Rank Little Youtube Affiliate Videos in 20 Minutes or Less with Project X Tube – with Cliff Carrigan


Episode 103

If you’re looking for a free way of making a little extra cash on the side with no extra tools or expenses then today’s episode is for you. Cliff Carrigan is on to talk about a way to easily create and rank affiliate videos on Youtube with his Project X Tube WSO.

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How to Rank Little Youtube Affiliate Videos in 20 Minutes or Less – with Cliff Carrigan

Mike: Hi there, everyone! Welcome to Episode 103 of The Mike from Maine Show, the place where we do interviews with successful online entrepreneurs. This is your host, Mike Thomas. And today on the show, I’ve got Cliff Carrigan on to talk about Project XTube. Now, this is something that he actually sent me over on Friday and I got a chance to take a look at it and actually implement what the WSO is all about. To give you kind of what it is in a nutshell, it’s a way of ranking specifically a Warrior Forum Offer videos but, I mean that’s what it kinda teaches in the course. But it can be something that you can use for affiliate marketing or possibly even Amazon, not quite sure about that yet. But it’s a way of getting these videos to rank easily in the search engines and what makes it even better is that you can make these videos all without even using any kind of software or any outside, really, materials. It’s all made inside of Youtube which is quite cool for people that want to be able to make them easily and get a lot of these videos up in a short amount of time. Anyways, I’ll let Cliff kind of explain more about what it is, but like I mentioned in the interview, by doing this, I’ve been able to get tons of videos on the first page. I’ve been able to get, I think, about 50 clicks so far from the videos but not any sales yet. So, this is something that he talks about. He’s not trying to sell and make-money-online product here. It’s more of a method of getting videos to rank. And yeah, let’s get right into it with Cliff Carrigan.

Mike: We are here today with Cliff Carrigan. Cliff, welcome to the show. Cliff: Thanks, Mike.

Mike: Why don’t we start off as we always do and why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and your internet marketing journey.

Cliff: Ah, I’m a regular guy at the trenches like everybody else. I’ve had – I’ve had some success with internet marketing in the form of, as I told you recently, it’s been exclusively in video marketing. It’s really what I’ve done for several years.

Mike: So, ok. So, you’re pretty much a video marketing guy. Are you making most of your money from direct affiliate sales? Are you doing local SEO? Where is your paycheck coming from?

Cliff: Well, I’ve been doing this so long, man. I kinda get paychecks coming from several directions but most of my stuff is affiliate- related and not internet marketing, but affiliate-related. It’s just all manner of products out there. I do — I do have some local clients but those things, those things kinda come to me haphazardly because I never really focus on that for a business model. It just happens because I ended up nailing down some pretty, you know, super awesome keywords, so I give them an opportunity to pay me every month to have those.

Mike: Without giving away your — the niche, and without giving it so that your income is gonna be in jeopardy, can you kind of give us an idea of something that you promote that really makes a lot of money for you.

Cliff: Um, well. I do a lot of CJ, the commission junction stuff. And um, I just hear a few months ago, he got a campaign that was simply getting people to call him to a psychic network. And, you know, I did a little research, by now he was most likely — do that, created some videos that, ah, would target those people and, well, let me just say, they pay me $80 a call and there was flood a lot of calls that came in.

Mike: All you had to was get someone to make a phone call and if — whether or not they bought the product or not, you got 80 bucks?

Cliff: Man, that was it. Yeah.

Mike: It’s beautiful. Very nice. Um, you’ve recently released in the Warrior Forum a product called Project XTube. Can you let us know a little bit about that.

Cliff: Yeah. Um, Project Xtube. I get so many emails and skype messages everyday from so many people that, you know, they’re wanting an entry point, just a fair shot at getting in. And, and it’s not really, it’s not really been out there for them. So yeah, I’ve — one idea is I just created a course that person can go through and it’s, it’s really a super stream line course. It will just take them through to where literally in minutes they can start seeing those first page listings with their Youtube videos. And um, of course, it can just build up so far and so fast from there. With that, if you’ve seen on the thread, with that people already, lot of people have

posted that, you know, we’re nailing those number one positions. We had a few post in another, they made their first sales ever on the internet and so, that’s pretty cool.

Mike: Yeah, I actually, last week, I contacted you about this interview and you sent me over a copy of it to check out and I did what anyone that goes ahead and buys this to do and I took immediate action and what I’ve done is I went out and created videos using your method. And I did videos for all, I think it was around 50 WSOs current and back, going in the, what was it, WSO — what’s, not the JV Zoo 1. What’s the other one?

Cliff: Ah, Warrior Plus?

Mike: Warrior Plus. In the Warrior Plus Area, I went and created videos like you show how to do in your course and they’re — most of them are ranking on the first page just like your course does. It’s, really, it’s very easy to do and it’s something that I was pretty amazed with. And as far as clicks and revenues go so far, it’s only been since Friday but I’ve gonna 50, around 50 clicks from people just coming to the videos and clicking on them. I haven’t made any sales yet but those videos are gonna be there for hopefully a while, unless someone comes in and kicks them out. So, hopefully if I continue doing this, I’d be able to make a few sales here and there. I don’t expect to get rich from this which is I think something important for people watching this. It’s not something that I think I’m gonna do and instantly be making a hundred dollars a day from, but I won’t be surprised if I make a sale here and there from doing this. Now, that brings me to a question for you. From this exact method, how much are you personally making daily?

