Episode 108: How to build your list SUPER-QUICKLY with paid traffic and NOT lose your shirt – with Rob Stafford


Building your list can be a long and tedious process. If you’re on a budget, the best ways to do it are to create great content, guest post, comment on other people’s blogs, be active in forums, etc…you’ve heard it all before. These things take a lot of time to actually build up an audience. Even if you have an amazing squeeze page, it’s still going to take MONTHS to build up a substantial list. It’s no wonder people quit.

For those that don’t want to wait forever there’s advertising, and that comes in the form of solo ads. Basically you pay someone to mail out your squeeze page to their list and you pay for a certain amount of clicks delivered. Unfortunately there are people out there who might try to scam you with bogus or low-quality traffic. Rob Stafford is on the show today to talk about how not to get scammed when buying solo ads. He’s personally tested over $6,000 in solo ads and offers up the results in his Inner Circle Solo ads guide. Check out his interview today to get some tips about solo ads.

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Inner Circle Solo Ads (CLOSED)- Rob’s list of high-quality solo ads that he has personally testedRaw transcript

Episode 108: How to Build Your List SUPER-QUICKLY with Paid Traffic and NOT Lose Your Shirt – with Rob Stafford

Mike: Hi there, everyone! Welcome to Episode 108 of The Mike from Maine Show, the place where we do daily interviews with successful online entrepreneurs. This is your host, Mike Thomas. And today in the show, I’ve got Rob Stafford on to talk about his Inner Circle Solo Ads product. Now, what he’s done here is something I think is really cool because he’s gone out and tested a bunch of different solo ads. He’s spent I think it was over $6,000 on solo ads and now he’s giving us the — the results of it. And he’ll tell you, like here if you’re watching the show on video right now, you can see that he — how to miss it out as in who to seller is, what percentage of them actually went through and bought his one-time offer that he had set up and the opt-ins that he received from the traffic. So, this is really important in going out and buying solo ads from people because you don’t know how — how much, like the quality that the traffic is gonna be and if you have someone else that goes out there and kinda test it out for you, it’s gonna save you a lot of money in the long run because as Rob explained, he’s been burned before. He’s spent money and gone — people have taken his money and run or they’ve — well, he’s bought it and the traffics all been from one of the countries that doesn’t convert very well like India or China. These countries have less buyers in general than America, Australia, UK. So yeah, it’s a really interesting way of being able to get a lot of valuable information for a very low price. But anyways, whether or not you’re into solo ads or not, I think you’ll still get a lot out of this interview with Rob Stafford. Enjoy.

Mike: We are here today with Rob Stafford. Rob, welcome to the show.
Rob: Thanks, Mike. How are you doing?
Mike: I’m doing pretty good. Um, let’s start off by having you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do.

Rob: Okay. What can I say, my name is Rob Stafford. I’m being kinda into internet marketing for about 3 or 4 years now, kind of started off outside – I initially started out young, kind of went into affiliate marketing, SEO and kind of make my way to — from affiliate marketing after doing quite a fit number of updates, in terms of Google updates and SEO and things like that. Starting up to really place my – for my business in the future on the wind of Google, started to get more into paid traffic, PPC, solo ads and list building. And that serve kind of — tend to be like a gamble and I had to look at a whole bunch of things. So, you know, I’m kind of looking for a new strategy and I kind of re-focus on building this and I started out and in a while, it was kind of where I’m at.

Mike: So, right now, you said that most of your income is coming from doing SEO or from doing solo ads?

Rob: I’d like to say um ***** (03:25) but I have few clients that helped out with SEO but then also, in terms of eventually online, I do roughly about **** (03:36-03:37) creating products. So, probably the majority of the income is kind of coming from the product creation side of that. So, the *** (03:44-03:45) would be to focus on building a list, providing value, turn a relationship with that list, creating products and you know, launching these products, put them on the list as WSOs and know a couple of fundamental method and then sell it and then kind of just build a new ground with that as the kind of model.

Mike: Okay so, as of right now, how many WSOs have you released?

Rob: Um, you know, quite a few. Maybe in the region of twenty-ish, I guess. You know, that kind of combines it but think of them like they’re kinda combines free WSO as well which was quite cool for this. I was building them for a time. So, in terms of products, actual products, maybe 10 or 12 products and maybe 8 or so actually free WSO. So around about that. But I’m not exactly keeping count.

