Income update for May, 2013 – Married to my job…and my wife :-)


12,288 page views (-2,665  from April)

3,982 (+93) iTunes downloads

5,806  (-1,365 ) Youtube channel views

41,933 (-11,673) minutes watched

Aweber subscribers: 4,057 (+65 subscribers)

Twitter followers:  5,202  (+830 followers)

Facebook Fans: 463 (+19)


Facebook Advertising: $5 (interview promotion)

Aweber: $49 – This is my list building software that allows me to email everyone when there’s a new interview

Host Gator hosting: $10

Libsyn: $75 – I host my podcast with this so I can put it on iTunes

Warrior Forum Ads: $40 – These are fees for advertising my websites for sale in the Warrior Forum

Hello Bar: $5

Kindle Editing: $10  I have a great editor that I’ll be happy to share with anyone who’s interested

Total expenses: $194  (-$368.39 compared to April)



List Frenzy (CLOSED): $242.50 from interview with Anton Nadilo and Andre Stoelinga

The Money Tree (CLOSED): $162.89 from interview with Russ Ruffino

Tube Takeover: $71.88 from interview with Josh Zamora

Mini Affiliate Sites course (CLOSED): $60.75 from interview with David McGimpsey

Project Meteor Shower (CLOSED): $52.40 from interview with Jonathan Green

WP Solo Tracker: $38.89 from interview with Steve Fleming

Video Conversion Cash Machine (CLOSED): $36.53 from interview with Mike Thomas Marin

Viral Optins (CLOSED): $36.06 from interview with Wilco de Kreij

Project X Tube (CLOSED): $35.84  from interview with Cliff Carrigan

Gig Prospector (CLOSED): $34.01 from interview with Matt Green

List Eruption: $32.22 from interview with Mark Thompson

Awesome Autoresponder Gold Mine: $29.20 from interview with Ryan Molina

Auto Webinar Press (CLOSED): $27 from interview with Mohammed Ali

Viral Video Course: $26.67 from interview with Barak Hullman

Inner Circle Solo Ads (CLOSED): $20.45 from interview with Rob Stafford

Operation Solo: $17.72 from interview with Anthony Tilley

Epic Traffic Ninja (CLOSED): $16.20 from interview with Richard Newton

POF Playbook (CLOSED): $14.50 from interview with Anthony Wang

PingFresh: $13.50 from interview with Sean Donahoe

Video Slayer (CLOSED): $13.50 from interview with Bertram Heath

Secret Social Images: $13.18 from interview with Alessandro Zamboni

Offline Hero: $12.75 from interview with Claire Walker

Sticky Profit Builder Plugin (CLOSED): $12.60 from interview with Anton Nadilo

Smart Web Formula (CLOSED): $12.40 from interview with Jon Shawcross

Create Space Publishing Course: $12.15 from interview with Trevor Dumbleton

Offline Bullet Cash: $9.95 from interview with Paul Nicholls

Membership Marketing Machine (CLOSED): $9.00 from interview with Gary Clucas

Youtube Channel Art Creator: $8.21 from interview with Bertranddo

How to Create a $7 product: $5.86 from interview with Trevor Dumbleton


Total revenue from interviews: $1,078.81 (-$690.57 from April)


Website sales: $1,373.63

Kindle earnings: $116.84

Text link ads: $29– I make this income from an old website of mine.

Whoosh Traffic (CLOSED): $20 – A keyword tracker for monitoring multiple keyword rankings

Ezarticle link: $17 – This is reoccurring income from a video tutorial

Marketing Summit Videos: $16.20 $15

Income Igniter (CLOSED): $9.23

Revenue from Project X Tube Method (CLOSED): $5.96 – Here’s a video about my experience with this method

SocialAdr: $5.60 – A hands-off way of getting more likes on tweets for your posts


Total from OTHER streams of income: $1,608.46 (+$39.20 from April)


Total Revenue: $2,687.27  (-$285.08 from April)


Total Profit: $2,493.27 (+$83.31 from April)


What a busy month!

988807_10152828266745542_302093941_nOh wow, May was a busy busy month! I officially got married on May 25th…yay me! Let’s just say that the whole month was a whirlwind of preparations. Plus, on top of that, my mom came and stayed with my wife and I for 10 days here in Istanbul, Turkey. I loved having my mom here (love you, mom!) but let’s just say I had to put my business on hold while she was here…thus why I was only able to publish 16 interviews.

That being said, I was still able to make $2,493.27 in May…$83.31 more than in April! A large chunk of it came from selling off the rest of my Adsense niche sites, as I had announced in April that I’d be getting OUT of niche site creation and getting IN to product creation. Let the product creation begin!

My FIRST product is almost officially finished!

