?

Mike: Yeah. I mean yeah, that answers it. It’s — but let’s talk specifically, let’s get into the method a little bit. I mean, I know you don’t want to give everything away but in a nutshell, explain what this method is.

Joseph: Without giving it all away. Well —

Mike: Here’s the thing, if people listening now like, they might end up buying it, they might not. But —

Joseph: Okay, here’s what I’ll do. Coz I — from the feedback that I got, the next product that I’m gonna release if I do release it, I got it evaluated, is going to reveal the method. It’s just gonna be the formula to the method. So, if you wanna use this method, here’s the formula. And the formula, the method is specifically involves going out and getting deals with people in a certain way. So, you’re leveraging. So, it’s all about leveraging. But the problem with leveraging is people have a hard time communicating. You know, getting the deals going. And I believe that it’s — it narrows down to some – I know a hundred million times which is someone’s gonna know , like and trust you. But a lot of times, we think we’re doing the things to make them like us and trust them — trust us, but we’re not. We’re just kind of manipulating it or kind of sneaking around, like tricking people. And the reality is that — I don’t consider myself a master when it comes to selling but I — when I go on the phone, I cold call coz I cold call for SEO, I’ve done a whole bunch of stuff. I closed deals and I don’t close them by pressuring them. I just have pretty chilled out conversation with them and I find what they’re pains and specific need are. Like, what is it that you want? Sometimes, it’s needs outside of what you are offering and if you could solve that thing, they are gonna just kinda step up and listen to what you have to say. And then they say, this guy really cares about me by helping me with this other thing or this girl really cares about me. Then, they’re gonna be interested in what you have to offer. So, that’s part of it and there’s the other elements to it. So, does that reveal some?

Mike: It’s good, yeah. I mean, it’s — you give the pretty general idea of what it is. But one of the things that you hit on there that I really like is that you — I like what you said that if you go around, like try to trick people and stuff, they’ll know. They’ll know that you’re trying to trick them. You need to be honest and just upfront with everything and if you really, honestly try to help people and try to solve these problems that people have, then they’re gonna want to pay you for it. They’re gonna want to help you back. I mean, you can’t trick people into paying you. You know what I mean?

Joseph: And one of the biggest insights that I found from my experience is that sometimes your customers will buy your product just to thank you for the stuff you’ve done for them outside of that product. And that’s been the case with some of the stuff that I’ve done before is that — a perfect example, in my IT business, a customer came up to me asking for point sales system for restaurant. Now, I really don’t want to do it but it was a huge pay from him, so I actually went out, got him a software, customized and built for him. But that resulted into a joint venture deals, that resulted to building websites and resulted into, like he wanted to do SEO with me, like this was this whole bunch of stuff that opened up that I was always selling all along but because I solved this one need for them, and I didn’t really have to solve that need. I could have just found someone who is reliable and put him in there and have him solve that need. He listened to me and you know, he wouldn’t have listened to me, to be honest with you, unless I solved that one need.

Mike: Yeah and it’s a handshake, it’s when the door, it gets you — it gets things rolling, it opens up for the possibilities for the future, and if — I mean, look at what we’re doing now. If I didn’t — we didn’t know each other before this interview. And now that we have this contact, in the future, if you launch another product, you’ll have my support and also, if I perhaps launch something in the future and I contact you, you’ll be much more willing to consider promoting it as well. Like, there’s so many different – just these little connections that you can link by helping people out and by doing that little extra stuff which I think you do a lot of — when we first started talking, you wanted to get on a Skype call, which is something I think you do pretty often.

Joseph: Yeah. And I think it’s got a lot to do with, like I can read people really well. And really, I just look — I think everyone can read people really well. You’re just looking for who’s up and taken and who’s not. I think whoever is authentic makes the most money. That’s what I tried. Of all the business people I’ve met, whoever is authentic, is gonna be real with the numbers and everything and are just gonna be open book, even if I’m making the money now, they’ll inevitably make the money. That’s why I love to get on Skype, because it just gets me a feel for the person and then I you know, if I — like you came to me, I came off Mike as this guy that is just going to put himself out there and authentic and you know, when — I got a lot of emails, thinking would you this with me, wanna do this with me, when I do this launch. And even with the other stuff that I do, I get a lot of emails but the thing that strikes me with you is that you’re willing to jump on Skype right away and have a quick call and then the call on Skype was so laidback and down-to- earth and it was like you were looking out for me. Like, you were talking about what I wanted and that was like — that’s really refreshing. But I know I never look I wanna make money like every deal that I go through and that’s true. Like, it’s something that — it’s something about somebody that is looking out for your needs before theirs. That makes you wanna deal with them.

Mike: Yep.
Joseph: And then, everybody results in making more money.

Mike: Let’s get to wrapping this up, we got a little long here. But before we finish it, let’s — is there anything that you wanted to mention that we weren’t able to get to. Anything that we didn’t cover?

Joseph: No, just thank you. This has been really great. I’ve never actually done one of these interviews before. It’s my first. Mike: Really?
Joseph: Yeah. I definitely shouldn’t.
Mike: Cool, man. Thanks for coming on.

Joseph: You’re welcome and take care. Have a good day.

Mike: I hope you enjoyed the interview with Joe today. If you’re interested in checking out his 1776 Method, go to mikefrommaine.com/1776. That’s mikefrommaine.com/1776. Thank you for watching and I hope you all have a great weekend.


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