Episode 121: How to stop being a product BUYER and start being a product SELLER – with Michael Baptiste


Most of us have bought some sort of “make money online” product at one time or another. Usually we end up learning something new and adding a bit of knowledge to our Internet marketing repertoire, but at some point you need to start creating and selling products yourself. Michael Baptiste is on the show today to talk about how he stopped being a buyer and started selling products instead using his Ninja Profits Blueprint.

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Episode 121: How to Stop Being a BUYER and
Start Being a Product SELLER – with Michael Baptiste
Mike: Hi there everyone! Welcome to Episode 121 of The Mike from Maine Show, the place where we do daily interviews with
successful online entrepreneurs. This is your host, Mike Thomas. And today on the show, I have Michael Baptiste on to talk about a
simple formula that he has where he made $183.46 in less than three hours. And the important part here is it’s with zero budget.
And this is probably something here today we’ll talk about, it’s not gonna make you a million dollars but it’s a way for people that are
just get into making money online, that they can get in and start doing something without a huge investment. I’ve had people on the
show recently where we were talking about CPA advertising which involves putting down up to a maybe thousand dollars in
advertising to just kinda test the waters. But with this kind of a thing today, it’s gonna be really simple, really cheap and a way to
kinda get your foot in the door and start learning something. So, I guess this would be in the terms that people use a “newbie” kind
of method but it’s no less interesting for those that have been doing it for a while, you’re also gonna learn something from it as well.
And yeah, that being said, let’s get right into it with Michael Baptiste.
Mike: So, we’re here today with Michael Baptiste. How are you doing, Michael?
Michael: I’m doing great, Mike. How about yourself?
Mike: I’m doing fine, thank you. Let’s, as we always do, start off by having you kinda introduce yourself and talk to us a little bit
about your internet marketing journey.
Michael: Well, okay. Absolutely. Good morning, Mike. Good morning, everyone out there. I am Michael Baptiste and I’ve been
internet marketing now for just a little bit under three years. And for me, internet marketing started — started around, I was actually
— it was a pretty funny story. I was at a Halloween party at a buddy’s house. And I’m just sitting there at this Halloween party, then
the party’s over, everybody is going home. And I’m just sitting there and I figure out I need more out of my life. I’m a college student
and I’m figure I need more out of my life. So, I’m sitting there. And an infomercial comes on in about three in the morning. So, in it is
some guy talking about how he’s made millions of dollars online. I’m just like, wow this is some — another scam, probably, it is a little
scheme stuff. And I’m just not into it. Now, I get to watching it and he was a young guy. I don’t remember his name but he started
talking about how he used to you know, basically struggling as a student and he got into internet marketing and was able to help his
family out, helps his mom pay the mortgage and just completely changed his life when he’s made millions of dollars, fly around in
private jets, he had Lamborghinis. You know, the typical stuff that they show you with it that comes with an internet lifestyle.
Mike: Exactly.
Michael: And so, I stopped and I got really inspired because I always thought you know, that you have to be some kind of CEO or you
have to you know, invent something in order to make a lot of money. Without realizing that you can do the same thing, make the
same type of income that CEO was making from home,working online. So, he had a book. He was advertising that and I decided, you
know, let me buy the book to see what will happen. So, I bought his book and it basically taught about affiliate marketing. You know,
take someone else’s product, draw traffic to their product and make sales with them. So, this was the first time I actually heard
about this and after reading this book, I decided to take some action right away. So, I took some action and I think the first day I got
his book and everything, I took action right away. And I made about 40 bucks online. And you know for me, that was like gazillion
Mike: Michael, what was the name of the book?
Michael: It was called Advertising Profits from Home.
Mike: Okay.
Michael: Advertising Profits from Home. Most of you guys maybe know the author of that book. You may read that book, as well —
Mike: Who’s the author? You can say the author, it’s not a problem.
Michael: Okay. He’s name is Anthony Morrison.
Mike: Anthony Morrison?Michael: Yes, absolutely.
Mike: Okay. I haven’t heard of him but maybe a lot of people have.
Michael: Okay. He’s very successful. He’s got a you know, bunch of ads running around all the in the time in the internet. So, he’s
very well-known. But this guy, Anthony Morrison, I took his advice and made money right away. And for me, it was like I made a
gazillion dollars because like I said, it was my first time in internet marketing and that was the first time that I realized that it was
actually real, that you can make money online. So, from there you know, I went on to make $70 in a day for my first month.
