How You Can Explode Your List And Commissions in 12 Easy Steps – with Rob Stafford


Episode 168

Everyone talks about the importance of building a list, but it’s not often that some of the most HONEST marketers out there team together to make an easy-to-follow guide. Rob Stafford is on the show to talk about building your list with his No BS Solo Ads Course.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I’m currently on robs list where he shares his results so it’s great to have landed here guys.

    Still receiving those all important emails from Rob and I must say that I only use the
    ones where he has seen great results because I know that my offers/sales funnel is
    aimed at a similar market.

    Loving this interview feature by the way what a great idea!

    You could easily bundle these up & sell them for a huge package deal.

    Solo ads are still great but it is definitely getting harder to find those
    golden nuggets so Rob’s email updates are an absolute blessing as they
    show you what are working right now.

    I suppose if people are willing to put in the time & effort to test their
    squeeze pages/sales funnels etc then you are at least on the right track
    so that you can move forward with your list building business.

    Keep up the good work & looking forward to the next issue.


    1. Gavin,

      I’m glad you landed here, too. Rob is excellent at providing tons of value to his list. We can all learn from him.

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