Episode 66: How to fill your subscribers with holiday cheer – with Noah Whitmore

Noah Whitmore is on the show today to tell us all about a unique way to delight your subscribers with a simple plugin. His WordPress Presents plugin makes it so that you can actually give your subscribers a gift this year that they can unwrap. We dig into the psychology of this act and how it can affect your subscribers’ behavior.

Watch the show below: Duration: 20:37
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  1. Mike,

    I hope your journey to Maine is going smoothly.

    The gift that keeps on giving would be a 60 second animated video directing potential long term visitors to a website that puts up a new video every day, offering candid interviews with seasoned internet marketers(guess who I’m thinking of?). Here is an example of my gift video (and my present to you): http://youtu.be/gFjO82rTpJ0
    So, my gift attached to WP Presents would be a video link rather than a PDF.


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