How to cash in on Youtube’s newest channel art update – with Bertranddo


Episode 160

On June 5th, 2013 Youtube will update it’s channel art and FORCE everyone to adapt to the new layout. What does this mean? Any pages that haven’t updated will look ugly. This is a perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to make money offering channel art creation services, and Bertranddo makes this easy with his Youtube Channel Art creator.

Watch the show below: Duration: 33:40
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Youtube Channel Art Creator (affiliate)- Bertranddo’s easy way of making Youtube channel art

  1. I’m counting down the days to this update. Personally I think this is the worst layout to date 🙁

    Does he go over how to market it this to potential prospects?

    1. Hi Isaiah,

      Yes, he definitely goes over the potential prospects. This is an opportunity for anyone willing to put in a little work.

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