How to find clients who’ll pay you $5,000 per month – with Nicola Cairncross


Episode 224

Finding clients is hard enough as it is. Finding ones that will pay you $5,000 per month and love you for it is even harder…or is it? Nicola Cairncross is on the show today to talk about her Perfect Business Plan to help you get clients and keep them.

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  1. Hi Mike, just a quick update since our interview. We have just increased our monthly fee for new clients to £5000 / $7500 and I’ve just signed up a private bank who were paying THIRTY THOUSAND POUNDS a month to a supposed “award-winning” digital marketing agency with apparently “blue-chip clients” who had not even put the most meta tags / basic on-page SEO in place for this bank. I was totally shocked at how much they were charging and how little they were doing for the money or how few traffic / leads they were generating (ah, that’ll be NONE then!) for this client. Honestly, if your listeners are internet marketers, with a good basic knowledge of good web design, good traffic generating skills, optin and email marketing skills…..they really need to get out there and share those skills with the businesses who need their help. Start small, charge what you are comfortable with and ideally negotiate a share of any uplift in business, but get out there and earn a great living, working with a few clients, helping them get more business online. Cheers, Nicola

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