Cliff: That I, you know, I don’t know why that sounds but this ah — I was kinda raised old school. I know in the internet, everybody spells out their income and stuff. To me, that is very personal, private information. Well dude, I’ll just say, I’m extremely comfortable and I haven’t had ever a real job for many, many years.

Mike: So, you’re doing fine from it? Cool. And, will this work for competitive keywords, this method?

Cliff: Um, I’m gonna say no. There, there are ways that it can work. I put in little, little nuggets in each, um, training module that’s inside the course. And if you really go through and pay attention to everything, you’re gonna pick up on some things that’s really gonna give you an advantage there. But as far as, I hate to say this coz I hope the person isn’t watching but, I actually got a complaint on the Project XTube because the guy expected to nail the word internet marketing —

Mike: Oh, Jesus.

Cliff: — in 20 minutes. You know, things like that are just not realistic, so I’ve just been trying to tell people, no you can’t. In reality, sure. You can get some more competitive keywords and if you really dig deep in it, go through it multiple times, keep digging up those little nuggets, yeah you’re gonna be able to do a little more than an average person that just skims it and you know, and jumped up and gets much that first page positions. But ah, in general, I just think it’s safer for me to say no, don’t expect to be it, a big old masive bunch of you know, just hardcore keywords out of it. That’s not, that’s not just realistic, actually.

Mike: For — there’s a, there’s a specific method that you talked about in doing this. Where you talking about ranking keywords for different WSOs. Could this be used for — I mean coz I used it for Click Bank. I guess it can be used for other affiliate products? How about Amazon or like NeverBlue Ads or PeerFly? Could this be something that people could use for that too?

Cliff: Yeah, absolutely. In fact, I did end up getting so many questions on that because a lot of times when you’ve done something for so long, you’ll end up kinda taking for granted certain things. And I, I was guilty of that. I took for granted that people would understand that you could, you know, use this exact same process across any marketing or any affiliate network. But I did get a lot of questions on it, so I actually created a video and, and talked to everybody through it. Now, this was since the launch. Ah, you probably haven’t been back to the product since then but I’ve actually ended up making a couple of updates to that.

Mike: Okay, I’ll check that out. Cool. And I was, I was thinking about that, about using it for, for Amazon. And I did a little research trying to find out if it was gonna be against Amazon’s terms of service. And I had people that were saying yes. I had people that’s saying no, you might get your Youtube account shut down. Make sure you cloak your links. Make sure you don’t just put your Amazon link. Have you done any Amazon stuff yourself?

Cliff: Ah, actually to be honest I got banned from Amazon years ago. I got too aggressive in my marketing and, you know, they slapped me upside ahead for it. But, because it is a part of, a big part of the affiliate world, I do keep up on it. And from what I’ve gathered, probably not a good idea to put a direct Amazon link on your, your video. Um, but a super simple workaround for that for me, you know, create — I mean you got a Google account already, that’s how you got your Youtube account. Go ahead and make a

blogger.com account and um, you can actually embed your video on that, paste your description, whatever you got your description on your video right there. And you know, put your link there. And then, everything is within everybody’s terms of service.

Mike: Have you ever had any Youtube accounts banned by using the Project Xtube method?

Cliff: No.

Mike: No. Wow. That’s great. I mean, coz I saw people writing in the comments on the forum, like skeptical people coz everyone’s gonna be skeptical. When there’s something like this that’s so easy to do, people are gonna think, okay, if it’s easy, it’s gotta be illegal, you’re gonna get your account banned. But, well, that’s really interesting to find out. Do you put a specific amount of videos on one account before you change over to another account just to kinda be, be careful about that and protect your income?

Cliff: Well, not necessarily. I mean, I — it’s only been fairly recent that Youtube has made some changes to where it is completely, really completely safe to just load up accounts with tons of videos. Now, I’ve got several accounts with a few hundred each on and I’ve got one or two accounts with over a thousand different videos in the channel. So, I mean it’s really not a big of a deal. When people asked me about that, I tell them it’s more of a matter of comfort zone. You know, if you’re more comfortable spreading them out, that’s fine. If you’re not, you don’t wanna work for more channel, that’s fine. The only risk in working in one channel is if you do, for example, just accidentally used some music played for something that you weren’t supposed to. And Youtube banned your account for that. Well, you know, then you lost that account and all those videos. It’s not that big of a deal coz you got, you probably got them all in your hard drive and you can just upload them all again. Anyways, but it is a little hassle so, from that perspective, yeah, you know, spread them out a little bit. I still, I have no issues with putting hundreds of videos on a single account.