Mike: You’re pretty big into solo ads and this is something that we recently did an interview with Jayson Benoit about the whole process of doing solo ads and how they work so — right now, I’m gonna put a link to that in the show notes. Anyone watching who doesn’t know what solo ads is, go ahead check that out and come back to this interview after, if you’re interested in this. Um, by using solo ads, how big have you been able to build your list up to this point?

Rob: Yes, so — um, it’s a good question. So, I guess my list is around like 8600. So it’s not massive but it is kind of um kind of that — that is, I mean list size is an interesting question because you’re doing kind of – maintain your list as well. I do segment it and make sure, you know, I do kind of remove non-opening from them and stuff like that. So, at the moment it is 8600 um and you know, the solo ads had been kind of instrumental in getting to that number absolutely. Um, it is probably added I think over 2500 to that list which is from solo ads and the great thing about doing it that way is that the cost for acquisition is kind of quite low, you know, if you look at it. Sometimes you’re making money on the front-end of actually buying solo ads, that makes basically the solo ad even

breaks even more than you’re making off from the OTO sales, one-time offer sales. It doesn’t cost you anything to advertise to your list. Or you kinda running leads for $0.03, $.10 which is quite incredibly small if you think about that.

Mike: Quite cheap.

Rob: Quite cheap, and that in terms of any business really. Any business in the world, like where would I add leads for a kind of $0.03 a lead. It’s ridiculous, really. So ah bing, it’s been really instrumental and taking the plunge from maybe decide really, I was really gonna go off to solo ads and jump all over the place. It’s a big decision but I’m really happy I made it.

Mike: One thing — one thing that’s really interesting — sorry to interrupt, one thing that’s really interesting that you said there which I wanna point out is the fact that you mention that okay, your list is this big but it’s not necessarily about how big your list is coz you go in there and I do the same thing. You remove people that are — that they got in your list and then they never, like I think most people do after three months, if someone hasn’t opened an email, you remove him because you’re gonna have to essentially pay for them to be on your list.

Rob: Absolutely.

Mike: Your list could be a lot bigger and people go, how big is your list. You could have some much bigger number than you could spout off to them but what you wanna do is for your — I mean, it doesn’t make sense to have all these people on there if they’re not doing anything. So, you have to cut.

Rob: Yeah, absolutely. And how responsive is your list, you know. That’s the question I guess we should be asking, like you know, you could have like ah 50,000-person list but I don’t want that. You know, it’s gonna cost you a chunk — a chunk of cash and you know, 47,000 is big but if they’re not gonna respond, you know. I much prefer the 6,000 visitors and 3,000 of these will respond. You know, it’s like yeah, how big is your list is such a – it’s a definitely flawed metric to be accounted for tracking. So –

Mike: What do you think is the better question? I like that. Maybe a, what’s your open rate or what’s your click-through rate? Could that be a more targeted question?

Rob: Ah, yes. Yeah, but then you’re kind of maybe aiming down to you know, how targeted was your message? How is your list gonna segment it? You know, so you even kind of getting like, if you’re sending an SEO to a list-building list, then you’re sending like, what’s your open rate? Is that good? What’s your click-through rate? You know, it’s not — it’s not perfect. So, I think that if you’re after just in general overview, absolutely open-rate and click-through rate is much better kind of metrics. But at the same time, you’re looking at, you know, if you got ten people on your list and five people opening them and you got a 50% open rate and 3 people clicking, you got 3% click-through rate. So it’s like, I think you got to combine all of that information and then you kinda get a much clearer picture about the actual data of back court, the – how effective your list building has been.

Mike: Yeah. It’s a — it’s an interesting call. I mean, the basic question that is always asked is how big is your list. But then, we get so far down into it and — some people could also say, how many people, when you send out an email, how many people respond back to you personally? Like —

Rob: Yeah.

Mike: That’s also one of the metrics to see. Are you — do you have that friend-relationship with your list? Or are you just some nameless person along with all the other emails that that person is most likely getting, especially if they’re coming from a solo ad acquisition. They are most likely getting tons of emails from other people that have – that opted-in for their solo ads. So you have to kind of make yourself different from the rest.

Rob: Absolutely.
Mike: My —
Rob: I’m sorry.
Mike: No, go ahead. You’re saying something?

Rob: Yeah. Basically, I guess you being on there, it’s like how do you kind of stand out from that crowd. ***** (10:06 – 10:20) and he is good friends with another guy called Andre Chaperon. Their approach in building is very much, like it’s all about building a relationship and Andre Chaperon, in particular – didn’t you come across each other or – ?

