Episode 59: How to do SUPER FAST BUSINESS – with James Schramko

On today’s Mike From Maine Show, James Schramko comes on to tell us his story of going  from the top Mercedes salesman in Australia to an online entrepreneur.

Watch the show below: Duration: 46:01
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  1. James Schramko is top notch when it comes to internet marketing and business in general. He is someone who has so much of this stuff figured out. In my top 3!

    Great interview guys!
    Eric Foster

    1. Eric,

      Yes, he has a large and very loyal following. Why do you think he is so popular?

      1. Hi Mike,

        Why is James Schramko so popular? Well, I think for a lot of reasons really… For me, James (like myself) seems to have gotten most of his initial business experience offline, and then figured out what to do to bring it online. I think that is the key! Business is business, offline or online, you still need to know business.

        Also, I think since he has “made it” so him telling his story, is a great success story to listen to. In my opinion, he is a notch or five above most of those speaking about internet business. Simply due to his experience and the success he has made for himself. He is at a level that most hope to get to, but most will never make it there. In fact, most would be thrilled to achieve 10% of what he has.

        He makes it very public, so I don’t mind restating it… And if I recall correctly, last I heard he has almost 600 members in his monthly reoccurring Fast Web Formula Forum at $79 each. Seems to be about 50k a month from just that business alone. I know of other businesses that he has and has stated they are also 6 and 7 figure businesses.

        He just seems to do the right things… Continuously educating himself, getting in front of and meeting the right people, learns from those that has the knowledge that he wants, figures out a plan, and then most importantly… he executes on that plan, while along the way, making the necessary changes.

        All that, while at the same time, looking for ways to grow the business, and continuously make it better, bigger, more efficient, more productive, etc. Also, he works “ON” his business, not “IN” his business. That is so very important too.

        In closing, it takes a lot of things to start, run, and grow a successful business, (online or offline) and James has most of them figured out.

        What are your thoughts?

        (P.S. I don’t know James, and have never spoke to him. These are just my personal observations)

          1. Thanks for chiming in James…we’ll have to have you back on the show sometime soon 🙂

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