Monthly Income Report for March, 2013: Increased revenue from interviews, cutting costs, and TWO products on the burner


15,239  (+1,305  from February)  page views in March

4,376  (-550)  iTunes downloads

5,106  (+1,462) Youtube channel views

41,535 (+28,271) minutes watched

Aweber subscribers: 4,042 (+2,041 subscribers)

Twitter followers: 3,637  (+622 followers)

Facebook Fans: 434 (+27)


Facebook Advertising: $31.23 (interview promotion)

Aweber: $49 – This is my list building software that allows me to email everyone when there’s a new interview

Host Gator hosting: $40 – I host all my niche sites and this site on multiple hosting accounts

Libsyn: $75 – I host my podcast with this so I can put it on iTunes

SafeSwaps.com: $29.99 – This is the membership fee I pay to be able to buy solo ads from people who have been rated by previous buyers

Hello Bar: $5

VPN: $78.66

Wishlist Membership Plugin: $97

Free Jing and ScreenCast Subscription for
easily explaining things to workers : $10

Virtual Assistants: $232.28

Solo Ads: $75  You can find out more about solo ads HERE

Total expenses:  $723.16  (-$2,942.42 compared to February)



Mini Affiliate Sites course (CLOSED): $247.25 from interview with David McGimpsey

Project X Tube (CLOSED): $107.52  from interview with Cliff Carrigan

eCommerce Mastery: $104.02 from interview with Sam England and Sean Colman

Operation Solo: $88.60 from interview with Anthony Tilley

POF Playbook (CLOSED): $80.60 from interview with Anthony Wang

Virtual Staff Finder: $75 from interview with Chris Ducker

Curation Soft : $71.01 from interview with Peter Lenkefi

58,000 Visitors (CLOSED): $69.52 from interview with Ron Rule

Hands Off Books: $68.48  from Interview with Rachel Rofe

Bonus Press: $58.79 from interview with Mark Thompson

Long Tail Pro: $57.90 from interview with Spencer Haws

WP Sharely: $45.82 from interview with Shane Melaugh

How to Create a $7 product: $44.77 from interview with Trevor Dumbleton

The Four Hour System (CLOSED): $43.32 from interview with Anton Kraly

Golden Ticket CPA 2 (CLOSED): $42.38 from interview with Eric James

$1,776 in 2 days method (CLOSED): $38.60 from interview with Joseph Rodrigues

Azon Classroom 3.0 (CLOSED): $30.65 from interview with Jeff Carson

PingFresh: $27 from interview with Sean Donahoe

Membership Marketing Machine (CLOSED): $27 from interview with Gary Clucas

Business Turnkey Exponential Xpress (CLOSED): $26.12 from interview with Sarkis Yambestian

PLR Video Smackdown: $23.90 from interview with Peter Beattie

The Outsource System: $22.20 from interview with James Carter

Lifestyle Diet Makeover PLR: $20.52 from interview with Tom Ness

Ninja Profits Blueprint (CLOSED): $20.09 from interview with Michael Baptiste

WP Speed Formula (CLOSED): $17.98 from interview with Josh Fulfer

Inner Circle Solo Ads (CLOSED): $17.30 from interview with Rob Stafford

Mass Buyer Recruitment Method (CLOSED): $17.22 from interview with Jake Corcoran and Gavin Abeyratne

Publishing For Profit: $14.50 from interview with Eric Lass

75 Minute Blueprint: $13.03 from interview with Mark Thompson

Spy Bar: $12.97 from interview with Rob Cornish

Video Profit Powerhouse (CLOSED): $10.14 from interview with Ben Sayer

Christmas Come Early Deal (CLOSED): $9.40 from interview with Chris Reck

Free The Boss (CLOSED): $8.24 from interview with Bill Guthrie

CPA Cash Vault (CLOSED): $5 from Interview with Jonathan Smith

Going Viral on Facebook: $4.66 from interview with Yoel Cohen


Total revenue from interviews: $1,571.50 (+$508.77 from February)


Revenue from Project X Tube Method (CLOSED): $5.95

Text link ads: $31.66– I make this income from an old website of mine.

SocialAdr: $25.60 – A hands-off way of getting more likes on tweets for your posts

Ezarticle link: $34 – This is reoccurring income from a video tutorial I did about Ezarticlelink HERE

Whoosh Traffic (CLOSED): $20 – A keyword tracker for monitoring multiple keyword rankings

SafeSwaps.com: $15

Adsense: $225.41

Income Igniter (CLOSED): $9.22

Total from OTHER streams of income: $366.84 (-$10.99 from February)


Total Revenue: $1,938.34 (+$497.78 from February)


Total Profit: $1,215.18  (+$3,440.20 from February)


Things are going in the right direction. I made a decent profit of $1,215.18, but I still need to cut down on my expenses. For the time being I’ve stopped providing transcripts of my interviews and I’ve gotten a total of ZERO complaints so far. I was providing transcripts for two reasons:

1. For my audience members who preferred text to audio or video.

2. It’s a lot of great content to give the search engine gods so that I can bring in some traffic from the search engines.

I spent a little over $200 on this in March, and until my income gets a bit higher I’m going to discontinue transcripts. It just seems to be more of a luxury expense right now  than a necessity.

I’m getting out of the Adsense niche website business

For those of you who have been following me for a while you know that I used to make quite a bit of money developing and flipping Adsense niche websites. You’ll also know that after the Exact Match Domain Google update in September 2012 I stopped making them because I lost 95% of my revenue overnight. Of course, I moved on but it was definitely a difficult thing to deal with, and I’m just now starting to bounce back with an alternative income source with affiliate income from doing interviews. I still have a small amount of websites leftover that bring in anywhere between $100-$200 per month, but now I’m in the process of selling them off. People continue to ask me questions about my website creation method, but I am addmitedly NOT AN EXPERT anymore. Of course, for those who want to continue building up Adsense niche websites you’re welcome to buy one of my sites that is still getting traffic and making money HERE.

Some AWESOME products in the near future

I’m currently working on two products.

The first product is my interview course. The name of the course will be Interview Income Secrets, and in it I plan on revealing my whole process of doing Skype interviews from preparation, to getting guests, to recording the interviews, to editing…and so on. I’ll also teach my EXACT METHOD of monetizing the interviews so that you can get paid for your hard work. This WON’T BE a push-button system that you can just start making tons of money overnight with, but it will be a full business plan that you can apply to ANY NICHE. I’m really excited about launching it, but I want to make sure it has TONS OF VALUE before I release it. Don’t expect it to be some cheap $7 product: the price will be high, but it will be WORTH EVERY PENNY.

The second product is a Kindle book creation course that I’m working on with Thomas Strock from MobileAppTycoon.com . You may remember him from the interview we did WAY BACK. In February he made almost $2,000 from publishing books on Kindle and then in March he approached the $3,000 mark. This news caught my interest, so we have teamed up to create a course where he teaches his method and I apply it. You’ll be able to watch all this in carefully laid out videos where we reveal ALL our results. I’m super excited about it and I can’t wait to release it in the coming months.


So that’s it for March. I want to thank you all for watching/listening/reading and I appreciate each and every one of you. I’ve added a new contact button to make it easier to get in touch with me. There’s still the chat box on the bottom of the site, but with the new contact button you can request that I call you back on your phone or on Skype. I love hearing from you all so don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me.


  • April 14, 2013
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