How to Avoid Making CRITICAL Mistakes When Setting Up WordPress – with Jon Shawcross


Episode 144

I’ve set up A LOT of WordPress websites in my day, but there are still a lot of things that I’m not 100% sure about. There are so many different settings to configure, themes to tweak, and the dreaded SEO plugins to  change around…and if you don’t get everything JUST RIGHT then you can miss out on a lot of business. Jon Shawcross is on the show today to talk about getting everything right the first time with his Smart Web Formula.

Watch the show below: Duration: 28:52
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Smart Web Formula (affiliate)- Jon’s WordPress business optimization guide


  1. Hey Mike. Your headline about comments says “speak your mind”, so I figured I might. I’m not one to drop negative comments on people’s blogs on a whim, and have in fact gone out of my way to pop a couple glowing comments on your blog here and linked to your site many times because I am a very frequent listener to your podcast and get great value from it.

    BUT, I couldn’t help but notice the irony in Jon’s comments relating to MLM on a number of fronts. I’m not active in mlm, and I, like Jon, feel that IM is a better fit for me. But my wife does very well in mlm and built a 7 figure turnover business within 3 years and I support what she is doing 100%.

    I have loads of great friends involved in the mlm industry – good people, with good intentions – and it rubs me up the wrong way when people make the kind of comments that Jon did…

    A few minutes in he mentioned that he had been in mlm for a very short time and got out within a week (hardly someone qualified to pass opinion), because he felt like he was “conning people”, “recruiting people that he knew were going to struggle”, didn’t like “selling dreams to people that new less than I did”.

    HELLO, Jon is promoting Empower Network on his personal blog! I’m not involved with Empower, but I think it is a solid opportunity. Kudos to Jon for being involved and promoting it. But how that differs from any other mlm company in terms of recruiting, selling dreams etc has got me stumped.

    Secondly, with this WP product, Jon is selling an internet marketing product, presumably knowing full well that despite it probably being a fantastic product, that most people will not use it, will not make money from it and will probably not set the world on fire in IM in general.

    Now, Jon’s responsibility is not to help people make money, it stops at offering something, like his WP product, that can help them make money and then providing them with whatever support is reasonably expected to help them succeed. Whether they do succeed or not is actually up to their commitment and dedication to doing so.

    The fact that most people don’t make money in MLM is not new news. An MLM business is a business after all. Whether it’s mlm, internet marketing, franchising or small business, the cold hard reality is that most people fail. That’s business and as someone offering a product, service or opportunity, your job is simply to be “other people centered” in your approach to business – what have I got to offer that someone else can benefit from.

    The whole “felt like I was conning people” line of thinking actually reveals quite a bit about the intentions of people when they get started in mlm. If you are approaching people in any business with the mindset of “what can I get out of it”, it is 100% natural to feel like you are “recruiting” and “conning” people, and that’s because you are sharing your opportunity with a “me first” mentality.

    My intention is not to bash Jon here, or preach the benefits of mlm, but as a parting thought for your readers, if you change your mindset in business from “what can I get out of it” to “what can the thing I have to offer do for the person I am sharing it with”, the world changes for you. You attract better people, you feel better about your business and you ultimately have more success.

    Hope my thoughts are of value. Keep up the good work. I listened to the Seth Hymes interview yesterday and got some great points out of it.

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