Mike: And do you do all your videos yourself or have you started trying to outsource any of it?

Cliff: No, I was doing them all myself. There’s no need, there’s no need to outsource really. I mean that, most of my videos, first of all, are just super simple fast videos. And what I do with larger ticket item, the more it’s gonna cost a person but I had a better quality video I’m putting out. I was doing them myself. I mean, because people, they don’t want a production quality video, they don’t want a commercial. You know, they can watch the commercial or whatever thing that they are looking into. What they want is to see a real person. I’m talking about, you know, more costly out of commercial stuff. They wanna see a real person telling them it’s okay to buy it. So, I do.

Mike: If you’ve got a video up, let’s say you’ve got for one of your costly items and you’ve made a nicer video and you put it up and you used your formula to do that. And maybe you’ve got it on the first page of Youtube and it’s not necessarily coming up on the first page of Google, or it’s coming up on Google but it’s on the second or third page. Is there any kind of method that you used to get these videos to rank a little higher, maybe some link building or likes or comments?

Cliff: First of all, I don’t bother with trying to rank in Youtube. I have no idea at any point if my videos on Youtube are No. 1 or No. 6000. I have no clue. I only and exclusively rank for Google. And that, what you’re asking me, it seems likr to be a straightforward answer, it’s really not that that gets into a little more complex level of marketing, but the quick and easy answer, yeah, you could throw some, you can throw some mad clicks at it.

Mike: And I’ve seen people doing that. They’ll be — there would be videos on Youtube for certain keywords and I know someone’s trying to rank these for this — to get an affiliate commission. And I see it go up, it’ll be a day old and it will have like 80 likes on it and I know it’s got like a hundred views and 80 likes. And I know that someone’s been manipulating that. Have you ever had any problem or do you see any problem with, with getting, I was — I guess I’m worried about being banned. I’ve asked you about banning before and you having gone banned apparently for that, like you recommend people buying likes or comments or views? What’s your view on that?

Cliff: I would never tell anybody to buy comments because it, you know, they’re — in a situation like that, they maybe making comments that are completely irrelevant to your video. So, that, that would just hurt you. As far as likes or views or subscribers, you don’t really need that, all that much. There’s situations to where, yeah, it is helpful and handy but for most part, if you just do your foundation right in the first place, you don’t really need much of that.

Mike: And Cliff, thank you so much for coming on today and talking with us a little bit about Project XTube. like I said before, I went in and I used it and it was doing exactly what you said it would do. Um, it’s not like, like what people are saying in the forum. it’s not gonna help you rank for internet marketing. is it not that term internet marketing, but it does exactly what you promised on the sales page. Is there anything that you would like to mention that we didn’t touch on before we wrap it up today?

Cliff: Ah, man. I don’t really know. The fact is I take great share when I run a sales letter to make sure that everything in that sales letter is the very first thing that you see when you get to the course and, and it goes into my position about over delivery. So, there’s really, there’s really just not a lot extra that I could tell you about Project Xtube. Um, whatever you read on that sales letter page, it’s true. It’s true. And there’s ah, there’s, at this point, there’s pretty astounding number of people that will be willing to back that up. Um, I don’t use hap or anything, you know. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m trying you know, I’m trying to make it look as nice and appealing as possible but I’m making a point to make sure that I follow through on every single thing there. So that, you know, so that people feel good about the purchase. So, really, I can’t say that there’s anything that I could add other than taking a minute to look through those comments and you’ll see people are ranking in massive numbers, people are making money even though I don’t sell make-money products. I have no interest in that but they reported this. So, I mean it’s out there.

Mike: Cool. And we’re gonna have links to that in show notes on mikefrommaine.com. If people wanna reach out to you and get in touch with you, where can they find you at?

Cliff: Get on my website, cliffcarrigan.com. There’s a contact us form on there. They go straight to my inbox. If there’s anybody that would like my email address or skype ID, you’ll be welcome to.

Mike: Great. Thank you very much, Cliff. I appreciate it.

Cliff: Mike, I appreciate it you having me on.

Mike: I hope you enjoyed the interview today with Cliff. If you’re interested in checking out Project XTube, go to mikefrommaine.com/xtube. That would be mikefromemaine.com/xtube. Thank you for watching and I will see you all tomorrow.

  1. Love your show Mike! Just wanted to throw my two cents in there and say that this WSO actually works. If read through the threads you will see that I tested it out and made about $14 within 2 hours of creating the video. Not too bad if you ask me, and it is still ranking and making sales.

    anyways, just thought I would throw that out there.

    1. Thanks, Mike…I love it too 🙂

      I’ve also used it and made about $15 in the first week, so I’m a believer. That being said, I don’t expect to get rich from it, but it will be nice to have another small stream of income.

      1. Hi Mike,

        I’m assuming this video was in the same account as the one that got banned in your post on the main page.


    1. Hi Sterling,

      I really don’t think so as I do this tactic on other Youtube accounts not associated with my own.

      Welcome to the show, Sterling!

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    I’m satisfied that you just shared this helpful information with us.
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