How to go viral on Facebook…and make money at the same time! – with Wilco de Kreij

Episode 290

Everyone is always talking about going viral and having your content shared all over the Internet, but I don’t think they truly consider their GOALS when it comes to this. What’s the REASON they want to go viral? Do they simply want more traffic? More leads? It’s important to have a solid goal before attempting any of this so you can get the maximum results from your efforts.

Wilco de Kreij is on the show today to talk about his Video Skin software that will give you the control and flexibility to help your videos go viral on Facebook AND monetize them at the same time through affiliate commissions and/or getting new subscribers on your list.

Watch the show below:[leadplayer_vid id=”52C6D3CFA1FA1″]Click here to check out Video Skin

My Special Video Skin Bonus

Just send your receipt for Video Skin to [email protected] and I’ll send you over full access as a thank you.

  1. After a clickable link is placed on the video, can it then be uploaded with the link to youtube or any other video sharing site?

  2. No – that’s not how it works. VideoSkin’s functionality is focused at Facebook only (so that’s where the features will be visible).

  3. Hi
    I see the Facebook,google plus link is shareable.can you make work in google plus since I more focused on google plus at moment. Can I not use this for memes ,photos and other media like audio linking in soundscape .is your site scraping my email list if it goes viral.can I choose the thumails on the video.can design other interactive button around the side,eg buy now .do I need a crm or email auto responder to collect these email id and can I export as csv file.can I do a n b split test facility maybe for version 2 I’d. What auto responder do support now , can give mortals with no list a free one like mail chimp, etc.thanks jv

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