I’ve been wanting to create and launch my first product for a LONG time now. I announced in my January Income Report that I’d be releasing a product about interviewing shortly. Unfortunately “shortly” has become almost six months. Why? Because launching a product “the right way” can be really difficult if you don’t have someone guiding you in the right direction. There are at least 20 products launched in the Warrior forum every day, and only a select few of them are successful. Why? There are a lot of reasons:

1. The Product Sucks- We all know that there are a lot of crappy products being sold these days. Gone are the days where you can just slap up some useless product, launch it, and then watch the sales come in. If the product doesn’t provide value then you will get DESTROYED in reviews on the forum.

2. You don’t have JV partners- Most of the successful products that are launched in the forum have multiple JV partners promoting them. If you don’t have good relationships with other product creators then it will be REALLY DIFFICULT getting people to promote for you.

3. Your sales page is garbage- Your sales page is arguably the most important part of your whole product. If your sales page is unconvincing then no one will buy. If no one buys, then your Earnings Per Click will be very low. If your Earnings Per Click are low, then affiliates (JVs) won’t promote for you. If JVs don’t promote for you, you’ll get very few sales…and thus very few people will every get to experience your amazing product. Scary, huh?

Luckily after doing over 170 interviews I have a few connections 🙂 I reached out to ten EXPERT product creators to pick their brains and about EXACTLY how they launch their products. These ten experts combined have done well over $10,000,000 in product sales, so they know their stuff.

After doing these interviews I feel FULLY PREPARED to launch my own products in the forum! In about a month from now I’ll be releasing these interviews as a product using all the strategies that I’ve learned…one of them being that you should always announce your product AT LEAST A MONTH before launching 🙂

Who did I interview?

Mark Thompson (English)
Rob Cornish
Walt Bayliss 
Jonathan Green 
Tom Ness
Mark Thompson (USA)
Sam England
Bill Guthrie
Russ Ruffino
Anton Nadilo

I’m super-excited to release this course to you, and don’t tell anyone, but I’m going to give you a chance to get an Early Bird Discount before the product officially launches. Stay tuned!


I just want to thank you all for your support…and I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


  1. Congratulations on your marriage – a Huge Jump in Mens Life – Wish you all the best , but still asking myself , why an American has chosen Istanbul for a place to live these days ?

    Best Regards

  2. Hey Mike!

    Congrats on the wedding man! It was a pleasure being on your show. You got these interviews down pact man! That is A LOT of interviews for a month 🙂


  3. Mike, great month of earnings…all while getting married and hosting guests. I’d call that a big win!

    Good luck with the new product launch. Product number two could be “how to launch products.” I’m sure others have done it, but your audience would like to hear it from you, I’m sure. Wishing you continued success.

    1. Thanks, Brian. Getting married is STRESSFUL, but now I get to enjoy it.

      First product is actually going to be about product launching as I’ve interviewed 11 expert product creators. It’s called “Product Launch Confessions”. Stay tuned.

  4. Congrats Mike! You 2 are a very cute couple! Also congrats on your earnings. We have to do an interview sometime soon!


  5. Mike, month over month income (that is profit) is increasing. I would like to see you lock down costs and look to improve revenue without spending any additional money. That will put you in the next level. Good luck and keep it coming!

    1. Joe,

      I’ve been locking down costs quite a bit, but some months there are some necessary expenditures. I’d like to have some more reoccurring income coming in each month. I’ll be starting some sort of membership site eventually.

  6. Congrats – great wedding picture!

    Looking forward to watch how you launch

    Mary Kathan

  7. Hi Mike,

    First I would like to say congratulations on your marriage, I’ll be married 25 years in November it takes a lot work and take everything step by step. So Mike I’ll be waiting for your next project and wishing you the best I also believe it does take time to create you product.

    Take care.


    1. Tony,


      You’re right, it does take time, but I think after I get the first one out there the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th will be much easier.

  8. Congrats on your wedding and lots of happiness and good health to you both and lots of babies.
    Great interviews too.
    When is the kindle course coming out?

    1. Thanks, Owen.

      The Kindle course should be out at the end of August. My first launch is at the end of July so I at least want them a month apart.

  9. Congrats on the Wedding mate – now time for a couple of little Mikes running around? Once thing at a time……!

    Be really interested to see how your product creation goes – something I have just ventured into. With mixed results – still a great learning curve though….

    1. John,

      Thanks! I think we’re going to hold off on the little Mikes for a while…but who knows? 🙂

      I’m super excited about the product creation course…I think it’s going to help out A LOT of people in launching their products the right way.

  10. Mike,

    I love the show and I have a couple of questions.

    1: How far in advance are you planning your content?

    2: Do you have a system that involves staff to set up the affiliate links before the interview?

    3: Can you talk a little about how you use your staff?

    Thanks for what you do.

    1. Robert,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      1. As far as “planning” my content it’s actually not that detailed of a process. I try to put out 4-5 interviews per week, depending on what’s going on in my personal life.

      2. I don’t have any system or staff to setup my affiliate links. I simply apply for them through JVzoo or Warrior+.

      3. No staff 🙂

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