Episode 61: How Chris Reck is diversifying his already $40,000 per month business…and a Christmas deal


Chris ReckĀ comes on the show today to talk about how his business has progressed since I interviewed him last about making $40,000/month with offline marketing. Since then he’s attempted some new businesses to help diversify his multiple sources of income.

Watch the show below: Duration: 20:33

  1. Great episode. I actually bought his WSO product last time he was on the show, but I didn’t really take any action. Just wanted a more info about the mobile stuff. maybe I will use the info in the future who knows.


  2. Great interview(s) Mike. I went back and listened to the first interview and this one again. Chris’s offline marketing is pretty powerful and I love the customer retention strategy – I think he is spot on about the untapped opportunities there. I have seen it a few times recently – pest control companies and shed builders. I wondered though, was it him that was going from restaurant to restaurant then outsourcing the rest?

    1. Thanks for listening, Quinn. I think in the beginning he was doing the work, but he’s a big fan of outsourcing. After he got his footing he had his workers do the work for him.

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