Mike: I’ve heard of Andre through Mark.

Rob: Yeah. So, his approach to these things, absolutely incredible actually. So, he’s all about creating hooks and stories and all these supra-span sequences that suck right through it and kinda like you wanna – it’s almost like, it’s almost like you’re going through this like little Hollywood movie, through you list building adventure. It was exciting and he always ends his emails with a cliffhanger, so you kind of eager to open him again, you know. So, before you know it, like that guy is kinda stuck in your head and you really kinda relate to him and that kind of strategy, especially when it comes to solo ads, you can’t just hammer them with offers because **** (11:10-11:33). The truth is you don’t know, you don’t even know, like you just – there’s no guarantees, there’s no – and that’s why the solo ad can be really kind of **** (11:49-11:55). So, there’s quite a lot anonymous. Even a — I was, I was a member of Social *** (12:04), it’s great. I think it’s a great community and I think there’s a lot of benefit from it. It’s not flawless at all. Same as *** (12:13), I was a member there, I still am. You know, I – there’s not much bad stuff about it.

Mike: What is *** (12:23) — I don’t even know what that is.

Rob: Oh, really? It was kind of like one of the biggest kind of in the Ezine directory, basically. It’s kind of *** (12:32). I think it’s been around since ’99 and it kind of has, you know, all this kind of lists of places that you can go and buy solo ads and advertizing. So, it’s not just into the marketing specific but – and it’s bonus, you know everyone’s like, I think it was about $297 entry and everyone was like, oh I’d love to get in that. You know, it’s – but once you kind of get in there, it’s not – it wasn’t what I expected in terms of – once I got in, it was like I haven’t tested these guys out. It’s just a list, on my mind. He couldn’t guarantee that you wouldn’t be ripped off and I didn’t have great experiences from some of the sellers within the directory they have. So, I wasn’t too sure what the entry process is for. It wasn’t gonna protect me. You know, why would I pay $300 if I’m not actually gonna get great list of people that’s gonna send – generate a traffic. So, there’s no guarantee and I think that’s kind of what intrigued me about the solo ad world – if there wasn’t. I kind of find out who were genuine, even Reed Floren’s Solo Ad Directory. Even that, which is great, you know. And that’s a great resource of solo ad. Even on that site, the web people are kind of getting not scammed, I guess, from people that he specifically recommended. It was just crazy, to think that can happen, you know. So –

Mike: I looked on that solo ad directory that Reed had a while back. And I don’t know if it’s — if there’s a back-end to it or what. But in the blog, the last time that there had been an entry was in, I think, September. Is there another directory that I’m supposed to look at or am I looking in the wrong —

Rob: No, that’s it. Nah, I think because – I think it’s a free service that he offers. I don’t think he was just – it was just like the kind of cool thing he did. He is just posting up his results. He is kind of among the first guys to do that, you know. And I think that that really worked well for him. It’s just a free service. There’s never kind of, besides his **** (14:28), there is no reason for him to kinda keep posting his results. Maybe he stopped selling solo ads, maybe he can’t update the site, I don’t know. But for what it was at that time, it was quite cool, you know. It was quite a handy resource.

Mike: Yeah, there’s definitely a — an open market for someone who wants to go ahead and do something like that again and post it up but um, but like you said, there was no kind of monetary reason for him to keep doing it and maybe that’s why —

Rob: Yeah.

Mike: — he’s got, okay I’ll do it once in a while and I’ll just gonna —

Rob: I thought it was interesting. Yeah, I thought it’s interesting that he must got quite a lot of traffic to that site, ranked through all for solo ads, even recommends it but it’s quite a running, really. Even if you think that the one thing that he is kinda not doing is – he’s not building a list off that site. But you can build an excellent list off that site. You know, maybe monetize it by saying sign up here for 9 bucks a month or whatever and I’ll send you out results before I send it out to anyone else, before I post in on the blogs, so you get a chance to go first. I was like, it’s a —

Mike: It’s a good idea.

Rob: For someone who so is into list building and designs about solo ads, you know. For sure, for sure the first thing you do is put an opt-in box on that as a link

Mike: So, what other ways — what other ways can people protect themselves from getting ripped off?