Mike: How did you first make that $40, Michael?
Michael: Well, the first $40 that I made, it was actually with Cost per Action Marketing? CPAs? It was actually, it was CPA Marketing.
You know, I got a couple of my friends and a couple of family members to put in their email addresses to a couple of the offers that
were there online and then from there, I started you know, setting up paid advertisements through different types of Pay per Click
method and I started making an average $70 a day and you know, for me it was good. But I know that there was also something
more. So, I started doing more research, looking at different types of products. You know, more courses online and I started to just
going to a rampage where I just bought everything that I could out of internet marketing. Affiliate marketing to flipping websites.
You know, video marketing. I learned how to send products viral, videos viral and stuff like that. And so, from that point on, when I
first made money, I went into about, I wanna say about two years time, I didn’t make any more money. I just bought products and
bought products and just tried to learn as much as I could because I was so you know, infatuated with internet marketing. And it
wasn’t until about this previous summer, it was 2012 now, it was summer of 2012 that I decided you know what, I really need to
make money. I’ve learned everything there is. I bought every training. I bought every course there is. You know, it was tough for me
to start making money. So, what I did, I actually put together a product and actually started selling that. This product, it was actually
like a Resell Rights Product. You know, something that you could you know, get online for free and you can actually sell it to people
with your name on it.
Mike: Like a PLR articles type thing? Or what was it?
Michael: Oh yeah, also. PLR. PLR articles. No, I’m sorry. PLR EBooks. It’s actually an ebook teaching about how to drive traffic and
make money through Facebook. So, I took this product and I started marketing online and I started selling it and luckily enough, I’m
not sure how I did it but I started actually making money with it. Now, basically the way I made money with it is the same methods
that I teach in The Ninja Profits Blueprint. You know, I started using online forums to drive traffic, I started using social media . You
know, Twitter and Facebook, to simply just posting out new statuses about this product. People would get redirected to the product
page and from there you know, they’d either buy or they wouldn’t buy. It’s very simple. And I was also using free strategies to drive
traffic and also to put this product up. So, basically you know, put it on a blog, slap buying on there. I mean, very simple.
Mike: Okay. One second, before we get into the product, I want to dig in to that. But I’m really interested right now in your journey
in the fact that okay, the first time you made money, it was $40 from kind of going out and going in to your family and friends and
asking them to put their names and emails in doing the generation. I did the same thing. I had a — I remember, it was back in ’95 or —
no sorry, not ’95, 2005-2006. And there were all these free iPods and stuff where you would get five of your friends or family to sign
up for something and do a free offer. And if they did that, then you would get a free iPod. So, I did that with my family and friends, I
got a free iPod. It was the same type but instead of getting cash, I was getting a product for my work instead.
Michael: Nice.
Mike: Yeah. I mean, it was my first kind of foray with internet marketing and affiliate marketing but okay, so you made that original
money. Then, you went out and bought all kinds of courses. How much did you spend on courses, do you think?
Michael: Wow. I spent — I spent easily over about $8,000 buying courses, yeah buying different types of products that’ll teach me
how to make money.
Mike: And that’s not abnormal. I hear a lot of people that go out and spend 5, 8, 10, 20 thousand dollars on different courses, just
trying to find something that will work. And they’ll try it for a little while and they’ll try it like for a day or maybe a week, and then it
won’t work because they didn’t put enough time into it or maybe because it doesn’t work. But a lot of time, they don’t put enough
time into it. And then, they move on to the next thing. So, you were doing that for a while. You weren’t making any money and then,
you decided okay, enough is enough. I’m gonna start trying to do something and you started promoting a PLR course that you had —
I mean, you had bought it — you hadn’t made it but you went bought it and you were kind of selling it as your own? Is that –Michael: Yeah.
Mike: Okay. And how much money were you making from that?
Michael: Well, from that, I made about $150. It took me about $150 from there. And then, what I decided to do was there was also
another course that I purchased. This course was with another online marketer who had made millions of dollars. Is it safe to say the
Mike: Sure, go ahead.
