Episode 65: “Doers get what they want…everyone else gets what they get” – with Jim Kukral

On today’s Mike From Maine Show 16-year veteran Internet marketer and “TED talker” Jim Kukral comes on to talk about taking action and getting over your fear of failing.

Watch the show below: Duration: 27:51
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  1. Ah-ah that’s where your ‘free 50 website’ idea came from.

    It’s so true what he’s saying. People watch like I’m cuckoo when I tell them what I want to do. I am currently attending lawschool, because I find in very interesting. But I would rather have my own business than to become a lawyer working from 9 till forover. I consider it to be my plan C.


    1. O’Shane,

      Yes, you got it! That’s where I got the idea. I really liked how Jim sets up people’s websites in exchange for a commission. Pat Flynn also does a similar thing where he shows you how to setup a blog in under 10 minutes with Bluehost.

      Stay away from that plan C! 🙂

  2. Yes I noticed it over at Patt’s blog.
    It would be great if there was a list/archive of all the shows though, so that shows can be easily found. I think this would improve the user experience. Something like your ‘Mike recommends-page’.


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