Rob: So, tracking is a big thing. You know, make sure you’re tracking the solo ad traffic that’s kind of coming into you, making sure that there’s so many great ad tracking – link trackers. You know, you get a link tracker like ah — dotcom is great, adtrackz gold is great, CPV Lab is great. But then, you can also use kind of a free tool called URL Tool Builder which is a Google kind of free tool. Make sure Google Analytics is set up on your site and then you can kind of set and type in your url tool there, you put in your url, you put in the kind of paying source, will it be email and then say you put in the – who bought your ads, say I bought one from you Mike, so you bought me a solo ad. I’ll put your name in it and then you can kind of see from within your Google Analytics account all that kind of data and click unique visits, where it came from over the world in that campaign. So, it’s quite a cool way to kind of track what’s going on as well.

Mike: Before you buy a solo ad from someone, are there any specific questions that you ask them?

Rob: Yeah, there are actually. So um, one of the main one is I ask is there anyone that’s actually going to buy this, as well as the freebies list. I asked them if, you know, how they built their list, what their list is interested in. It might be the offer is – the list building, the list only is from SEO and that’s how they built them, then probably not gonna get quick conversions off of that. So, I think twice. And also, I ask them to opt-in to their list as well and jump on their list. And just check them out a day or two, see how many emails they’re sending. the frequency, what actually the subscribers are seeing, when they’re gonna get update. So, it’s just a little bit of like a checker, making sure that – you know, you don’t wanna be receiving 5-10 emails from this one guy, you don’t want to be on this list. It’s too much, you know. The quality isn’t be quite so, just do a bit of due diligence, bit of a check before you go ahead with solo ads as well.

Mike: Cool. And is there anything else you wanted to mention? I know that you put out a product about, it’s called Your Inner Circle of Solo Ads. Is there anything else you wanted to mention before we move into that about protecting yourself from getting ripped off?

Rob: Yeah, I mean. You know, like get them on Skype and have a little bit of chat with them. You know, it can be dodgy and it can be you know, it can be scary sometimes doing but get to know them a little bit, get them on Skype, have a little bit of chat with them. In the end of the day, it’s business transaction and there’s some trust involved. *** (18:48) there’s some regrets in terms of traffic that’s just isn’t great. Just yeah, just make that connection and likely acquaintance and yeah, just protect yourself as well, so tracking, asking question, having chat with them on Skype and referrals as well can work also if you do get a good solo ad from someone’s ad, just maybe refer me to someone else you know I can trust. It can also be a good way to kind of move on that part.

Mike: What’s a big red flag?

Rob: What’s a big red flag? So, when you look at your kind of your tracking stats and it will all kind of come from like a safe list or a – you know, somewhere that are with you know, you can just say that they’re kind of have poor rate, they got no quality traffic. Those traffic from kind of developing countries can quite give a negative result or I can say –

Mike: from India or something? Or from Africa? Or —

Rob: Yeah, yeah. You know, like generally kind of. So, there was one guy who was selling opt-ins, guaranteed opt-ins and it kind of turned out that the guaranteed opt-ins, he was basically just buying them from India. He was basically paying opt-ins, I think the paid people are – I think he was paying about $0.10 to them to opt-in to these people’s lists. But he had instructions and I think that he kind of have it on his website but just in a like a text file, so it was like slashing instructions of text and some actually found that and it was like, so we have this text instruction that’s saying, when you click this link make sure you don’t use consecutive emails, like bob123 today, bob 124, [email protected] And he was saying it’s going to Dublin but it is all from India, he’s paying $0.10. *** (20:40 – 20:45). Yeah, it’s quite dodgy.

Mike: So you’ve got your — your product Inner Circle Solo Ads that you’re currently selling on The Warrior Forum. What is that about?

Rob: So, yeah. This is basically all kind of comes down from, kind of what I’m speaking about before like how do you know – how do you know where the good traffic is coming from and how do you know, when you kind of navigate through this road know, where you can kind of find a genuine solo ad, who’s out there creating a business, gaining good reputation at their hosting and doing a good job. How do you know that and then, how do you know where the buyers are coming from. Some of them have the best intention and have just a great list. This is kind of like a – this is my top 10 list of people who are sending genuine buyer traffic. So, this structure basically is the kind of sales, who have sent me traffic that converted and on this is list is yeah, at the top 10, 30% of

them breakeven on my profit on the front-end. So, I’m actually making money from these solo ads, at the same time as building my list which is incredible. And that’s just on the front-end, it’s not including the back-end or the upsell or the customer relations or anything like that that kind of go with that. And then, the other sales on the list is kinda 3, 5, 10, 25 cents a lead, but they’re all kind of tested genuine, buyers and sellers. So, It’s kind of like I’ve gone out there and I’ve road tested over 25 solo ads sellers and it’s massive. So, you know —

Mike: How much have you spent from solo ad, Rob?