Michael: Okay. His name was Eric Louviere and I sort of bought this product from Eric Louviere, when he was also giving out PLR
rights to sell his products. And it was you know, some high-quality courses, basically a step-by-step guide for newbies and also
intermediate marketers to make more money online. And this product you know, he said, you can sell it for as much as you like. And
so, what I decided to do with this you know, I’m driving traffic from also Facebook you know, Twitter, different things like that. I’ve
got about 1700 friends on Facebook, so you know, I have a pretty big network on Facebook. So, I was getting a lot of traffic from
there. So, what I decided to do with that is I decided to drive as much traffic as I could you know, into a product page where I just
said, you know I got all these PLR from a high-quality marketer, I’m just gonna sell it all. And I was able to make you know, in about a
day, you know just driving traffic for hours and posting content for hours, I made about thousand dollars in one day. And this was
this past summer. And so, once I did that, it was actually like a milestone where I was just blown away and pretty much my whole
mindset shift about internet marketing because I realized that in order to really make money in this, you have to be on the selling
side versus the buying side.
Mike: Yeah.
Michael: And I think that’s where a lot of people get confused because they buy products. I mean, me myself included, I was caught
up anywhere and you buy products and you buy more products, looking for a secret, thinking you can find some magic push button
to just pump out money on demand. But the reality is that, it takes work. You know, it takes work to actually make money online.
And I think that was the biggest milestone for me to realize that I actually have to put work into this for this to work, rather than just
buying a product and buying a course. So you know, it was just this epiphany that I had once I made money that you know, you have
to be on the selling side, rather than the buying side. That’s the biggest thing.
Mike: And it’s now, it’s — we’re recording this in early December 2012. And how much are you making a day now?
Michael: Well, on a daily average, I’m making anywhere from about you know, about $22 selling products you know, as high as
about $250. And that’s on a daily average.
Mike: Okay. So, I mean you’re a college student, so you’re still studying but you’re making an extra income. If you — I mean, if I said
monthly how much are you making, what would you say?
Michael: Monthly. You know, it varies because not only am I a college student, but I also play college basketball. So, my time is
limited but I’m making anywhere from about $1500 to as high as $3000, and that’s based on you know, time that I’m able to put in.
Mike: And how long have you been doing that for?
Michael: I’ve been doing that since — when was it, it’s December now, so I’ve been doing it since about July, since late July.
Mike: Okay. So, you’ve got — it’s a nice little extra pizza money on the side and —
Michael: Yeah.
Mike: It’s more than pizza money, actually. It’s good. I mean, it’s 1500 to 3000 is for a lot of people, would be — could be a full time
income, especially as a student. That’s really nice for you as well. Cool. Let’s get into your product a little here now. And you’ve got,
it’s called Ninja Profits Blueprint.
Michael: Yes, sir.
Mike: Tell us a little bit about that. Michael: Okay. Well, the Ninja Profits Blueprint was created like I said, when I first found out that I can actually sell PLR product and
the first product I sold was teaching about how to make money using Facebook for your fan page, you know, just drive traffic with
that to whatever page you like. And so, once I made money with that, I realized that you know what, this is actually easy, it’s simple
and anybody can do this. So basically, The Ninja Profits Blueprint, I’ll teach you about to either create your own product or find a PLR
product that you can actually sell. And the way that people do this is that they will go set up a blog you know, prefer doing
something for free, with blogger.com. And you know, everything in the product is teaching how to make money without having to
spend money.
Mike: Okay.
Michael: Which I think in this tough time and you know, recovering from this recession, everybody’s looking to make money without
spending money. They’re looking to save money. I figured, you can do two things at once. You’re killing two birds with one stone.
Mike: Sure.
Michael: So, what they do is they would actually go set up a blog first at blogger.com, from there they go to a website where you can
actually create product buttons and this website is clicktosell.com or .eu. It’s actually a marketplace where you can go, you can post
your product and it’s very powerful because you can get affiliates to promote your products, without actually having to be there.
And this is basically like if you got to clickbank.com you know, you just usually have to pay, so that you’ll get started. With
clicktosell.eu, I think the only time you pay them is when you sell a product and it’s like one dollar a check to pay.
Mike: So, you pay them kind of a commission or give them a little bit of a part of the sell.
