How Timothy Sykes turned $12,000 into over $2 million trading penny stocks…and he shows every trade


I hate hype. You hate hype. We all hate hype. Ok, I get it. But Timothy Sykes uses a VERY hypey marketing strategy filled with sexy, scantily clad girls in Lamborghinis to spread the word about his penny stocks course. Normally I’d be running in the other direction, but Tim’s refreshing transparency forced me to take a second look. It’s actually quite a clever strategy; if you have the cards to back it up then why not go all in?

Watch the show below: Duration: 36:57
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Penny Stocks Conspiracy (CLOSED)- Tim’s penny stock trading course

  1. Great interview Mike. I have heard Tim (twice I believe) on Mixergy and this was a much different Tim than those interviews. Though his style might not fit everyone, what he’s actually doing is really good. Great Show Again~

    1. Thanks, Mike. I’ve watched his Mixergy interview as well so I wasn’t knowing what to expect 🙂

  2. Thanks Mike for interviewing Tim. Didn’t know much about him besides what was in the show Wall Street Warriors. I like how is a up front type of guy. Also Mike you have got to see Boiler Room, great wallstreet movie. Has a few inspiring scenes in it performed by Ben Affleck.

    1. Isaiah,

      You’re welcome. I’ll try to see it this week…it sounds like a great movie.

  3. Hey Mike, that was one entertaining interview! Some might find him a little over the top but I personally like his authenticity. The guy he mentioned in the interview is Jordan Belfort. They are making movie, The Wolf Of Wall Street on him. I would love to see an interview with him also 😀 I read his book and watched an interview on him, he is intense just like Tim.

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