Rob: It’s all different. I think I spent over a kind of $6600 in total. And then, for solo ad, about kind of varies – I guess the cheapest was about 30 bucks, 20 bucks. And the most expensive was, I think it’s like 200, like 500 or something, I can’t remember but that’s quite the range, 30 bucks to I say 200 bucks. Yeah, so — yeah, bit of that range. Depending on what like you’re buying. 50 clicks for 20 bucks turn out to be great. You can go and buy 200 clicks because you know, that’s kind of good traffic if you scale it out from there, which is quite cool.

Mike: Do these guys know that they’re in the — on this list?

Rob: Yeah. So, this is kind of one of the methods I used to launch it. You know, I kind of contacted them and I have lots of promotion. You know, so I kind of contacted the guys in the list and I’ve go, “I have this list that I put together and congratulations, you’re in the top 10. Great effort. Thanks for having me and basically sending good traffic. And I just want to let you know that I’m launching it and once again, if you want to super me, cool. If you don’t, that’s fine as well but you know, I’m just letting you know this is kind of what’s going on. Also, you might get some business offer back off this. So, you know, please treat these guys well”. That is basically the kind of thing I said to them. So yeah, they did know, they did know, which is cool.

Mike: Did anyone of them end up promoting your WSO to their list?

Rob: Yeah, yes. Pretty much. It was about 70% of them did. Yes, it was quite cool as well. The 70% did, that’s all I can say. It wasn’t, it wasn’t – yeah, it was kind of automatic affiliate you know, JV system booting to their product which is quite an awesome side product. So, that kind of benefit.

Mike: I think that on its own is a really good idea. When you create a product and you genuinely create something where you can recommend someone and I’m not just talking about for solo ads. Maybe, you go out and you test out someone’s SEO services, maybe you go out and test out someone’s — I mean, it’s specifically different because it’s some — it’s people that obviously have list but when you’re able to genuinely recommend someone and then say, hey I’m recommending you, if you wanna get in on this — and it’s gonna look good for them because they can go send an email to their list and say, look I was recommended by someone else, look how good I am. And you know, it’s got a lot of — a lot of fantastic characteristics to it in itself.

Rob: Yeah. I mean, that was it, man. Yeah, it’s kind of win-win for both of us which is kinda cool of a deal. So, yeah. It worked out really well.

Mike: Cool. So people that wanna go ahead and buy this, right now I’m looking at the sales page, it’s selling for — it’s gonna keep going up in price. Right now, it’s $11.90, by the time this goes up, it’s probably gonna be a little bit higher but um, so if they do get, go ahead and buy it, they’re gonna get the list of people that can buy solo ads from, so of course, there’s gonna be an extra expense coz you’re not gonna just buy this and have people come in to your list. You’re gonna have to — have the mindset that you’re gonna go ahead and buy solo ads. Um, is there anything — any one-time offer or any explanation for people that are new to solo ads. What’s going on on the back end?

Rob: So yeah, that is it. This is for people who want to build a list. You know, that stage where they’re maybe sick of Google, sick of SEO and instead, “Rob, I want a business now because that’s where I’m at”. So this is, you know, you’ve got to buy a product that is kind of like you don’t have the spend money more than you have. At the back end, it’s not known to you, at all. Obviously, it is not a one-time offer. You can get one if you want but it’s a membership site and it’s basically just keeping up to date with the solo ad world. So, you have about maybe 2, 3, 4 solo ads and *** (26:42 – 26:47). We kind of – I send out the results of all the solo ads that I bought and I kind of invite them so my community goes and jumps on them if I find them effective. We’ve done that, you know, always. If I get scammed or whatever, that’s just – that’s kind of, that’s what happens. You know, that’s what they say. Unless their my community or my little tribe, they’re going. So, it’s kind of almost like – it’s 9 bucks a month. It’s kind of like a solo ads list, but it’s more like a solo ad coaching community. You know, we kind of have a whole funnel set up working. We see the kind of progression of my offer, how it’s working as I’m testing it with the different squeeze pages I’m using and different OTOs I’m using and they’re kind of seeing that, how that’s converting and things I just go by and doing all along – buying solo ads. So, you got this – there’s an absolute bucket loads in there. I mean, you got the solo ads that I send out which is cool. You will also gonna get the buyer’s – the

genuine solo ads that are selling great solo ads first. And then, if I get scammed, that’s – you know, you get protected from that. You don’t have to go through that same thing. But then, you also get to see the whole process of the funnel and the building and the growing, then the testing which is pretty powerful stuff, I think. I think there’s a lot of – I think there’s a lot of value in conversion with that. So, it’s quite a lot going on the back end for 9 bucks a month.