Michael: Yeah. Yeah, very, very small — I mean, it’s $1, so it’s not you know, it’s nothing big. But they would go there, set up their
product there, the way that affiliates could promote it and they would get that buy button and they put in on their blog, so — and
The Ninja Profits Blueprint, I teach how to do this. I teach them where to go to get these resources. In addition to that you know, I
teach them how to create a sales letter. Now, your sales letter and copywriting, this is one of the biggest things in internet
marketing. I mean, copywriting period can make you a lot of money. I’m actually studying right now myself. You know, looking to
actually master that because you know, it’s a big part of the internet marketing industry. But I teach you know, how to set up a sales
letter, I give them a simple step-by-step you know, walk them through. You know, which components that should be included in
your sales letter as far as like headline, you know, bullet points, 30-day money back guarantee. You know, testimonials, social proof,
any type of snap shots that you can show of the earnings you’ve made. And you know, I walk them step-by-step to how to create a
sales letter and then, I tell them where to insert their buy button on to their product page, so that as customers read it, you know,
you’re basically leading down to sales path, they see a buy button where they you know, basically call to action to buy their product.
It’s very simple.
Mike: Okay. So, you kind of, you teach them — pretty much this course, from what I’m understanding is it’s teaching people how to
take a product, take a product that’s pre-made and kind of repackage it and sell it.
Michael: Yes.
Mike: Okay. Is this — did you make this product yourself or is this something that you bought and you’re re-selling?
Michael: Well, this is actually something that I made myself.
Mike: Okay.
Michael: This is something that I made myself.
Mike: Cool. So, this isn’t something that you bought and then you’re just repackaging it again. You’ve made this and this is all you in
the product.
Michael: Yeah. This is completely me. It actually comes not only with the you know, one PDF, it comes with several different PDFs
you know, bonuses, that teach how to drive traffic, that teach that online you know, an online forum that people aren’t really
utilizing where actually — you know my customers can go to place their product up and you know, there’s traffic already there. You
know, such as for example, warriorforum.com. I’m pretty sure everybody knows about warriorforum.com and if you don’t, it’s
actually you know, it’s a forum where internet marketers go and there’s a lot of traffic there all the time. Posting your product there
would actually you know, get you a lot of traffic almost instantly. So, I teach a location of another forum online, where people can go to get you know, natural organic traffic right away to their product page. In addition to that, I teach other traffic-getting strategies
you know, using Facebook. Did you ever see those little pictures with the little words on them, you know it’s a funny picture of like a
baby, the MEMEs, it says at the top. MEMEs absolutely. I teach how to drive traffic using MEMEs because sometimes these things
will go viral very quickly and you know, by simple putting your product page on a bottom link to it, you can get a lot of traffic right
there. So, that’s one of the traffic strategies I teach and also some more, but you know, I’d rather you know, that you guys buy the
product so that you can get those strategies.
Mike: Yeah. From what I’m hearing from you Michael, it’s — this is something that I think a lot, people that are veterans in selling
things online and had been doing this for a while, it might not be something for them. But it could be definitely something that
someone that is just getting into it and is trying and is interested in trying to get their feet wet with internet marketing could try
doing. Am I correct there?
Michael: Yes, yes. Absolutely right. This isn’t for you know, people who are making enough money, people who have all the business
that they want and people who are profiting you know, every single day online. You know, this is for the little guy who’s been
struggling you know, the guy who doesn’t have enough money to invest in advertising, doesn’t have the budget you know, to invest
in more products and more software you know, to get them what they want. This is for the new guy you know, they guy who is just
starting now. The person who is struggling for a really long time to make money and who really just wanna sign up with what’s
gonna work for them and not really burn their pockets as much.
Mike: On your sales page, you say that you made $183.46 in three hours.
Michael: Yeah.
Mike: Can you tell us a little bit about this.
Michael: Okay. Well, this is actually the first time I started implementing the strategy. It was a day, I was at home you know, I
thought maybe I’d make some money with this and I realize it was possible. So, what I decided to do was you know, I teach how to
drive traffic from forums and so what I did you know, I went to this forum, this online marketplace that I teach about. And I just
started you know, just posting comments, posting content to get some traffic from this forum. Because you know people, they see
your signature link at the bottom of your page or the bottom of your post. And they click on it if you deliver some value on your
content. So, I was just answering a bunch of questions, using some of the methods I teach and just you know, delivering as more
valuable content as I can and interacting with people you know, having a conversation back and forth and know them as much as I
can. I did this for about three hours and you know, I went to the gym. It was pretty funny. I went to the gym to go work out. So, I’m
doing my backward count and I get an email message on my phone. So, I opened it up and okay, who could this be at this time. So, I
opened my phone up and you know, to my amazement I made $25 while I was at the gym.
