How to get first page Google rankings with a click of a button – with Sean Donahoe


Episode 279

I love one-click solutions. We all know that there’s no “magic button” that we can push and make thousands of dollars online, but there ARE ways of making the whole process easier.

Sean Donahoe has come up with way of ranking websites in Google using his Backlink Commando plugin that will put your link building on AUTO PILOT.

Watch the show below: Duration:  27:18

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  1. Hi Mike great interview!!

    Can you tell me if there is going to be instruction on where to start from with a new site with no links at all?

    I see this is aimed at promoting the links you already have and if I have a new site will I be shown how to get the first initial links safely before I use the plugin?


    1. Tim,

      I know that there will be instruction on how to do the linking, but I’m not sure if it’s specifically for a new site.

      The goal is to make the links you already have more powerful.

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