Mike: One last question for you, it just came to me, you’ve — in this, you’ve got a product, like you send out your solo ad and you’ve got your one-time offer when you usually send out to your — when you buy solo ads. What is your swipe email? What is your email that you’re sending out to these people that you’re sending the solo ads to? What is it about and what is your product that you’re selling to make that initial money back?

Rob: Yeah. Currently – so, the opt-in page I send people to is – and this is really interesting. It’s part of the test I did. So, I split this to two opt-in pages. One was Make Money Online 6-Day Challenge, video – kind of a like a beautiful, classic, very simple squeeze page. Then, a little opt-in box and a video. Make Money Online 6-Day Challenge. Make money in 6 days. You know, you kind of have this system set up. And the other one was Opt-in My Best Performance squeeze page. So, I had these two things. So, I would have sworn that the Make Money Online 6-Day Challenge would have out-converted the simple squeeze page. You know, the squeeze page Opt- in crushes, absolutely crush the Make Money Online 6-Day Challenge. And I was so surprised by that. That’s tested part of them. So now, basically what these really show is –

Mike: Let me take a look at it. Can you send me a link to it? Do you have it handy? I just wanna — maybe we can – Rob: Yes we can.
Mike: Are you willing to share that with my audience too?
Rob: Absolutely. Absolutely, yeah. They can opt-in and then they can —

Mike: I’ll just put a link to that in the show notes. If you can — if you got a link handy that you can type into the skype bar, I wanna just kinda look it over.

Rob: Yeah, absolutely. So, let me just. Oops. Let’s get it on there.

Mike: I’m most interested to see what people are sending as the one-time offer because for example, in people are opting in for my list on mikefrommaine.com, I don’t want to immediately say to them, oh buy this, buy this, buy this. Because then, they’re just gonna be like, uh another person trying to sell me something. And —

Rob: Yeah.

Mike: But it seems like for me, I don’t know if it’s necessarily the right thing to do but a lot of people are funding their solo ad campaigns by immediately monetizing. And it just seems like – I mean, in the short term, it’s a way of making your money back instantly. In the long term, maybe it’s gonna be a turn off for the people opting in. I don’t know. I’m not an expert on it. But if you’re gonna be sending out a lot of solo ads, it can be an option. Did you send that link over? I don’t see it.

Rob: Yeah. I’m just kind of pulling up now. Sorry, I should have gotten this ready.
Mike: No, I didn’t tell you to have it ready. So Rob, this is kind of *** (31:27) that we’re doing here. Rob: Yeah, I know.
Mike: It’s cool, it’s the way. No problem. People like just listening to random airspace —
Rob: random chatter
Mike: and random chatter.

Rob: Absolutely that. Um, yeah. I mean, I was also on the same opinion. It is like, you know, it’s not right hammering them with so much offers. And that’s fine but I mean, at the end of the day like what they kind of opt-in for is – kind of lot of relationship. I’ll show you a few, actually. Because I think you’re um – you’ll get a lot out of these. I’ll send across a few different squeeze pages that I’ve been testing. So, let’s see. This is what I’m kind of using. It’s getting great results from it. Another thing that I’m doing with this is I’ve

got — I created a WordPress plug-in which kind of populates the email address. So when people – when you send out a solo ad and then when people click on that link to go to the squeeze page, their email address is actually already populated in that opt-in box so all they have to do – they don’t have to enter their email address manually. They just click Instant Access.

Mike: What is the plug-in there that you’re using?

Rob: Well, so I created it myself. **** (32:45 – 32:47)

Mike: Are you selling that too?

Rob: Yeah. It’s part of – kind of like a follow-up system as well. You can get the squeeze page that I use, it’s completely free. You can get the exact same version, it has a WordPress plug-in with this kind of quite cool feature for 27 bucks.