Mike: Cool.
Michael: And it blew me away because I made money without being there. You know, I knew that I put in work several hours earlier
but the money just showed up on my phone. So, I ran around at gym going pretty crazy and I’m like whooh, here it is. It’s pretty
awesome. And as I was going home you know, getting ready to take off, you know I’ve seen about another hundred dollars being
deposited into my account. And this was mind-blowing. And you know, once I got home you know, there were some more
commissions that came in and these were actually from affiliate sales. It came from clicktosale.eu. In total, once I got home, I’ve
seen that I had made about $183.46 and this was from the you know, about three hours of work that I put in right before I went to
the gym and you know, from there I was just you know, I was off to the race from there.
Mike: Okay. That kind of gave you the proof that if you do put in some work that there can be a reward at the end of it.
Michael: Yes. Absolutely.
Mike: You mention in your sales page that this method takes little to no investment. What’s the little investment?
Michael: Well, the little investment is actually buying the product. That’s the little investment. And that’s the little investment. It’s so
simple. You know, you just buy the product and you take action right away on the strategy or inside and you will make money.
Mike: But you mentioned before that you used BlogSpot, like the blogger, the free blogger domains.
Michael: Yeah.Mike: I mean, is that what you do? Or do you use a real domain with it?
Michael: Well, right now I actually have a domain. It’s gonna be up soon. It’s called profitwithmichaelbaptiste.com, it should be up
right now where I basically teach different internet marketing strategies. You know, I teach you know different things like
copywriting, SEO — I just touch on these things so that people can familiar with them. They can also, you know, find different
avenues to take generate profits online.
Mike: And do you think that this process that you’re doing, is it something that someone could outsource?
Michael: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, you can go to the websites like fiverr.com and you know, there are bunch, you know
tons and dozens of people there who are actually doing you know, blog posting, forum posting and you just sit somebody and tell
him, listen I will signature link what you’ve created in this forum. And you know, they basically going to take care all of it for you.
Mike: Cool. Well Michael, I just want to thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy college schedule. I know it’s early for
you there and —
Michael: Yeah.
Mike: Is there anything else that you wanted to mention before we wrap up today?
Michael: Well, yeah. The one thing that I want to mention is that for anybody out there, who is looking to get started you know, it
could be you, it could be someone that you know. You know, you wanna make sure that you’re always on the selling side. I mean,
the way I see it in this economy, you know the economy is great in my opinion. There’s no recession. There’s no you know, what you
believe that it is. So, in order to really capitalize and make money online, you have to understand that. You know, there’s Person A
and there’s Person B. Person A gives Person B the money and Person B gives Person A something in return for equal or greater value.
So, if you wanna really make money, capitalize online, you know marketing your business, you wanna make sure that you’re Person
B as much as possible and give Person A something valuable in return, rather than being the Person A who’s just buying and buying
and buying and buying and buying. So, that’s the you know, that’s one tip I can give you guys you know, to start making money
Mike: And if people want to get in contact with you, where can they reach you at?
Michael: Well, they can reach me at [email protected].
Mike: Great. Thanks again, Michael.
Michael: Thank you, Mike. Have a good one.
Mike: I hope you enjoy the interview today with Michael. If you’re interested in checking out this way of making money that’s gonna
be very easy on your wallet just to kinda get in and test it out, you can go to mikefrommaine.com/ninjaprofits. That’s
mikefrommaine.com/ninjaprofits. Or as always, you can find the links in the show notes on mikefrommaine.com. Thank you for
watching. Remember, I do interviews here at mikefrommaine.com five days a week, Monday through Friday. You can always come
back in be assure that there will be a new interview every day. And if you’re not on the mailing list, get on it. Thank you for watching
and I’ll see you all tomorrow.


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  2. This guy was very shaky on his details, which doesn’t lend to any credibility on his part.

    1. James,

      That’s EXACTLY why I do these interviews. So you can see a little more about the product creator and make a better decision before buying.

  3. Intrigued and in – interesting considering I had never heard of click2sell before. Gonna give this a read tonight……

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