Episode 75: How A Nerdy Developer Went From $0 – $100,000 Selling WordPress Stuff


Matt Alexander was on welfare. He was living with his brother and had no idea what he was doing with his life. Then he came across a website where he could sell themes, and bingo…he started pulling himself out of debt big time. He now makes a living selling themes and plugins, and lives in a studio apartment in Dallas, Texas.

In this interview you’ll find out how he became successful and how you can copy his exact method of success.

Watch the show below: Duration: 43:59
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WP Business Machine (CLOSED)- Matt’s PLR theme “Business in a box”…check out the bonus below

  1. This was AWESOME! Gonna go pick his stuff up right now! That guy is living my dream 🙂 Thanks for the interview!

    1. Hi Mike,

      I love it when I see past guests commenting on here…I love the sense of community.

      Glad you liked it.

      1. Yeah, I agree and it’s pretty cool that he achieved this within 2 years. May it was mentioned, but how did learn to code? Did he teach it all to himself?


        1. Hey there!

          I learned through trial & error, and Google searches.



          I started by opening up a WP theme and just hacking away.

          Changing one little piece at a time and checking the front end to see what it does.

          If I had any issues I would search for a solution.

          That is what I love about WP.

          If you can’t do it … someone else already has, and posted for the world to use.

    2. Hey Mike!

      Glad you thought it was AWESOME.

      I say “um” a lot in this interview.

      That means I am accessing my brain matter.

      See you in the members area!!!

  2. Not worth the time or effort to even get the product. Paid for it on Jan 13 and still not granted access to the members area. Payment also goes through a 3rd party affiliate company that looks like they supply the products to re-brand.

    1. Josh,

      I’m sorry to hear you weren’t granted access. I’ll ask Matt to attend to this.

    2. Josh. I am sorry you do not have access. I have a support are all setup. You just need to send an email to us. wpbusinessmachine [at] gmail.com

      Send me your info and I will get you setup. I have never seen any support tickets from you.


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