Mike: So this is the one okay, so this is the one that’s converting, the one that I’m gonna put — I’ll put up a link to this for everyone watching that’s trying to listen to us chatting right now. The word — there is a link underneath the video that — go ahead and click on that and you can look at exactly what I’m looking at right now which is his squeeze page free, the most powerful squeeze page in internet history. There’s no hype here, Rob. No. You won’t believe it when you see it.

Rob: It’s pretty powerful but —

Mike: Enter your email address in the forum below and I’ll give you free instant access. Okay, you’re gonna get me on your squeeze page. What happened tonight? And you’ve got a little video down there. Have you tried it with it, without the video?

Rob: Yes. I’ll send you here another one as well. It doesn’t have um, a video on it.

Mike: And then I just — I just opted in. So that would be, the first one I just looked at, is that’s the squeeze page that people are gonna go to initially, right? That’s the one that when people click on your email, they’re gonna go directly there and they’re gonna see that –

Rob: And they’re gonna go there, yeah.

Mike: Okay. So they’ve opted in. So, now I’ve opted in to your email list which is an important step because at this point, some people, they just kinda take them — they don’t really know where to take them. So, important before you continue, you’re only going to see this page once ever. So read every word here very carefully and act immediately. It’s that urgent. It’s — I mean, it’s effective like you said —

Rob: I figured out, it is.

Mike: And then —

Rob: That is important, you know. Like it’s, you know – the whole page is probably, it’s just – get people to take one action, you know. Once the email is subjected, I kind of say, open the email, you know. Just one action, you know. A couple of this is pretty powerful stuff.

Mike: Build your first list in 57 minutes flat and bank off it in under 24 hours. So, you’ve got another little video here. It’s a minute long. Now, it’s gonna be a different video than the first one, right? The first on that another page was kind of an introductory, while this is gonna be — I haven’t watched it yet. I’ll watch it later on. This is another video here. What’s this video gonna tell me about in a — ?

Rob: So, the first video was just like a squeeze page for you. You’re just gonna give me your email address, I’ll give you the squeeze page. And then, the next one is like a – it’s about um, the squeeze page is cool. You can go on and take that. Or tell me to, you know, let me give you this list building, you know, it’s a list building system as well, which will, you know, help you with your list building. It’s just a little bit of it. Quite a low price, kind about 7 or it was around 9 bucks – kind of increasing price as well. So, you see this squeeze page. It’s quite interesting that it’s got a low price *** (35:44 – 35:47) and it almost looks like and I kind of created that in my first html page almost. The really interesting thing about that is like – that’s actually my design. If you – I’ll send you the one that I’ve tested that with and the *** (36:07 – 36:12) it looks incredible and it did not convert. And that squeeze page, that page that you’re looking at right now, it’s what I kind of specifically designed. You put a lot of money trying to kinda get a design incredibly like that and significantly. And once again, it’s completely kind of intuitive –

Mike: I know.

Rob: Its testing and tracking just blew me away.

Mike: I mean, it looks nice. It looks – what I like about it is it’s clean. And it doesn’t have too many graphics on it. It’s just the basic white page. You’ve got some proof on there of your sales in ClickBank which, I mean people show a lot these days and — but people fake that stuff. So, I don’t know if everyone really — here, I’m gonna look at your other. This is your other one. So, people go and in the show notes, I’m looking at his second — this is your, this is the one-time-offer page that didn’t convert?

Rob: Yeah. I was split testing them and it didn’t convert.

Mike: Okay, so I’ll have that the one-time-offer page that didn’t convert, that will be on the show notes. And so yeah, looks it got all kinds of pretty stuff on it, pretty images. You got some more, you got some proof, some testimonials on there which you’ve removed from the other page.

Rob: Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t remember, they were never kind of been on there. Maybe, that’s a good test – I mean, I kind of do for that page. But that one was kinda have the thousand whistles you know, officially designed. You know, more like PayPal shots, like testimonials and it was just proof of performance, completely quite intuitive. So, this – some of them but anyone who’s listening, just test and track and it’s so important, you know, to know what design will kind of work.

Mike: Where did you get that designed? Or where did you get your better one designed? Is that — you kind of just did that yourself?

Rob: The one that I just sent for you – ?

Mike: The first one. The, the — where did you get the first one designed or is that just you?

Rob: The first one, I think it’s just me. I worked – I did work with a guy. I had a friend who helps with the kind of concept and stuff. By now, maybe he’s a designer. He made it actually better for me. Yeah, so.

