Episode 89: How to use social bookmarking links to rank your websites…on autopilot – with Ben Roy

We all know that links are important, but when it comes to Facebook likes, bookmarks, and tweets, it’s hard to know exactly HOW important these things actually are. I’ve got Ben Roy on the show today to talk about how these links work. Plus, we talk about how you can automate all your social links with SocialAdr.

Watch the show below: Duration: 39:41
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  1. Hey Mike. Loved this interview. I’ve done some bookmarking for niche sites but it’s something I’ve struggled to get into on a regular basis so you’ve inspired me to get back on track. Would love to hear some more interviews on social bookmarking and how people are using it to get traffic and rankings. p.s. Nice interview length too… wrapped up right on time for my arrival into the office after the 40 minute drive into work! 😉

  2. Heey MIke,
    I’ve been in limbo a 2 weeks, felt longer. haha Exams took over my life. But I’m back and I must say this is great stuff! I have been using SocialADR a bit for a while but never knew if it would negatively affect my site in the search engines or now. Well this interview answered my questions. I feel much more comfortable upgrade to a paid account.
    Also very interesting stuff about spinning the content and duplicate content. Great to know the man behind the software doesnt spin his content.


    1. O’shane,

      I don’t spin my content either. I think it should be fine to keep it as it is. Glad to have you back 🙂

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