Mike: Cool. So that one works better. And that’s — it’s really interesting, so you’re building — your list is all about um opt-in — ah sorry no, not opt-ins, it’s about solo ads, is what you’re doing. Your business, your niche is all about list building in solo ads, right? Is that –?

Rob: Yeah, pretty much. Pretty much, yeah. That’s kind of what it’s about, for sure. I think that – you know, as – the biggest thing for me is being in internet marketing is whatever you’re doing at the moment is kind of what you should be also creating, kind of teaching other people. It is like, if you’re – because there’s so many different levels, you can get how far you come. You know. If you’re kind of doing solo ads, there’s so much information that you can help other people with who are starting out with that. So, it’s kind of the focus of a lot of my time and energy.

Mike: Cool, man. Well, is there anything that you wanted to mention today before we wrap up this interview?

Rob: Yeah. There is just one pretty cool thing you can do, just a little tip from me before we go is, if you get a solo ad that is almost converting, like you’re almost breaking even on the front-end or you do breakeven on the front-end, go back to that solo ad provider, go to them and say, “You know what, cool. Your solo ad is quite cool. Do a little favor for me. I’m willing to kind of pay you 3 months upfront for 3 months worth of solo ads, if you’re willing to give me 20% break on the pricing. So, 20% discount”. So, they win because they get three months worth of solo ads booked in upfront. So, say I’m going to pay a hundred bucks, you kind of go pay them 300 – 20% which is $240 for their solo ad service. And if your solo ad was almost breaking even, what that instantly gonna is gonna kick you into profit when they do send that converting traffic back to your offer and I’ve done that with a couple of guys and it’s just. Well, they were saying no and it’s kind of a waste, kind of kicks my almost converting or almost breaking even solo ads into profit. That’s a grand little tip that I picked up. And yeah, that’s a good thing to pass on.

Mike: That’s a good tip. Um, would you — here’s the thing, would you recommend only buying from the same person once a month or once a week? How will that work?

Rob: Comes back to the question we’re kind of asking is that how they are building their list. You know, are they using PPC which is kinda gonna be continuous source of traffic or are they using kind of ad swaps. It kind of comes back to that as well. But for me, I never do more than kind of once a month. Once a month is cool. Kind of give a chance to go away and recruit new people for their

list and freshen up that list for you. So, you’re not putting the same offer in front of the same people again. So, once a month will be the standard rule.

Mike: Cool, Rob. Well, I appreciate you sitting down and going through all the little details that we went through today. I think it’s gonna provide a lot of value for people that are interested in doing solo ads. Obviously, if they wanna go ahead and learn about your Inner Circle List, they can go ahead and buy that.

Rob: I know.

Mike: If people wanna get in touch with you and maybe try to buy a solo ad from you or just prick your brain a little bit, where can they reach you at?

Rob: I’m not in the solo ad selling business just yet. But um, if you wanna write me on skype, robstaffordonskype or around the Warrior Forum website room 132. You will kind of find me there and send me a message and then catch up, have a chat, you know. We wish you all guys the best of luck with solo ads. I’d recommend getting into them but you know, have you guarded up. But absolutely, I think it can be really a powerful way to increase your reach and put your business online.

Mike: Cool, man. I appreciate it.

Rob: Nice. Thanks, Mike.

Mike: I hope you enjoyed the interview with Rob today. Make sure you go to mikefrommaine.com/innercircle to check out Rob’s Inner Circle Solo Ads Product. It’s actually worth it just to go there and to see the graphics that it’s got set up for this. I kinda like this, this WSO. And yeah, let me know what you think about this in the show notes below on mikefrommaine.com. As always, thank you watching and I will see you tomorrow.

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  1. Love your shows, love how you get down to good stuff with your guests, I mean getting Rob to show his squeeze pages is awesome stuff.

    Rob do you buy solo ads to gain subscribers to your list in order to sell solo ads or how do you monetise your own list?

    Great show, keep it up!! Never go mainstream in the fact that you just have people on to talk like mixergy, rise to the top etc 🙂

    1. Hey Craig,

      I think we connected through WF as well? Yeah so building the list to build the biz and use it for a range if reasons sure products for them is one thing. I also run a solo ad membership group so buying solo ads to report back on results of them too to the group , but at this stage not selling solo ads out to my list.

      Rob Stafford

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